Garland Of Easter Eggs Coated Wool For Easter Decoration


Garland of Easter eggs coated wool a colorful decoration to celebrate Easter, decorating your house with originality.

Garland Of Easter Eggs Coated Wool For Easter Decoration

Coated Easter Eggs 

Garland of Easter eggs coated wool is one of the classic ways to decorate the house during the Easter period. Chocolate eggs to offer guests, stuffed eggs cooked for dinner party, the rounded placeholder to set the table, chores children’s theme and other decorations fill our houses of sweetness and color.

To welcome guests in these days of celebration you can think of adorning the front door of the house, just as it does during Christmas. A beautiful wreath of Easter eggs coated wool is something simple to make at home and at the same time original to hang. Will give a special touch and send instant air of celebration.

Garland Of Easter Eggs Coated Wool For Easter Decoration

The material necessary is little and cheap, you can recycle something that you already have, or buy one of the many shops of DIY. Let us see what it is used:

  1. A garland of polystyrene
  2. Plastic eggs (preferably of two different sizes)
  3. Wool yarn of different colors
  4. Hot glue

We begin by covering the garland of polystyrene with woolen thread color you prefer.

We then go to the part that requires more time or coats the plastic Easter eggs. We start by fixing one end of the wire to the tip of an egg with hot glue, let dry briefly, then begin to sprinkle part of the egg with glue and wrap it as with the wire, until arriving at the opposite end.
There are two ways to wrap the wire: like a ball (but always keeping the oval shape) or concentrically. Both are nice and give a good result, alternatively if you like.

Finish coat with the wire all the Easter eggs can stick them to the wreath.

This beautiful decoration is now complete and ready to hang on the door or wherever you like.

Choose the right size of the wreath, depending on where you want to place it, and according to this calculated the number of eggs needed.

You can also view the video tutorial, in English but easily understandable only through images

Happy Easter and visit our section for other ideas themed Easter!

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