Hot Power Yoga and Breathing: The Link Between Body and Mind


Hot power yoga connects body and mind through breathing

The practice of hot power yoga becomes a way to create a real relationship between your body and mind based on the reception, listening, and caring.

Breathing in the hot power yoga is a landmark

It is difficult to connect her body and mind because our lifestyles are opposed. Our minds are constantly busy or preoccupied with our hectic lives and our inactive and malnourished body. By focusing on your breathing…

Hot power yoga connects body and mind through breathing

The practice of hot power yoga is based on breathing. This is also a reference to work your body in the right way: to unlock it, clean it and balance it. For example, when you are somewhere else, in your dreams, your breathing becomes automatic, it shortens and accelerates. When performing a posture with too much voluntarism, your breathing hardens, it crashes.

Breathing yoga to retrain your mind

When you do not focus on something specific, your mind follows the flow of your thoughts. It’s like he was passive, he dreams … Your breathing is the only body function that can be done automatically or voluntarily. Building on it, you give a direction to your mind Channeling her energy and head to your bodily sensations.

By choosing to make a work of breathing, your mind becomes more active and you develop your attention and concentration abilities.

Breathing yoga to develop listening to your body sensations

Your body becomes more alive. You discover that it allows your chest to recover because the ratings need room to move and allow your lungs to expand fully. Your belly to drain because the diaphragm, a key muscle for breathing, builds on your viscera and compressing and decompressing to work…

You can then develop a true listening to your body sensations. Your mind is freer, less chained by daily worries; it can then listen to your body.

It’s like if you stopped to dream to come and live your body. You feel so full of presence and confidence.

The benefits of breathing Yoga

You will feel quickly all benefits of breathing that comes to Yoga. The result: you develop your balance, your feelings and feel over there during your daily activities.

When you are in your body you’re more connected to the reality that surrounds you. Your breath is your guide to come back here and now

Hot power yoga and meditation: how to clear your mind?

Hot power yoga and meditation how to clarify your mind

We receive so much information every day that our minds can not store them. It is then our emotions that take the relay when we are bombarded by the buzz of the day.

Meditation allows cleaning your mind, hot power yoga that of your body

Sitting down to meditate, it is above all to stop. Stop being caught by the flow of my thoughts, agitation around me. This is to pause to start observing me and, therefore, know me. It means choosing to exist outside of what I do is develop a real presence that makes me less vulnerable to the vagaries of life.

Meditation with the breath and body sensation

We offer our yoga center in Paris, the meditation on the breath and body sensation. This is to give a direction to your mind, a fixed point in order to see all that is beside the point, which weighs tired and your mind. It is a simple but challenging practice because the restless spirits hate immobility. Agitation feeds agitation. If my mind needs the distraction for problems and has the impression to exist, the first sitting sessions are a shock! If you do not let impress you too, you will soon notice that your mind calms down and your body relaxes.

The hot power yoga: meditation in motion

The practice of hot power yoga can be considered as a moving meditation: the body follows the rhythm of your breathing, your breathing follows the rhythm of your mind, your mind and your presence connected to the center. You work your body and mind with your feelings as a guide here and now. Judgments, needs to understand, compare, are no longer the masters.

Develop you are inner being with meditation

Consider meditation is a tool to develop your inner being, your presence. That part of you has nothing to prove to others, not afraid when there’s nothing to do. To be revealed, this part needs a regular practice. This is not the duration that counts 5 minutes daily are much more than an hour once a week.

Remember this well: the hardest thing is to put it concretely.

The benefits of meditation

By practicing meditation, you develop your courage, your will because nobody likes to see the bustle inside oneself and one can spend his entire life dreaming without experiencing lack. The benefits of meditation are many.

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