Justin Bieber Hairstyle Over The Years – Top 15 Hairstyles Look


Justin Bieber is a young Canadian singer with German roots, who became popular in the USA. He was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, Canada and began his career with cover versions of famous songs. His mother introduced him to a home video in the Tube, when the American singer Usher became aware of the talented boy.

In 2009 he released his first single “One Time”, which won first place in the charts, especially in the USA and Canada. Justin has become a superstar with no fifteen years and has captured the hearts of thousands of puberty girls worldwide.

A debut album was made in March 2010 – “My World 2.0”, then by 2015 he released another three albums. What the girls love is, however, not only his music but also his ever new hair styling.

How the Justin Bieber hairstyle has changed over the years can be seen below.


15. Justin Bieber Hairstyle in 2009, with which he became known

Justin Bieber was not 15 years old when he became famous with this hairstyle. At that time he wore his hair combed in his face like a helmet covering almost his whole face. They had to sit on the right and shine beautifully. In the first years of his career, the Justin Bieber hairstyle is considered to be his capital and a real hallmark.


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