There is no denying that the face of Kim Kardashian has changed a lot in recent years. Despite this, the reality television actress has always denied having undergone surgery. She got “just a little bit of Botox,” she says now.

Kim Kardashian, like her sisters, is a beauty benchmark for many women around the world. But there are always speculations as to why she remains her natural on the reality TV star’s face and where she is believed to have been given help from her. In an interview with the American magazine “Allure”, the 41-year-old man again denied surgical interventions.

Kim Kardashian denies plastic surgery rumours

Consequently, she currently has “just a little bit of Botox” injected over her eyebrows. However, he now uses less of the nerve agent than in the past. It does not have any fillers with hyaluronic acid on the face. When asked if she hasn’t had any cheek or lip fillers, the reality star replies, “No fillers. I’ve never used them, ever.” She has never lengthened her eyelashes.

Still, she admits that looking good is very important. “I care about probably more than 90 percent of the people on the planet,” she admits. As a mother, it is not easy to take the time for this. Therefore, she takes care of her beauty routine at night. “After everyone is in bed, I do laser treatments,” she reveals.

“There is nothing worse”

It is important for her to continue looking natural despite cosmetic treatments. “I have 41 years old. I always wanted to look appropriate,” she explains. “There comes a point where you go overboard: too many fillers, too many lifts, too many cosmetic procedures. There is nothing worse”.

Among other things, she is said to have undergone liposuction, buttock injections with her own fat, various breast augmentations, and hairline laser hair removal.

Kim Kardashian Before And After Plastic Surgery

According to cosmetic surgeon Jason Diamond, the businessman also underwent her non-surgical Diamond Skin Tightening and Diamond Facial Sculpting treatments. The former increases collagen production, while the latter is said to “improve and enhance the bony structures of the face.” “The Kardashians are huge fans of our combination treatments,” said Diamond.

Kardashian has denied rumors of a nose job multiple times. All she does is outline her face and nose with makeup, she said. She also repeatedly denied a “Brazilian butt lift,” that is, a surgical augmentation of the buttocks. In 2011, she had a butt X-ray on Keeping Up with the Kardashians to prove that she did not have any implants.


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