Maxi dresses for women with our wide selection, you can create a beach look with trendy patterns. These floor-length models are absolutely versatile and provide a desirable, effortless finish.

You can easily give the trend your own, unique touch. Wear it with flat sandals for a casual holiday look or a statement necklace for a hot party night. Also for glamorous events, you can find under the style headings Prom dresses and sheath dresses.

You can not avoid wearing maxi dress in the summer months. For a long time, you no longer wear long dresses only on evening events.

Made of materials such as casual jersey or airy chiffon , they are perfect for shopping in the city and the beach party afterwards. Combined with boho-style accessories, the maxi dress instantly radiates casual hippie charm . It gets more elegant with a clutch and sandals.

Retro Flavor

You simply can not love retro style, especially when it comes to these beautiful dresses.

Maybe some people just these creations back to your childhood and the memories of her mother and possibly her grandmother who wore similar patterns and dresses.

Maxi Retro Style Dresses

Fashion 40s, 50s and 60s and even 70s is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the creators.

The Elegance Of the Long

Every woman in her wardrobe this year must have at least one long summer dress.

Look for colorful, colored, wider, narrower, for the evening or daily activities.

Long Summer Dresses

Fashion in Blue

Azure blue, like the color of the Adriatic Sea, is inevitable on the other side of the Italian coast of the Mediterranean. No matter what shade of darker blue, to those brighter colors, unavoidable in clothing.

Let’s go to the Orient

The breathable clothing is suitable for business as well as casual moments and her interesting creations, breathability and comfort are just a bonus.

Knee is Sweeter

These beautiful dresses that reach to the knee or slightly below it are simply unavoidable in the wardrobe of every woman Perfect for corporate events, cocktail parties, outings…

Practical in Pants

Of course, we have not forgotten or not women prefer pants but forget the classic models, wearing spreads models, either short or long pant. Combine them with jackets for business occasions or with tops for evening outings.

Maxi Dresses Well-known brands: Just Cavalli, Elie Saab

Designer are the most feminine way to dress, and maxi dresses are the epitome of femininity. Associations, wishes, and dreams are awakened by flowing, softly falling maxi dresses. Infinite multi-facetted and shaped by a thousand styles, now the longest of all dresses conquers our fashion hearts.

The maxi dress has long been more than a wedding dream in white or an elegant evening robe. The hippie look and fashionable, colorful trends have long since conquered the big canvas of maxi dresses. The designers also love the design possibilities offered by such dresses.

For decades it has been considered the art of designing maxi dresses for the day, the evening and the night. Always different and always new are designers like Alexander Wang and Roberto CavalliRobes for special performances and big divas.

In-labels such as Acne and Juicy Couture play with lightness, with the delicate elements of boho-chic and breathe the maxi dresses young, fresh charm. Today we no longer wear the popular maxi dress just for a reason.

How Style Maxi Dresses for your Figure

Whether in bohemian style with a hat and a fringed bag, in Ibiza look made of white lace or even glamorous in the evening with statement necklace and glitter clutch – maxi dresses are real all-rounders. We’ll show you how to style them. And no, they are not just for big women with model figure.

Bohemian Style Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses For Curvy Women

Dos: Straight cuts without flounces and ruffles cover up one or the other Aussies pad and strong legs. A thin belt or a waisted cut emphasizes the narrowest part of the body and create proportions. When it comes to patterns, you should resort to plain colors, vertical stripes or filigree patterns. V-necklines stretch visually.

Don’ts: No-Go with Busy: Bandeau Dresses. The slides slightly and emphasize the bust, which makes a fuller look. You should also refrain from long pants. You look at curvy women quickly after tent. Beware of thick cotton and jersey fabrics. Some carry on, the others mark everything that is under it.

Maxi Dresses For little women:

Dos: Empire cuts conjure endless legs. High heels or (slightly more comfortable) wedges enhance the effect. Small women should also make sure that maxi dresses end just above the ankle and not below. High-set hairs extend the upper body visually.

Don’ts: Huge accessories like shoppers or thick chains crush small women. Dear Filigree jewelry and a small clutch to combine. If a jacket has to go, then please only short, boxy models. Denim jackets look casual with summer dresses. Long evening dresses get cooler with a short leather jacket.

Maxi Dresses For petite women:

Dos: With patterns, flower prints, lace or flounces, you’ll cheat your curves. Carmen cutouts also look particularly feminine. You lucky ones can also wear easy cut-outs and strapless maxi dresses.

Don’ts: In oversized woolen dresses, you disappear. And monochrome, hose-like clothes make you look like a line in the landscape.

Maxi Dresses For Tall Women:

Dos: Everything that breaks your size is allowed: for example, rough patterns, girdles, leg slits or layered look with vests or blazers. You are mainly clothed with a slight A-line. The best as a tall woman: you do not have to torture yourself in heels, but can easily style maxi dresses to flat sandals and slip-on. Even eye-catching accessories such as hats and lots of jewelry will not kill you.

Don’ts: In plain, shapeless maxi dresses you seem lanky.

Proof enough? Maxi dresses are there for everyone! And a super comfortable alternative to tight mini dresses and cocktail dresses.

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