New Year 2020: Long Evening Dresses For New Year Eve


New Year 2020: long evening dresses to celebrate in style this year and the beginning of the new thing is better than a pretty long evening dress?

Here are chic and glamor models from which to choose the perfect dress for the occasion.

The long evening dresses are perfect if you’re planning a special evening where you need a glamorous look and flawless, which makes you be beautiful and fashionable.

New Year’s Eve 2020, one of these occasions, especially if this year you’ve decided to give you a good morning to 2020 in an elegant and a bit ‘ different from the usual.

There are many models of evening gowns that fit to dress according to the style and the physical, and we thought a small selection from which you can draw inspiration for your outfits.

New Year 2020: Long Evening Dresses For Girls

The decorated clothes are a must this season. If you love soft skirts and light, the long dress with a round neck top decorated with sequins is definitely for you.

For those who love to bet on the latest trends of the season and have a unique look is the amazing dress with pleats and draping, elasticity waistband and slit to the knee, but the fit is not too soft and shiny silver color and fits perfectly to an evening like that of the New Year.

The touch of eccentricity is assured with the dress by River Island.

Long Sleeve entirely decorated with beads on any fabric, note details such as the transparent chiffon sleeves, the scoop neckline and the unexpected cut-out on the back, large but elegant.

For girl’s curvy physique is perfect kimono dress with velvet lining with flowers, dressing the figure softly highlighting the sensuality with the presence of a gap on the left side of the body?

If you want a sophisticated look with a touch of glamor stakes, however, Lipsy in soft chiffon semi-transparent on shoulders and sleeves embellished with black beaded detail on the right shoulder.

Glitter, cocktail dresses, high heels:

The 2020 New Year’s outfit is simply everything that is glamorous and extravagant. Finally, on New Year’s Eve, the best parties of the year!

Perfect for New Year’s Eve outfit is sequined cocktail dresses. The sparkling clothes attract everyone’s attention and make you the star of every party. If you like it more simply in your New Year’s outfit 2020,

you can also put on a noble lace dress in black and combine it with metallic high heels and glittering jewelry.

If you find clothes rather impractical, you can also style your New Year’s Eve outfit with one of the super noble glitter blazers.

Especially cool to the eye-catching part: a simple white T-shirt, boyfriend jeans and high heels or metallic sneakers. This New Year’s Eve look is particularly suitable for women who like it more sporty in everyday life.

By the way: The glamorous New Year’s outfits are not only slim women but also look great on curves. Our tip for stunning New Year’s Eve looks and exciting evening dresses: the brand Asos Curve!

The turn of the year is upon us! Time to get dressed up again. But like every year, the question arises: what to wear? We show you the most beautiful New Year’s dresses and coolest trends for the festive season, so that you can pop in your outfit on New Year’s Eve best and nicest the corks.

The most beautiful New Year’s Eve looks:

New Year’s Eve Outfit Trends

A few rituals always accompany us around the turn of the year: Bleigießen, Dinner for One, a glass of sparkling wine and the big fireworks at midnight. Trendy, however, there are changes every year again. What trends this season are in, you can find out here.

Photo Source By Asos


Jumpsuits and overalls have been fashionable for some time now and are a must-have for festivals and summer festivals. But even in the colder season to the feast days of the one-piece is in great demand. Particularly popular are models with a lot of glitters and accordingly high glamor factor.

Combine your long jumpsuit with high heels and an elegant blazer in a simple color. If you go for a short jumpsuit you should not miss out on opaque, black tights.

Tip: If your jumpsuit already sparkles on its own like the balls on the Christmas tree, you can hold back the jewelry discreetly. Filigree stud earrings or a beautiful statement ring are enough to give your outfit the finishing touch.


If you want to sparkle and sparkle on New Year’s Eve, a sequin dress is just the thing for you. Whether monochrome or with a nice pattern, the little glitter tiles just look great. But there are not only dresses in sequins, skirts, but blazers and sweaters are also decorated with beautiful tiles.

The classic sequin dress you combine best with black tights and high heels. If you wear a sequin skirt, the same applies. If you prefer something more simple, a coarse-knit sweater with sequin applications is the right choice for you. You can combine this casual with skinny jeans or elegant with trousers or skirts.

Glitter: sparkling New Year’s Eve outfits

Is a little glitter complacent? It does not always have to be the whole New Year outfit that shimmers. Individual accessories are often enough to impress. Tights with glittering applications combined with statement shoes and a plain monochrome dress or skirt make a lot – a beautiful dress with lots of glitters but of course.


If you’ve denied yourself the metallic trend so far, it’s high time by the turn of the year. Whether shoes, clothing or jewelry, a garment in the metallic look you should at least own.

Silver, gold or copper, the color selection is huge. In wintertime, especially metallic colors such as green and red, which take up the Christmas motto skillfully. Combine your Metalic dress discreetly with strappy sandals. If you want to defuse your outfit, grab a longer cardigan instead of a blazer.

Overknees – the highlight of every New Year outfit

On over knee boots, this season really nobody comes over, they are the trend par excellence. Of course, they must not be missing at the party of the year. Overknees are available in many different designs, colors, and fabrics. While you are most elegantly dressed in suede boots, colored synthetic leather boots draw the most attention to you and your New Year’s Eve outfit.

Overknee boots are versatile. If you choose suede boots in a simple version, you can use your dress to conjure up a bit of color like pink, red or fuchsia out of the hat. For overknees in a leather-look, you should be a little more careful. Combine these with a simple evening dress and discreet jewelry.


Who says that the New Year’s outfit always has to be a dress? Even with cool pants, you achieve the perfect look for the new year. To make you stand out from the crowd, of course, your pants should have the “certain something”. Glittery trousers are ideal for an evening of fun, celebrations, and festivities.

Caro Daur combines her glittering pants very boldly with a black bra. Although this looks very nice and sexy but is not for everyone. Instead of a tight top, you can also grab a plain-colored shirt. With a nice necklace and platform shoes and off to the dance floor!

The right shoes for your New Year’s Eve outfit

Who plans his party outfit, of course, must not ignore the matching shoes.

  • Do you want to come in high heels in pumps?
  • Rather comfortable in flat shoes?
  • Are you a lot out there, and you’re reaching for boots?

You should think about these questions beforehand because nothing can spoil the evening as much as the wrong footwear. We show you some nice suggestions for all heights and styles.

New Year’s Eve Outfits Inspirations: The most beautiful styles

Of course, in addition to the many trendy trends, there are also a few evergreens that simply never go out of style and always look good. We show you classic New Year’s looks that you can trump every year.


The trouser suit is a classic among the festive New Year’s Eve looks. Unlike the jumpsuit or jumpsuit, it consists of two parts, pants, and a blazer. If you think now, this look is stuffy, you’re wrong.

The elegant meets it much better! If you like it a little, just do without the top under the blazer. So much bare skin comes to light.

You can combine your trouser suit to high, best-pointed shoes. Especially great are long earrings or a big necklace.

Midi Skirt

A cozier, but still chic alternative to party dress is the midi skirt in a variety of designs. While you always have to be careful with the mini dress that you do not slip up during the party, you can calm down the dance floor with a longer skirt.

There is also a wide selection of styles: leather-look, lace, valance or silk are only a small part of it. Since you can hardly decide as a fashion woman.

Combine your midi skirt for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit with high heels, like metallic or glitter. Upstairs you have all options open. A casual top, a fine turtleneck sweater or a trendy sequin shirt – you decide what you feel like. You can also round off your look with exciting make-up.

Asymmetric Dresses

Dresses with asymmetric cuts are currently very popular. These do not necessarily have a shoulder free – the skirt part in asymmetry draws just as many views of you.

Not only dresses in asymmetry make a lot. Jumpsuits, sweaters or skirts look great in this style too!

Dresses with asymmetric cuts are currently very popular. These do not necessarily have a shoulder free – the skirt part in asymmetry draws just as many views of you.

Not only dresses in asymmetry make a lot. Jumpsuits, sweaters or skirts look great in this style too!

Combine simple, asymmetrical outfits with exciting accessories like earrings or a statement clutch. If you have already used too much color and pattern in your choice of clothes, keep your jewelry discreetly.

Exciting and elegant New Year’s Eve dresses

Even if you do not feel like experimenting on New Year’s Eve, there is a wide selection of books to choose from. Classic models like the cocktail dress or the little black dress always go and often hang in your wardrobe even before the big party.

Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses, often called sheath dresses, are usually knee-length dresses that are usually cut a little narrower, but show little décolletage. You can not go wrong with this outfit. Whether at a wedding, at Christmas or just on New Year’s Eve – a cocktail dress is always.

Cocktail dresses work best with classic pumps and subtle make-up and jewelry. Wear your hair open to give your New Year’s Eve outfit even more pep.

The Little Black

Although the little black woman falls in and of itself under the cocktail dresses, it deserves its own place on the list. Because you really do not miss it. Whether with long or short arms, neckline or high-necked, mini or maxi – this style is always easy.

A dress with lace applications is especially nice on the holidays. You can combine this versatile: with or without tights, with high or flat shoes, with blazer or cardigan. Set specific accents with jewelry. Also, a statement bag makes a lot in combination with the lace dress. So you can greet the New Year in style!

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