Top 5 Best Slimming Apps + Sign Up For A Gym To Exercise And Lose Weight


Before the summer it’s always the race for thinness. But difficult to lose weight when it’s the last straight before the jersey and we do not have crazy money to spend on care and other slimming programs. Fortunately, at shelookbook, we found a solution. Slimming applications. To download directly on her smartphone or tablet: we make room in his living room and presto it’s done!

Before, the trend was to sign up for a gym to exercise and lose weight. It was expensive but super cool.

The problem is that we did not find the necessary strength to go there 3 times a week and ride an elliptical bike or gluteal abs.

So, some gave in to the “sports coach”.

A man or a woman, able to motivate us, without having to move.

The coach came to us and forced us to sweat by sheathing to strengthen her abs, directly at home!

But all of this is now a thing of the past.

Today, it is our applications that have become our slimming coaches 2.0.

Free (and that’s a good thing), it’s by far THE BEST good plan to lose weight while being guided.

And in our top 5 of the best slimming applications we find:

My Slimming Coach: The Star Of Apps To Lose Weight

A true coach who motivates us every day, the My Slimming Coach app is versatile.
It serves us both diary AND calorie calculator.

My Slimming Coach, The Star Of Apps To Lose Weight

But that’s not all.

With the My Slimming Coach app, it’s also possible to see the evolution of its weight curve, receive alerts “motivation” and … have SOS cravings to help us avoid gaps!

A health slimming application that allows us to achieve our goals in the long term.

The My Fitness Pal Slimming App

This slimming application has a main mission: that of calculating calories consumed in 2 or 3 clicks.

My Fitness Pal Slimming App


With its ultra-comprehensive database of over, stand up well: 4 million foods and international dishes.

Just that!

Just enter the foods you have eaten and you will know the number of calories you have just swallowed.
Better, if you want to save time, you can also scan its barcode to find it more easily in the database.

Is it more?

In addition to its speed of calculation, it is possible to follow friends who are also followers of the slimming application MyFitnessPal and encourage them in their weight loss!

Cublibo: The App To Lose Weight Without Taking Your Head

Imagined by nutritionists, the Culibo app is the guarantee of balanced eating, with meals adapted to everyone.

Cublibo App To Lose Weight Without Taking Your Head

The quantities will be calculated according to your needs, you will not need to calculate the calories consumed and you will wait for your weight of form without constraint!

His Little Thing More?

The list of your races will be established from your meals, without you having anything to do. And of course, a list of seasonal ingredients will be available to plan your week of balanced meals.

Seven To Do Physical Exercise Via Her Smartphone

With this title everything is clear: this application offers daily sports coaching 7 minutes to lose weight and have a flat stomach.

Physical Exercise Via Her Smartphone

No need for equipment, you can perform exercises anywhere, anytime.
To regain form, lose weight or gain muscle, choose your goals and let you guide the application that will tell you what to do to change routine and achieve your goals!

From beginner level to athlete level, to us the dream body on the beach this summer!

More Than A Slimming Application, Lifesum: A Health Guide

With a few million users, Lifesum is the application that will allow you to track your eating habits to give advice for better eating or losing weight.

And if you hesitate, it is possible to take a test to discover what are your needs according to your lifestyle and your schedule.

The expert recipe, calorie counter, recipes, tips, personalized meal planner, motivation system: Life sum is the coach of your smartphone if you want to lose weight.

>>> And you, have you already tested an application to lose weight?

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