In The So-Called Velaterapia, Split Ends Are Burned With Fire!


Velaterapia Against Split Ends How Does It Work?

If you have long hair, you know that keeping it in perfect condition is not easy. Regular lace cutting at the hairdresser is essential to prevent split ends. But did you know that there is an alternative anti-split method that can save damaged hair without having to cut it off?

It does, however, involve fire, which means that it is intended only for brave women. Do not panic, we’ll explain what it’s all about and how the so-called Velaterapia works.

What is “Candle Cutting” + “Brazilian Velaterapia”?

How Does Velaterapia Remove Split End With The Flame Of A Candle

The so-called “Candle Cutting” is a hair treatment that aims to revitalize damaged hair and rid it of split ends. The hair twisted strands of hair and the protruding split then burned with the flame of a burning candle. Incidentally, the burning of hair ends “Brazilian Velaterapia”.

Remove Damaged Hair Tips With Velaterapia

Velaterapia widely distributed in South America. and various countries of the world. The practiced by beauty Cleopatra. However, we can only guess if the Egyptian queen actually burned her hair ends with a candle flame. There is no real proof for that.

How Does Velaterapia Work?

Velaterapia Concept Burn Away Protruding Split Ends

Contemporary stylists take up this old method and modernize it a little without changing their concept. The process of Velotherapia is tedious and takes at least two or even more than three hours. The price of the treatment varies between 100 and 300 euros and depends mainly on the hair length. we repeated every 3 months.

The stylish lights a candle and moves the candle flame along each strand so that the protruding split ends briefly comes into contact with the fire.

Velaterapia Before After Longhair Cut Smooth

Yes, at first glance it sounds shocking and can actually become a nightmare if you do not rely on a specialist with some experience in the field. In short, do not try to perform the Velaterapia at home. It does not matter if you watched about twenty video tutorials!

Velaterapia Against Split Ends Before Pictures

Ricardo Gomes, stylish in the renowned New York salon “Maria Bonita”, is one of the professionals who offer their customers this exceptional anti-splitting treatment. he confesses that a few years ago, his Brazilian friends first talked about technology and swore by the good results. That was enough to arouse his curiosity and he decided on a new adventure.

Velaterapia Should Remove Split Ends With Fire

Five years ago, Ricardo returned to his native Brazil, where she spent the whole day watching the work of an experienced, domestic stylist. “It took a while for me to understand the concept of candle cutting,” she says. “Then I tried it with a few friends and gradually learned the most important tricks.”

You can not really see how much it burned down. Only the crackle of the hair and the smell can be a bit scary. “

How Does Velaterapia Hair Treatment From Brazil Work?

Her clients include famous models like Alessandra Ambrosio and Barbara Fialho.

As you can imagine, blow-drying, straightening, brushing and coloring, for example, are part of the everyday life of the models. As a result, the hair loses its natural shine and becomes quite dry and as brittle as straw.

However, the Brazilian beauties do not want to lose precious inches of their hair and a good hair cure takes time and patience to develop their effect. For this reason, the Velaterapia proves to be a great way to quickly and permanently rid the hair from split ends.

Methods Against Split Ends Without Cutting

The experimental hairdresser announces that she has also developed a post-treatment in the form of an intensive hair cure. Of course, she does not reveal her secret ingredients, but at least she reveals her interesting working principle. The hair care invented by Ricardo improves the condition of the hair cuticle after the velaterapia and sogt.

Save Broken Hair By Cutting Regular Tips

In other words, the outer layer of the hair is open and brittle immediately after the split ends have burned off. “If the hair is treated with the candle flame, that’s a shock. It, therefore, requires extra care to seal the cuticle and promote the process of regeneration. The hair is visibly silky, healthier and shiny, “she says.

Long Healthy Hair Sombre Color

the benefits of Velaterapia scientifically recognized?

Actually, there is not much scientific research on the effectiveness of this exotic hair treatment.

“The most effective way to avoid split ends is to have the tips cut regularly,” says Dr. Melissa Piliang from the Cleveland Clinic. “A visit to the barber is recommended every six to eight weeks. As a result, the hair grows faster and healthier. It’s a much better option than playing with fire, which seems very dangerous. “

Dry And Brittle Hair By Blow-Drying

The specialist adds: “The most important thing to avoid split ends is to prevent hair from drying out. It is not a good idea to expose your hair to more heat. “And these considerations are logical …

Josue Perez, celebrity stylist for Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker, does not recommend it either. “Although the Brazilian stylists swear by this anti-split method, they would only dry out their hair,” she said.

Food For Healthy Hair Omega 3 Fish Avocado

So before you decide to use Velaterapia as an anti-split treatment, keep in mind that hair care starts from the inside. So, a balanced diet and enough sleep can have a positive effect on the hair and its appearance. Zinc, vitamin D, and iron are essential for hair growth. The consumption of sufficient omega-3 fatty acids is also good for shiny hair and healthy skin.

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