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You are – or at least should be – a VIP in your own life. Need a little more me time?

Simple adjustments in the daily beauty routine to create more space for relaxation and self-love.

The doormat in front of my apartment entrance is worn, greyish, and just always there. It is an unexciting part of the daily routine, visible but somehow invisible. It didn’t bother me because it was functional and necessary.

But eventually, I decided to get rid of them and replace them. Just because something is now automated and essential, it can still be made into a satisfying ritual. The same applies to the daily portion of self-care. Roll out the red carpet for yourself and play as a VIP in the film of your own life: New life motto!

Time for yourself: take a deep breath

Nobody seems to have time for themselves these days. Finding a healthy work-life balance that allows for enough me-time is crucial. Meditate, read the newspaper with a machine or coffee without technology, go into nature, or just ponder. Or just inject some change into the morning or evening 5 minutes that you devote to the beauty routine.

The best beauty tips for more self-care in everyday life

1 Before I leave the house, I ask myself how I feel today. Do I need a dash of badass and girl boss? Or do I need more of a drop of serenity to become more grounded?

Just choosing the right perfume in the morning helps set the tone for the rest of the day. I also like to carry an aroma mixture in my handbag. Farfalla is a natural cosmetics brand that also works with essential oils. The aroma mixture «South Wind» is my personal favorite. Lime, bergamot, tangerine, and peppermint promote concentration, lift the mood and have an invigorating effect.

Another tip: Facial sprays are not only handy, but they are also the answer to various skin problems – whether mattifying, vitalizing, moisturizing, soothing, or environmentally friendly.

2 In my opinion, the evening is the ideal time to incorporate self-love into your skincare routine. The cold winter months call for candlelight and a relaxing bath. Meanwhile, you can make an excellent skin and/or hair mask.

For brittle, lackluster hair, I mix 1-2 tablespoons of honey with olive oil or coconut oil, which I leave on after heating it in a pan for 15-30 minutes under a shower cap.

3 The DIY spa can also be expanded: A full-body peeling plus generous application of a rich body lotion or face peeling followed by a serum are not time-consuming, but give the skin a breather from the stresses of everyday life.

4 Then I cream my feet with foot lotion and put on fluffy socks. The ultimate feel-good ritual and a little gift to yourself to remind yourself: You’re doing well; you can do it. Roll out the red carpet for yourself, but don’t be afraid to switch your own life story from action and drama to romance or fantasy now and then.