Rainy Day Hair Tips With Best Skin Care Beauty at Home


Rainy day hair on weekend is a good time for you to take advantage of comprehensive beauty at home with ingredients available.

Rainy Day HairRainy weekend, meaning that you will not have much she wanted out of the way. So, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the fair relationship or whitening, hair composting at home. Because after making the beauty of this piece, you will not have to worry about avoiding the sun sat again. Begin checking … refrigerator and follow the simple steps below, effective immediately.

What to Do With Your Rainy Day Hair and Skin Care

Rainy Day Hair Exfoliating With Lemon

This is considered a good step to start to “clean up” all the dead cells on the skin surface, this way will help your skin easily absorbed nutrients immediately after.

lemon skin care

Just clean the surface, removal of half a lemon and put into the droplets clinging to all the sections of lemon. Continue to gently rub the surface is vertical spiral for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with cool water. The mild acid in lemon combined with massage granules of sugar will help you be like that.

Deep Cleansing Bath With Lemon Juice

lemon juice oil

After exfoliating, you prepare Car 1 large bowl filled with hot water and still, water evaporates. Squeeze the lemon juice 5 drops or 3 drops of olive oil to the balmy fragrance. Quickly bring the excitement get caught up steam for about 5 minutes. This step will help the dilated pores and deep cleansing effect.

Skin White Mask With Tomato And Cucumber

Skin White Mask With Tomato And Cucumber

You pureed tomatoes and 1 presents results wash away. Add to that 2 teaspoons of honey and beaten. Use this mixture and apply on face for 15-20 minutes to relax before rinsing with cool water. Cucumbers will soothe your skin will help our tomatoes are rosy and smooth. Then you use the rest of the skin full body massage until then will the shower clean with regular washes.

Hair Care Sticky Rain

Hair Care Sticky RainAfter the rain, the Rainy day hair will make you messing frustrating. However, do not just brush the hair because they are weak and fall out easily. Instead, take the same amount of soft towels absorb excess water from hair.

Apply conditioner and then add 1 little hands or a wide tooth comb gently comb small curls. After removing the hair, go to rinse shampoo stormwater contamination. Even then, remember drying and cooling modes to avoid moisture in the hair this rainy day okay!

Rainy Day Hair Incubate Restore Damaged Hair

The days of sweltering sunshine or rain before the season suddenly make your hair becomes damaged.

Incubate Restore Damaged Hair

So, this is the moment you seem to care little and get back to smooth her hair with cool ingredients too. Let’s mix 1 teaspoon honey, 1/2 box of yogurt and 1 egg yolk. Mark all hands to form a paste mixture.

Continuing to apply this mixture on the hair from the legs to the top and then gently massage for 5 minutes. Keep in a warm towel for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. You will feel the difference immediately and quickly get hair like that for that view.

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