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Why are mattresses so cheap?

Ikea mattresses are particularly cheap, as are Leenbakker mattresses and mattresses from Lidl. What do these suppliers have in common that makes these mattresses so cheap to deliver? The answer is much simpler than you may think. All these mattresses have a filling of Polyether which is the cheapest available foam.

Polyether foam has a closed-cell, which will quickly cause hollowing and it has little resilience. Due to this minimal resilience, this type of mattress does not support well either. Polyether also has another disadvantage and that is that the foam quickly loses its hardness.

So in addition to the fact that it already offers little resilience, the firmness also decreases, so that the support decreases quickly. I often hear that people with a Polyether mattress eventually get pain in the hips and shoulders, but back complaints are also common.

This is because there is too much pressure in these places. The result is a lot of turning during the night and a restless night.

Polyester textile

In order to be able to offer a mattress really cheaply, the mattress cover (the textile) must also be very cheap. They are therefore almost always made of polyester. But polyester does not absorb moisture and also feels warm quickly.

The temperature, the so-called sleeping climate, is extremely important for a good and good sleep. A bed that is too warm ensures a restless night with often unpleasant bad dreams. If a mattress ticking is made of polyester, thick cotton under a blanket can offer a solution.

The Swiss brand supplies these 1 cm thick cotton blankets, which is actually a super deluxe Molton. This under blanket keeps the mattress clean and the sleeper dryer and cooler and partially eliminate the problem of a synthetic mattress cover.