Buying New Mattresses – How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?


What Does the Price of a Mattress Say?

What to consider when buying a new mattress?

There are so many differences between mattresses that it can be very difficult for someone who only faces this choice once every ten years. The prices of mattresses also vary enormously, but the quality differences are also large.

When choosing a new mattress you will be provided with a lot of advice. What should you pay attention to now and what can be important to you when purchasing a new mattress?

A Good Mattress

A good mattress meets the following requirements: The mattress must provide good support for the body and allow your back to rest. The mattress must ventilate well, keep pressure points to a minimum, and of course, you must lie comfortably on it.

Furthermore, a long warranty of at least 8 years is a good indication that you are dealing with a quality product. All these things are important when buying a new mattress.

Mattress Advice

The advice you get in bed shops will almost certainly run out. This is due to the personal preference of the relevant seller or store, but also due to profit margins. It is best to rely on your own feelings when purchasing a new mattress.

Just make sure you can get the mattress on trial. Please note, a trial period is different from an exchange guarantee. During a trial period, you can simply return the mattress and usually get your money back in full.

With an exchange guarantee, you are tied to both the brand and the supplier. At we take a close look at each type of mattress and we go through the pros and cons.

A firm mattress is not necessarily better. There is a common feeling that a firm, even hard mattress would be better for your back. A softer mattress is generally better for both your posture and your circulation.

Types of Mattresses

If you are looking for a new mattress, you may be able to orient yourself on the internet first. You will almost certainly be amazed by the huge range of mattresses.

This does not make finding a mattress that suits you any easier. When comparing the different mattress types, it is better to first see what suits you and only then at what price you can get this.

Without orientation on mattresses and good advice, the chances are very high that you will make the wrong choice. Even if you have orientated yourself well for a new mattress and you have tested extensively, there is still a good chance that you will make the wrong choice.

That is why it is so important that you have to be able to get the mattress on a trial basis from your supplier and that you orient yourself well.

Mattress on trial

Test sleeping is an absolute must. Only when you have really slept on your new mattress will you know whether your choice was the right one. And then you have to be careful because you need a few weeks for this.

In any case, you will have to deal with a posture correction period due to the transition from your old mattress to the new mattress. Your body needs time to get used to your new position. In the beginning, you will almost certainly experience muscle pain and this can sometimes be so bad that painkillers are unavoidable.

One person very bothered by this posture correction and the other person is not bothered by anything. On average, a person needs around 20 nights to get used to his or her new mattress.

You will most likely go to sleep better on your new mattress but that is not entirely certain. It is therefore absolutely advisable to ensure that you get the mattress in question on a trial basis and that it is a money-back guarantee and not an exchange guarantee.

Also pay attention to what your supplier does with any returned mattresses. Some suppliers give these mattresses to charity and others send them to third world countries. If you are not completely confident, I recommend that you do not buy your new mattress there because you have a real chance of getting a second-hand mattress but having paid for a new one.

Try your new mattress at home

Testing your new mattress at home in your own environment is much better than just testing it in a bed shop. Trying and testing your new mattress in peace and quiet is important because you will only really experience what the mattress is like for you. Don’t pay attention to every pain at first.

Testing a mattress in a store

How do you test a new mattress in a store?

First of all, it is best to really take your time and wear loose-fitting clothes. Bring your own trusty pillow and take off your shoes. Feel free to lie down for an hour and do this in your favorite position. Avoid testing too many mattresses as this will generally make things more difficult. Test the mattresses that seem comfortable to you in advance.

Choosing a new mattress

Which mattress suits you best?

This depends entirely on your own wishes. Some mattresses are warm and some are cool. One mattress is rocking and the other is stable. A mattress that adapts to your body shape is generally more pleasant than a mattress that is hard and to which you will have to adapt. If you have no idea yet which mattress might suit you, it is wise if you first read up on the differences.

Which mattress size?

The size of your new mattress determines a large part of the comfort. As a rule, the larger the mattress, the more space and the more comfort. A (too) small mattress will certainly have a negative effect on your night’s sleep. Therefore, pay close attention to the size of the bed that you are going to buy.

And remember that the more space you have in bed, the better you will sleep. For 2 people it is best to choose a 180 x 200 or 160 x 200 mattress size and for a single bed 90 x 200 or 80 x 200 is best. If you are tall, for example, 185 cm or longer, it is better to take a 210 cm long bed. A rule is that it is best to take a mattress of 20 cm longer than you can take yourself.

Mattresses longevity

A good mattress lasts an average of 10 years. However, most mattresses have a 5-year warranty. But beware, sometimes the warranty will lapse if there is a stain on the mattress ticking!

Some mattress warranties require you to turn the mattresses every 3 months. Please note that the warranty you get is a full warranty and not reducing as is the case with Tempur.

As an example: Tempur comes with a 15-year warranty. You will already have to pay extra after 5 years.

Cost of a mattress

The cost of mattresses varies widely. Not surprising when you consider that some mattresses are twice as thick as others.

What can a good mattress cost?

The price differences between mattresses are large, but the quality differences are also very large. A good single mattress can easily cost € 600 and a 2 person mattress can easily cost € 1500.

It is best to make a budget first of what your mattress may cost before you go to the store. If you are going to test different mattresses, you will undoubtedly notice that the more expensive the mattress, the more comfortable the mattress offers…..

What does the price of a mattress actually say? We test mattresses from € 100 to more than € 1500. Some inexpensive mattresses receive much higher test ratings than the most expensive ones. How is it possible that a dirt-cheap mattress performs better than one that is much more expensive?

The price says nothing about the quality

Is an expensive mattress better than a cheap one?

In 2013 we put it to the test. We had 12 test persons in a hotel sleep one night on a € 200 mattress and one night on a € 1,600 mattress.

Subjects differed in gender, age, height, weight, and sleep preferences. The mattresses on which they slept scored more or less the same in our test. The test sleepers did not know which mattress they slept on. Afterward, they answered questions about, among other things, the lying comfort and the hardness of the mattresses.

The result of our small practical test telling: 6 test sleepers preferred the cheap mattress and 6 the expensive one. Where one test sleeper qualified a mattress as hard and stiff, the other test person found the same mattress soft and supple.

In short: the price says nothing about the comfort of a mattress. The mattress test that we have been doing for more than 10 years confirms this. There are mattresses of well over € 1,500 that score very moderately in our test, and mattresses of less than € 150 that are excellent.

Why mattresses are so expensive

If the price says little about how well a mattress is going to be, why are some mattresses so expensive?

In part, the answer is because it always has been. Profit margins on mattresses are relatively high, as consumers have traditionally been willing to pay a lot for a mattress. You use it every day, so it can cost a little. Today, however, more and more consumers are opting for a cheap mattress.

But do expensive mattresses really have nothing extra to offer compared to cheap mattresses? Of course, it is. More expensive mattresses often:

  • filled with more expensive materials, such as latex or memory foam.
  • more often have a detachable cover that you can easily remove from the mattress and wash at 60 ° C.
  • are more wear-resistant, by using more and better material and more stitching in the cover.
  • more often made of natural materials, such as latex and cotton, instead of (cheaper) PU foam and polyester.
  • Some more expensive mattresses constructed in such a way that you can recycle them more easily, for example by not using glue.

Why mattresses are so cheap

It is clear that a good mattress does not have to cost € 1500. Only € 100? Isn’t that very cheap?

How can a mattress be so cheap? There are also several reasons for this:

  • Lower production costs: Cheap mattresses are often made up of just 1 layer of (cheap) material, so it is not very expensive to make them.
  • In addition, there are economies of scale: Providers such as IKEA and Lidl sell their mattresses all over the world. Mass production allows them to keep costs low.
  • Lower profit margins: There are many (new) parties active on the mattress market, and if those are large stores that make a profit on other products, they can settle for less profit on mattresses.
  • Less extra costs: Mattresses increasingly sold directly to consumers via the internet. This saves on costs for a store and the associated staff.

The same mattress price everywhere?

Mattresses that are for sale in several stores often have the same price in different stores. This was revealed by a 2015 study by the Consumers’ Association.

At the time, we visited 29 specialty bed stores throughout the Netherlands and asked about the selling price of 2 popular models from 6 well-known mattress brands. With a few deviations, every store quotes exactly the same price for each model.

So there is not much point in shopping around for the lowest prices or the cheapest store.

Mattress Cost?

Mattresses used by humans for hundreds of years. In modern times that they developed into the form we know today.

Currently, one can find a very wide variety of mattresses.

made of foam or latex whose prices vary according to their quality. And if investing in a good mattress can represent a significant investment.

We the fact that this type of product is essential for health and for daily rest.

Still, in the same spirit, we will also remember that, according to the recommendations of the pros…

it is advisable to make such an investment every 10 to 15 years…

which corresponds to the average lifespan of such a product. Let’s take a closer look at how much quality mattress costs and what are the pricing options in today’s market!

What is a good mattress and how is its price determined?

Good Price Mattress

To help you navigate the wide range of products available in today’s market.

we have compiled a price comparison list taking all of these elements into consideration. To discover it, it’s just below!

Polyether and polyurethane foam mattress

Good Comparative Latex Foam Mattress

Polyether foam models are generally considered to be the most affordable products.

Polyurethane foam models come second on our list. They offer good value for money because they are both more efficient and also suitable for everyday use. This is because they have a higher density, which also makes them more comfortable. A product of this type will cost between around 300 and 600 euros depending on the desired size.

The memory foam or viscoelastic foam mattress

Form Mattress Price

Let us add to these two options a third: that of shape memory foam also known as “viscoelastic foam”. Among its advantages, the fact that it adapts to the weight and position of its user.

The latex mattress with comfort zones

latex mattresses prices

These models are also appreciated for the very good ventilation they have.

The prices of these models vary depending on the thickness and density but also the comfort zones of the product. These can be three, five, or seven. They correspond to the parts of the body to which the product adapts.

For a three-zone latex mattress, it will cost between 350 and 450 euros depending on the desired size. If you prefer to bet on a five-zone model, plan a budget ranging from 550 to more than 750 euros.

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