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Paris Fashion Week around the world announcing the coming season trends

Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week in Paris is part of the so-called big four fashion weeks, which takes place in three cities: London, Milan and New York. A huge number of fashion houses are in Paris, is not only the capital of France, but as historically recognized fashion-capital of the world symbol of fashion, glamour and style. It is not surprising that the Paris Fashion Week, which takes place twice a year, is considered the most influential of all the above.

Paris Fashion Week is always the final platform to show the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasonal collections. Paris Fashion Week has its existence in 1973.

Dates impressions usually vary, but they are set by the French Federation of haute couture and ready-to-wear. Currently, Paris Fashion Week is held in Carrousel du Louvre (Louvre Carrousel, exhibition and retail space under the Tuileries garden). At the Paris Fashion Week is usually all presented as art and not as an object for sale. It so happened that in Paris every show will show: whether the ready-to-wear collection in a fashion show format or fashionable now shows-performances with a sound directing.

Paris Fashion Week – one of the most important is not only fashionable, but also social events in the world. The concept of haute couture, or high fashion, exists only in France, its representatives work is leading fashion salon sets the tone for the international fashion.