Autumn Winter Fashion Coat & Jacket without Looking Like A Sleeping Bag?


How to wear a fashion coat & jacket? With her, we quickly made to look like a sausage disguised as a sleeping bag. To wear the jacket, there are tricks. Read the article instead.

Between us, fortunately, that the jacket is a warm coat otherwise it would be a long time we would have swung to oblivion.

Between “winter parkas” and “cabins”, frankly, the “jacket” makes you smile. It is true that it is a funny name for a coat “down jacket”, no? We like it because it reminds us of the word “cozy”. And in winter, the cozy, we want to get stuck in there.

Long assimilated to technical clothing, the jacket has, over the years, find its place in our wardrobes. Boudé then beloved then re-shunned, this winter coat is hit hard by the vagaries of fashion trends.

Lighter and more modern, the winter jacket has not yet said its last word on the market for women’s coats. The proof.

What’s The Jacket For?

First and foremost, the down jacket is for the chilly. Not the little chilly ones, huh? No, the down jacket is for girls who sleep in a ski suit in winter. Light under a winter parka for women or thick, it has only one and only vocation: keep you warm.

Then, if you want to choose a coat according to its morphology, as you say it: no, the jacket does not go to everyone. Large and slender (those who can afford everything, exactly) can wear it without a problem.

On the other hand, wearing a down jacket when you’re small is risky. It is better to choose a short jacket to avoid cutting the silhouette.

Short Down Jacket
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Wearing a down jacket when you’re tall is not so easy either. We advise you, rather, to wear a long down jacket. You can mark the size, it’s even better.

Long Down Jackets
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The Jacket, How To Choose?

Choosing a down jacket is, first of all, choosing a model like choosing an evening dress: long down jacket or short down jacket, which length do you prefer? Black down jacket or white down jacket, what color?

And then, to choose a jacket, it is also to choose its cut. The thin jacket is riding high. Ultralight, it is sufficient for the fall and is worn under a winter coat in high season: a leather jacket, a straight coat or a parka.

Another cut harder to wear: the sleeveless jacket. On a big sweater or a coat, it is not unanimous but knows how to seduce fashionistas.

And then, in recent seasons, we saw a UFO arrive: the parka jacket which, as the name suggests, is half-parka, half-jacket and is a sensation. Same thing for the bomber down jacket, the cut of a bomber and the thickness of a jacket.

The jacket, how to wear it and find it?
The jacket is not necessarily the easiest coat to wear. To begin, we avoid wearing the jacket in a style of sportswear, too much too much.

> The Down Jacket In A Casual Style

The jacket is already a big fashion piece. She is self-sufficient. So, we avoid doing too much. A winter sweater, perfect jeans, a pair of autumn-winter boots and the turn is played.

Down Jacket Casual Style
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> The Down Jacket In A Chic Style

For an evening dress, the jacket is not necessarily outlawed. Just make the right associations. Pleated pants, a tight dress or a pair of heels, the jacket breaks your silhouette and, paradoxically, reinforces the chic itude of your look.

Chic Down Jacket
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To find it, there are many brands of down jacket. Luxury or technical brands such as Moncler, Canada Goose, Napapijri or Mackage but also cheap and more affordable brands like Uniqlo, Comptoir des Cotonniers or Zara.

So, ready to adopt the down jacket?

Winter Fashion Coat & Jacket LookBook

Every fashionista prepares for it carefully. After all, winter clothing should be not only beautiful and relevant, as it needs to be warm and comfortable. Combine all these qualities and still be a fashionable addition to the wardrobe for the new season will winter coat.

Winter Fashion Coat & Jacket LookBook

At all times, the image created on the basis of the coat is an example of femininity and elegance. In addition, this versatile outerwear and goes well with both skirts and dresses, as well as with trousers and jeans.

What do designers have prepared us for the upcoming season?

First of all, even in the cold of winter fashion designers offering fashionable women to emphasize their femininity and grace and an emphasis on a model with a well-defined waistline. Welcome, all kinds of color accents in this area, as well as straps and belts of varying thickness.

In addition, this season designers offer a complete image of the winter fur trim on the coat. Collars, cuffs, sleeves or pockets of natural or artificial fur, having a color similar to the basic tone coat will make the image complete and add mystique and charm.

Do not give way to the popularity of body-fitting coat and youth Cape. Already that season, these coat without sleeves do not go on the catwalks and complement the images as stars of the first magnitude and simple fashionistas.

And finally have already become a classic trench coats and jackets coming winter may yield the palm in popularity over the original model, made in the form of Pelerine, capes and even if a woman’s kimono. Moreover, this season there is a tendency to increase the length winter coat. It ranges from the knee to the floor.

As for the materials and colors, here the designers have remained true to the classic options. This winter, fashionistas will warm winter coat 2012 of crepe, stretch jacquard, tweed and cashmere, padded lining, do not miss the icy gusts of wind.

But the colors of winter coats this season is much broader. Cheerful girl for sure will please the bright and rich, warm shades of red, yellow, orange.

And for those who are not afraid of bold experimentation, designers are offering to pay attention to coat with the Scottish motifs or animalistic prints. It is these colors will be at the peak of popularity in the coming season.

Conservative girls this season to create a fashionable image easier than usual. In fashion strict gothic imagery or soft creamy beige and olive tones.

And most importantly, that no matter what material, color and style of the winter coat you choose, you will feel comfortable because coat – it is always stylish, important and very beautiful.

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