Apple Body Shape – The Right Exercises For Your Body Shape


Apple Body Shape – Overall, this body shape looks feminine through its many curves.

Whether an outfit looks good on us depends greatly on whether it flatters our body shape.

Regardless of whether we have a few pounds on our ribs or envy the gorgeous curves of our neighbor, the size does not say much about how we look in certain outfits. Rather, this effect depends on how well the garment fits our body shape – and knowing it is essential.

Basically, there are five different body shapes: the round, the rectangular, the triangular, the square, the inverted triangle, and the hourglass. These can be determined regardless of whether you are rather slim or full.

Apple Body Shape – Round Body Shape (also called O-type)

Her legs are relatively long and slim and her breast is full and round. Her waist hides under some feel-good puffs and her shoulders are rather wide: that’s what makes the round body shape.

The goal in choosing a dress is to stretch the body and make the silhouette look slimmer.

You Can Achieve This With:

  • V-neck tops that end just above the hipbone
  • A-line dresses with a high waistband
  • Tight-fitting dark jeans with a high waistband

You Should Avoid:

  • Tops with eye-catching and colorful patterns
  • Very big chains
  • Wide waist belt
  • Bright trousers with eye-catching washes

In we show fashion tips for curvy women (article continues below):

The Hourglass (Also Known As X-Type) Apple Body Shape

This figure is characterized by a narrow waist. The chest circumference and circumference of the hip are about the same.

If you have the body shape of an hourglass, you should try to balance your upper and lower body with your clothing.

You Can Achieve This With:

  • Jackets that are not too tight but clearly follow the figure
  • Tops that end just above the hipbone
  • Waisted coats that end at the knees or just above
  • Belts that accentuate your waist

You Should Avoid:

  • Clothes made of very thick material
  • Very wide-fitting sweater
  • Puff
  • Too tight pants
  • Pants with big back pockets

Apple Body Shape – Triangular Body Shape (Pear Type, A Type)

Narrow shoulders, small chest, low waist, and comparatively wide hips and strong legs – this is the triangular body shape. The Triangular Body Shape.

Those with this body shape should try to focus on clothes for the upper body.

You can achieve this with:

  • Eye-catching tops with colorful patterns
  • Big chains
  • Interesting necklines, such as heart-shaped or square
  • Dark, straight-cut pants that make your hips visually narrower

You should avoid:

  • Dark, too-tight tops, which make your upper body even narrower
  • Big back pockets on pants and skirts

Apple Body Shape – Upside Down Triangle (Apple Type, V Type)

The shoulder is much wider than the hips, the waist is not very pronounced. Women with this body shape usually have larger breasts, which additionally emphasize the upper body.

In order to focus on the broader shoulders, you can work with accents in the form of skirts and pants. Most women with this body shape have slimmer legs – they can emphasize beauty.

Try this for example:

  • Dark, tight-fitting tops with V-neck or U-neck
  • Wide waist belt
  • Straight-cut coats and jackets
  • Pants and skirts made of thick, bright fabrics with eye-catching patterns

You should avoid:

  • Tops with puffed sleeves and ruffles
  • Tops with spaghetti straps
  • Straight or tight-fitting pants
  • Pencil skirts

Apple Body Shape – Rectangular to square body shape (H type, banana type)

Your shoulders and hips are about the same width, you have a rather small chest and your waist is not pronounced? Then you have a square body shape.

With your clothes, you can play around the waist to make your figure more feminine and make the breast look bigger.

You can achieve this with:

  • Colorful tops with eye-catching patterns
  • Tunics and blouses that go over the buttocks
  • Tops with pockets on the chest, eye-catching buttons, or zippers
  • Pants and skirts made of solid fabrics

You should avoid this:

  • The narrow belt on the waist
  • Very straight-cut tops
  • Pants put in the pants

The Right Exercises For Your Body Shape

Not every exercise is suitable for every person. If you want to succeed quickly in training, you should orientate yourself to your own body shape

If you look around on the internet for fitness exercises, you will immediately find countless results that promise ideal results for all those interested in a certain time. But if you do not do these exercises alone, but z.

For example, with the best friend, it may be that the sporting activity in one quickly leads to success, but not in the other. And this, although both train and train similarly hard.

The simple reason for this is that not every exercise is optimal for every body type. Those who really want to exercise efficiently should therefore choose exercises that fit their personal body shape.

1. The Rectangle

Women with rectangular proportions basically have the perfect body shape. You do not have to work off any real cuddles here and there and also take no shaping measures. The main thing here is to get better fitness and firmness.

Ideal Exercises:

  • Sit-Ups
  • Skipping
  • Cycle
  • Climbing stairs
  • Cross trainer
  • Pushups

Ideal sports:

  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Stretching exercises
  • Long-distance swimming
  • Cross-country skiing (> 30 minutes)
  • In-line skating

Attention: With these 3 easy exercises, there’s a crack butt!

2. The Apple Body Shape

Women with an apple-shaped body usually have very slim legs, narrow hips, therefore, and a small butt. The majority of the weight can be found here on the upper body, at the waist and bust.

In order to achieve more beautiful and, above all, more even proportions, above all the legs have to be strengthened here.

Ideal Exercises:

  • Spinning
  • Squats and lunges, later with weights

SkippingLong walks

Ideal sports:

  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • For a flat stomach, you only need this one exercise.

3. The Pear Apple Body Shape

The pear shape is particularly common in women. The upper body is here quite narrow, while it is significantly further from the waist. Hips, buttocks, and thighs make up the curves in this body shape.

If you want to achieve a nice proportioned overall picture, you should first of all tackle these round body regions in training and also strengthen your upper body.

Ideal exercises:

  • Skipping
  • Jumping jacks
  • Brisk walking on flat stretches
  • Squats
  • Cross trainer

In order to train the shoulder muscles, exercises with an expander are particularly suitable:

Exercise 1:

Go to the step position. Wrap the two ends of the expander around your wrists while standing on the expander with the front foot and a light upper body. The arms are laterally stretched on the body.

From this position, pull the tape backward with both arms. Note that the expander is under tension throughout the movement. 10 repetitions.

Exercise 2:

Stand upright and grab the tape shoulder width with both hands. Place your elbows against the body, creating a 90-degree angle. Move your forearms outward. Make sure the expander is energized throughout the movement.

10 repetitions.

Ideal sports:

  • To go biking
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • In-line skating

4. The Hourglass

If the body is shaped like an hourglass, the hips are wide and the buttocks rather large. With a slim waist, the bust size is also strong. A good sports bra is therefore definitely recommended for all sports. Again, the whole body should be trained as possible to evenly tighten all areas.

Ideal exercises:

  • Skipping
  • Cross trainer
  • Fast walking on a flat stretch
  • Pushups
  • Pull-ups

To exercise the upper arms and the shoulders, you do not need more than two bottles (1 to 1.5 liters). Take one in each hand and stand in the step position. Tilt the upper body about 45 degrees forward with a straight back.

Hang your arms down and then move them outstretched backward and forwards at the same time, until your upper arms are level with your upper body. Slowly bring your arms down again. 10 to 20 repetitions. If necessary, change the pillar.

Ideal sports:

  • Long-distance swimming
  • Snowboarding
  • Dance

Apple Body Shape – Are you apple, pear, or chili? Or something completely different?

In a long-term project, The researchers found 17 different body forms, eight of which were in obese people. They also found that women talk much deeper than expected.

her apple or rather a pear? As people gain weight, excess fat spreads out very differently. Until some time ago, people liked to differentiate between those who ate a fat belly and those who split up rather at the buttocks – mostly women, by the way. And then there were the chilies, enviable people who never seem to put in a gram of fat.

That this classification falls short, you can watch on the street. In recent years, therefore, occasionally also of egg clocks, hourglasses, and other forms of speech when the human body should be classified. For the first time, researchers in Leipzig have succeeded in significantly refining this classification.

The new classification was created as part of a major project of the Leipzig Center for Civilization Diseases (LIFE). For five years, the scientists examined a total of 10,000 people from the Leipzig region – with regard, among other things, to their body shape. “It’s not enough to just differentiate people from the apple and pear shape,” says Henry Löffler-Wirth, who evaluated the data. “Overall, we have been able to differentiate between 17 different body shapes in our Leipzig participants.”

For the study, the 10,000 subjects were measured by means of a 3-D body scanner. The scientists paid particular attention to the fat distribution. Of the 17 different forms, eight are overweight individuals with a body mass index above 25.

Apple Body Shape – The proportions are important

Scientists have divided the different forms into male, female, and four other categories. These non-gender-specific forms are two androgynous patterns, and two in which the overweight is so great that men and women can no longer be distinguished explains Löffler-Wirth.

Above all, it is crucial where exactly the people put on fat. “Some attach especially to the stomach, others have the pad in the butt. But there are some that have extra thick arms and no neck, “says the scientist.

One could now give the names of the different forms that indicate the particular feature, but: “First, it is complicated to always pinpoint this very well and, secondly, that would be way too simplistic.

In the next step, the body forms are compared with other so-called phenotypes, about which the researchers have also collected data. For example, there are interviews of the subjects in which they themselves estimate how much they are moving.

“In turn, we can then compare this with movement data from actuators.” The test persons were also equipped with such steps, pulse, and welding measuring devices.

Apple Body Shape – Genetic changes

In addition to movement data, the researchers are also interested in nutritional habits, social status, and the hormone status of the subjects in connection with body shapes.

“One of our doctoral students would like to investigate what connections there are,” says Löffler-Wirth: Do certain hormones influence obesity – or is it the other way round?

In the end, the scientists hope to use the new classification to recognize early signs of certain diseases and to be able to better estimate risk factors. The elucidation of genetic mechanisms is crucial for this.

Extensive genetic analyzes have therefore been carried out at LIFE in recent years. Six new genetic variants, apparently affect energy metabolism, the researchers have discovered.

“This opens perspectives therapy approaches for the treatment of metabolic-associated diseases such as obesity, diabetes, or heart disease,” says Markus Scholz, Professor of genetic statistics.

Apple Body Shape – Women speak much deeper than expected

In addition to the body shapes, a number of other things were examined in the Leipzig study – the voice height of people, for example. The scientists found that women speak more deeply than previously thought.

“In the literature is so far reported that women speak about an octave higher than men,” said Christoph Engel from the Leipzig Institute for Medical Informatics and Statistics.

The evaluation of the Leipzig data, on the other hand, showed that women use their voices much more deeply. It is only about half an octave higher than that of men.

2500 subjects were examined phonographically for this part of the LIFE study. “This is the first time that we have been able to determine the standard values ​​of votes in such a large group worldwide,” says Engel.

Whether women deliberately lower their voice or whether there are hormonal causes, remains to be explored. According to the researchers, the values ​​are in any case important parameters for the clinical evaluation of voice disorders. Podiatry deals among other things with problems of voice and speech.

The LIFE study, which ended at the end of 2014, was one of the largest projects of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Leipzig. 42 million euros in funding came from the EU and the state of Saxony.

The study will now form the basis for further investigations starting in autumn. The 10,000 participants will then be tested again. Then not only an inventory could be made, and certain trends for reliable predictions could be identified, said the head of the study, Markus Löffler.

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