Exercises to Lose WeightExercises to lose weight! When you have a weight loss goal in mind much-preferred sporting activities that will help us to reach quickly. Here are 4 max sports to burn calories in a minimum of time and refine the silhouette successfully.

Good Exercises To Lose Weight At Home

Fitness Benefits Your Body Burn 255 Calories

Good exercises to lose weight at home

What are some good exercises to lose weight at home

Discipline star fitness step one is to march accessory (“Step” English “) and more flexible level of benefits your body muscle building and weight loss. With the step ultra fun fitness program and punchy you’ll miss or finesse or firmness. This discipline allows the body muscles but also get your heart pumping to burn calories.
30 minutes of practice step you burn 255 calories.


Discipline Fitness flagship created in the 60s aerobics is more than ever up to date due to its effect on your body. Aerobics mix of cardiovascular exercises and strength and helps you lose weight effectively. 30 minutes of practice aerobics you burn about 250 calories.

Urban Dance

The Urban Dance mixes perfectly the fitness and dance in one goal your muscles making you lose weight in short you move and have fun! This blend of dance fitness with touches on several styles of music (hip-hop, reggae, merengue, salsa, zouk, house, pop, afro, reggaeton) is an ideal discipline for your muscles, learn to dance and have fun but also and especially to lose weight. 45 minutes of practice Urban Dance at an intermediate level you burn 500 calories.


The benefits of running are great for your health but also for your body as long as you stick to a regular and prolonged stress. Endurance sports par excellence jogging seeks cardiovascular function lung and muscle (especially in the lower limbs). To lose weight, jogging is proving to be a powerful ally the average energy expenditure of 300 kcal / h running at speeds of 9km / h and 600 calls / h to a speed of 15km / h.

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