Leather Bags Follows – The Models Bags With Low Prices 2020 2021

Leather Bags follows the brand of leather goods and accessories offers for 2020 2021. A series of Leather bags characterized by styles, shapes, and colors very different from each other.

Leather Bags Follows Accessories 2020 2021

Leather bags are cheap and undergo tastes differently. For the summer bags, follows proposes a differentiated collection of themes to meet the most diverse needs.

The first theme is blue, marine, electrical, peacock; sapphire and denim are just some of the shades of this color that you can find in the shops of the brand’s low-cost leather.

The bags covered in this issue are mainly from the day rather spacious, perfect for an afternoon of shopping or a stroll by the sea. Cases, bags and shoulder bags bicolor or monochrome.

These range from 17.99 euro’s purse in hand to 39.99 in the two colors hard shopper, through the trunk of EUR 29.99 and the shopper soft black color.

Another issue is the mood natural, beige, taupe, and sand are neutral colors that are always good for all occasions of the day and follows proposes a series of bags follows of various models in these hues. Even here, the prices are all between 20 and 40 Euros, the backpack costs 32.99.

The power sunshine collection is another line from the summer collection that focuses on shades of bright yellow; the bags are all played on the nuances of this color.

These are perforated, often bicolor, with an urban style, suitable for the office but also to the days of shopping or fun with friends. The prices of the line power sunshine are slightly higher, hovering all between 30 and 45 Euros.

In the Line, Red Passion handbags are colored with red pomegranate, vermilion or crimson and give a touch of color to our outfits. Prices range from 19.99 € to 44.99 € the shoulder of the trunk by hand.

Even the optical style is captured in the collection: diamonds, geometric prints, and colors, in contrast, are the ingredients of this sparkling line that propel us into the fashion of the sixties. The palette is composed exclusively of black and white, giving style and sophistication to bags.

And again, it follows proposes ethnic style bags, made of straw and cotton, but they are not particularly impressive. Then there is a whole range of printed bags with floral patterns and leaves that give a touch of exoticism.

They all shoppers, some of which are really nice, others look more like handbags fridge.

The collection also includes handbags hand stiff, probably more suitable as beach bags than anything else, but also usable for walking in the city or drinks on the boardwalk.

I am very feminine, packed with twists of price lists and feature elegant colors like black and gold, or two-tone fabric with animal print. These are very cheap, ranging in fact from 9.99 € to 17.99.

Finally, there is some bag that portrays the most popular characters of Disney as Mickey and Minnie, which give a touch of irony to the bags, probably only suitable for the very young. The prices of these range from a low of EUR 27.99 of the small shoulder bag, backpack for 39.99 Euros bigger with Minnie.

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