Cara Delevingne Beauty Tips Reveals For All Her Fans


Cara Delevingne beauty tips on Instagram and the guest of honor vogue time for an interview with Christelle Baillet. The British supermodel reveals to her fans her French beauty tips, as we quickly discovered

Cara Delevingne gives few interviews, so it’s no surprise that this is the vogue disclosing us an exclusive interview. While we talked a lot about the top this week thanks to her role in “Chanel Reincarnation” a film by Karl Lagerfeld, is in an entirely different grounds that vogue puts on the front of the stage. The Burberry muse thus revealed to Christelle Baillet its beauty and fashion tips.

Cara Delevingne Beauty Tips

Cara Delevingne Beauty Tips On Instagram

The journalist begins talking about her relationship with the English house Burberry, which is the current face alongside Kate Moss. The girl says.. ” The teams of the brand have always supported me This is my second family fashion side, I never leave my jacket biker in black leather Burberry If I had a genuine favorite for perfume My Burberry and its deodorant and moisturizer. ” The star also admits prefer organic beauty products to others. Otherwise, it said to be very faithful to the Beauty Water Caudalie Cleansing well as key skin.

Cara Delevingne Beauty Tips

Cara Delevingne Beauty Tips Shares Vogue

Cara Delevingne Burberry promote new fragrance top British fashion model Kate Moss new campaign casual sportswear look crazy socks peas instagram Cara Delevingne is the ambassador of the British brand Burberry. She loves their products.

Cara Delevingne, who plays the mermaid in the Pan upcoming film, we list her favorite products to keep hair silky and healthy. Her favorite trick is to use bio oil poultices. It also uses Moroccanoil brand products, known to be rich in ultra-Restorative Argan oil. Make-up side, the natural Cara Delevingne confess without hardly surprise makeup during the day. She mixes her day cream with “Fresh Glow” from Burberry, a basic foundation to make skin brighter. She added that make-up as Yves Saint Laurent mascara. In the evening, she displays her eyebrows with the Brow Definer of Berberry.

Cara Delevingne Beauty Tips

Product sculpts defined and fixed eyebrows. Body side and side sport is using yoga that keeps the top line. She comments: “This is my obsession of the moment I feel better already sheathed, and it helps me to refocus on myself.” In the rest of the interview with Vogue, we learn that Cara Delevingne’s crazy bacon (although her Instagram followers already know!). And now, we can now be beautiful as Cara!

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