Cassava Face Mask Benefits for Healthy Skin


Cassava or manioc is also root crops which are the staple food, especially for eastern Indonesia. Cassava is also easy to be in the garden and paddy fields.

Cassava Face Mask Benefits for Healthy Skin

With almost the same usability as yam, you should try this face mask of cassava. Here’s how to make it.

To smooth and brighten the face:

  1. Cassava peels by splitting vertically for easy skin exfoliated. Next, wash with water and brush the surface so that the rest of the soil does not stick.
  2. Grated cassava and add water if necessary.
  3. Before applying the mask to the face, cassava washes your face with warm water to open pores and efficacy of masks cassava easily absorbed.
  4. After a clean face smooth it to your face and wait for it to dry
  5. Rinse face with cold water to close the pores back
  6. Dry the way patted with fingers
  7. Do it regularly every 2-3 times a week.

Furthermore, to eliminate acne scars.

  1. Peel and grate the cassava
  2. Once shredded take the sari squeezed manner
  3. Make sure the face is clean. Then rub the juice evenly to the face
  4. Wait until dry and rinse your face. Blow dry
  5. Do it every day until the acne scars disappear.
  6. In addition to the removal of acne scars, cassava starch water that has been deposited can be used as drugs topically to the wound with the wound.

For maximum results

you can mix your mask with honey or olive oil to the skin becomes moist. You can also combine masks other fruits such as lemon or lime.

In addition to the mask, cassava is consumed also contains benefits for the body. High carbohydrate content is able to provide energy supply for the body. Cassava also can be a staple food substitute for rice or bread.

In addition, the potassium contained in cassava can prevent high blood pressure. Low sugar content in cassava can help diabetics. For the kids, cassava can increase appetite, so the growth and development of children are not compromised.

Not only nutritious cassava, cassava leaves can also treat various diseases such as rheumatism, headaches, and diarrhea. For rheumatism and headaches pounded cassava leaves and attached to an area hospital.

Cassava Face Mask

As for diarrhea, drink water boiled cassava leaves to solid stool back
If you want to plant it in the yard of the house, simply by the cutting method. Cut the cassava stems of 15-20 cm and plug it in the ground. Cassava will grow by itself.

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