It may be colorful hair at the carnival. And that not only applies to costumes, but also to hairstyles and makeup. Do you want to have your hair color for the carnival, and then you should not necessarily resort to the wig. There are a few ways you can only wear colored hair for a day.

In the article, we summarize the different options and give tips on how to dye your hair for the carnival itself. In the picture gallery, you can still find inspiration for costumes that combine well with colorful hair in different colors.

Coloring Hair For A Day – How Does It Work?

The best-known methods for temporary dyeing of hair are three: with hairspray, hair crumb, and food coloring. However, the effect may vary depending on the method chosen and the original hair color.

For example, as with permanent hair colors, light or bleached hair may take on better color than dark ones. In addition, the brighter the hair, the stronger the color in the end.

Unlike permanent colors, some temporary hairs also dye dark hair well.

How Does Short-Term Dyeing Work?

If you only want to get colored hair for a short time, then your hair does not need bleaching. The colors do not contain ammonia and only stain the surface of the hair. Therefore, they can be washed out quickly afterward.

How Long Does The Temporary Thenceforward Hair?

Temporary hair colors are mainly used to conjure colorful color accents in the hair and to create eye-catching looks for carnivals and parties. Therefore, they are not suitable for permanent coloring of hair.

Usually, short-term dyes can be completely washed out after 1 to 3 washes. Hair tints usually last a little longer. So it depends on the method you chose to dye.

Is Short-Term Dyeing Harmful?

Temporary hair coloring methods do not damage them, as the permanent hair color can do. Hair chalk, hair spray and food coloring are coloring agents that do not penetrate the hair and thus do not damage its structure.

However, if one of the methods is used too often, it can cause the hair to dry out.

The three above-mentioned variants for hair coloring for the carnival will be considered in more detail below.

Make Hair Colorful With Hair Combs

The hair crumb is a temporary hair dye, which only adheres to the surface of the hair and thus is gentle on the hair structure. So you can quickly set eye-catching accents and make colorful hair yourself. The large color palette includes the most popular colors: Whether it’s pink, blue, purple, yellow, green or silver, you decide for yourself.

Hair chalk has many advantages. It offers a cheap alternative to hair dyeing, its application is simple and the colorful colors are easy to wash out. As a result, hair clippings are a great way to color your hair for a day. So you can conjure up an original look for Carnival and Halloween.

Colorful Hairs Dye Hair Combs For A Day

The application of chalk is a breeze. It’s that easy

1. Put a towel around your shoulders and wear disposable gloves to protect your clothes and hands.
2. Lightly moisten the hair, eg. B. with a spray bottle.
3. Select the color and apply the chalk to the hair by working from top to bottom. For bright colors repeat the process.
4. Let the hair crust dry best in the air or blow dry at the lowest level.
5. For better adhesion, seal the dried paint with straightened and hairspray.
6. Hairdress your hair as you like.

Hair Chalk Application Tips Dark Hair

You want to dye your hair pastel to create a flashy carnival look? Pastel colors work with hair crayons especially with light blonde hair. For very light hair, however, caution is advised as it can be dyed very quickly.

This also sometimes leads to the hair chalk staying longer in the hair. For a pastel look, ladies and girls with dark hair can try to dye the hair white and only then colorful.

Hair Dyeing White For Carnival

To dye dark hair in light shades for one day, you can first color them white. In addition to a white chalk, budget funds are also good. With simple powder or a mixture of flour and shampoo, the hair can also be dyed white / gray at short notice.

Dye Hair With Hairspray

Another method of hair dyeing, which was very popular in the 90s, is the hair spray. With spray paints you can quickly make colorful hair yourself and set great accents. As with the other dyes, the colors are less pronounced with dark hair, but are still very effective.

The use of hair spray for dyeing is not complicated at all. It is important to protect the clothes with a towel or a hairdressing cape. The spray spray from about 20 cm distance directly on dry hair. Work from top to bottom again.

Colorful Streaks Color For A Day

If you only want to colorize individual strands, then you can either use a highlight cap or aluminum foil. With these methods you can apply different colors and thus make colorful hair yourself.

Make Colorful Hair Yourself Hairspray Hairstyles

Colorful Hair Dye For A Day With Food Coloring

To get colorful hair for carnival, you should not necessarily buy expensive dyes. There are simple resources in the household that are perfect for it.

Simple food colors, for example, are a great way to make your hair more noticeable during the carnival. Hair dyeing works best when the colors are fluid.

Hair Tones Food Color Carnival


1. Pour the selected food coloring into a bowl and mix with a little hair rinse using a toothbrush. As a result, you should get a strong color.
2. Distribute the color in the hair with the toothbrush.
3. Leave on the dyed conditioner for 30 minutes for blond hair, for 2 hours for brown hair.
4. Rinse the paste briefly.

Dyeing by this method is more like a tint than a permanent hair color.

Dye Hair For A Day With Eye Shadow

Their effect will not last more than an evening, but that’s enough for the carnival. And best of all, the method works well on dark hair too. A direct hit!

Hair Dye For A Day Tricks Eyeshadow Strands

Great Costume Ideas For Carnival With Colorful Hair

Are you already thinking about this year’s carnival costume? Here we have compiled a few inspirations for costumes, in which colorful hairs are particularly good. Tips for the combination of costume and hair color can be found below.

Chestnut Hair Color Stars Dakota Fanning Ponytail CrestChestnut Hair Color

Fairy Tail

With blue or lilac hair you can look like a fairytale fairy at Carnival. For a forest fairy such as Tinkerbell, on the other hand, a green hair color is perfect.


A carnival mermaid costume is the perfect idea for the ladies. The possibilities are manifold in this case as well.

For example, you can be a pretty mermaid with long turquoise hair, or opt instead for the figure of the red-haired Ariel.


We already find the magic unicorns everywhere. Whether as a motto for birthdays, nursery rooms or disguises for different occasions, the ideas for it are simply endless.

For example, to make a unicorn costume, you can dye your hair colorful, pink, lilac or even white. The hair colors are best adapted to the costume.

Grinning Cat

A disguise as the smile cat from “Alice in Wonderland” looks original and is suitable for both children and adults. To match a pink hair color or a few black and pink strands in the hair just perfect.

Harley Quinn

For fans of “Suicide Squad”, the costume of Harley Quinn is an excellent idea.

Ice Princess

However, if you are looking for an elegant carnival costume then you are in the right place with an ice princess with white-and-blue hair.

Turquoise Hair Coloring Tips Carnival Ice Princess

Peacock Colorful Hair

If you want to dress up to the theme of wildlife, then make a great impression with a peacock costume. Colorful hair in the colors of the peacock makes for a rounded look.

Rainbow Colorful Hair

If you have decided to go for the carnival on an atmospheric costume then colorful hair is the perfect complement. The rainbow as a disguise we just love. And for that, you should not buy expensive costumes, but simply combine colorful clothes.

Tip: Glitter for hair you can easily make yourself, if you mix styling gel and glitter powder.

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