Dr. Martens Shoes Fall Winter Collection [2020 2021]


The brand Dr. Martens shoes renews his fall-winter 2020 2021 collections focusing on its canonical forms. Dr, Martens boots for the winter season.

the footwear undergoes a redesign from the materials and the color palette remains stable while the design of amphibians and boots. Thanks to which the brand has become famous throughout the world.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a legendary brand. It all started in Seeshaupt in 1945, when Dr. Klaus Maertens injured his foot while skiing in the Bavarian Alps. To get better during his convalescence, he developed a shoe with air cushion sole. In 1959, R. Griggs, based in the small English village of Wollaston, decided to commercialize the concept and designed the first work shoe with this revolutionary sole. On April 1, 1960, an icon is born, the model “Dr. Martens 1460 “.

Mannish mood gritty style and character that appeals to both younger

Mannish style of Dr. Marten’s footwear in recent seasons is a large following among the major brands suggesting a feisty mood and character that really like the youngest.

Among the models of the winter, collection signed Dr. Marten’s return protagonists different models of amphibians with leg up or down, which is flanked by some Chelsea boot, different ankle boot, the ankle boots with flat soles or heels of a few cm suedes and many lined boots and lace-up boots with rubber sole.

The color choice rewards essentially dark colors and classic like black and various shades of brown, then popping color versions of marsala, solid peak of 2020 2021, to which are added touches of beige, burgundy, and mauve caramel; do not go unnoticed then solutions bicolor with white base and elements of profile blacks, uppers with a floral print or decoration of the British flag.

Dr Martens Shoes Amphibians Fall Winter
Dr. Martens Shoes Amphibians Fall Winter

Amphibians Dr. Martens shoes fall winter catalog [2020 2021]

Laced style androgen and simple design

In the line of amphibians are placed models matte leather, creations with shearling lining, followed by versions in paint that turn red and magenta, or dark lines, space and patterns in canvas or nylon with rubber parts, some models have upper degrade effect.

In the shoes fall winter 2018 2019 collection target Dr. Martens are suggested different models of Chelsea boot sole lower or higher made of black leather, brown or shaded; the brand does not give the ankle boot gritty soled high, wide straps around the ankle and metal inserts from the glam rock look.

Turning to the section reserved for lace meet different interpretations androgenic simple design focusing on a plan that opens to several color options in line with the color palette chosen by the designer label.

Mannish mood gritty style and character that appeals to both young, androgynous lace-style and simple design is what characterizes the Dr.Martens shoe autumn winter 2020 2021 collection.

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Dr. Martens shoes: from the work boot to the scene boat

Dr.Marten’s shoes and boots are cults. Lovers and connoisseurs affectionately refer to the shoes as Docs or simply do. Dr.Martens are real scene shoes.

Above all, the legendary 8-hole boots by Dr.Martens has been worn and interpreted by various groups for generations. The indestructible classic ran on 1.April 1960 under the item number 1.4.60 from the band and has under the name ” 1460 “achieved international cult status.

Incidentally, the roots of the British company go back to Germany, where the German country doctor and eponym Dr. Ing. Martens immediately after the war in 1945 developed the prototype of the legendary 8-hole boat. Even today, 1460 is an integral part of the Dr.Martens ladies, – men’s and children’s collection. Incidentally, Dr.Martens also has vegan boots in its range.

Dr. Martens Boots are cult.

The indestructible eight-hole boat with air-cushion padded air-cushion sole, the strong yellow stitching, and the Air Wair sling ran for the first time on April 1, 1960, under the item number 1.4.60 from the production line.

Since then, the shoe has gone through a lot, first as a comfortable worker model. Later, he became stylish and at home in various scene movements, and ironically, mostly worn as a nonconformist anti-fashion confession of mods, glams, punks, goths, skis, skins, indies, etc.

The origins of the British company are in Germany. The German country doctor Klaus Maertens broke his foot in 1945 and developed an orthopedic shoe from an air-filled rubber tire, which was supposed to cushion the appearance when walking.

This former prototype was discovered by his former classmate and engineer of mechanics. Herbert Funck. Some tons of rubber were bought and the shoe production with the air sole started in Seeshaupt. The shoes became popular, a factory was built in Munich.

In 1958, the English shoe manufacturer Bill Griggs, specializing in navy and military shoes, became aware of German shoes. He secured the name, removed from it the difficult to pronounce “e”, and the brand Dr. Martens was born. The rest is history.

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