Get Freckles: with These Tips and Tricks, it Works!


How do you get freckles? How you can easily help if you don’t have freckles by nature.

How do you get freckles
Freckles are primarily genetic. You can only get freckles if someone in your family has freckles. © iStock

Freckles are all the rage right now. All of us are blessed with sweet, brown dots. As soon as the first rays of sunshine shine on the skin, freckles can be seen on the nose or cheeks. But how can you get freckles and how can you make sure they don’t go away faster than they were there

How can you get freckles?

Some have freckles spread all over the body throughout the year, others only appear in summer and others don’t get freckles at all. In general, determining whether you get freckles or not. For all those who look in vain for the little spots, we also have tips and tricks for the perfect freckle look.

Get freckles with a Freckle Pencil

It’s a good thing that the beauty industry exists. Thanks to mascara, we can conjure up eyelashes with a wow-effect, blush ensures a healthy complexion and lipstick for a fuller life.

No wonder that there is also a tool for freckles: the Freckle-Pencil. With that, you can easily paint your freckles yourself. Make sure the pen is not too dark. Light brown tones are the most natural.

Freckle Pencil freckles: how it works

First of all, you should put some powder or a light BB cream on your face. With a bronzer, you can then conjure up a summer glow over your bridge of the nose and cheeks on your face.

Now for the most exciting utensil: the Freckle Pencil. Here you should make sure that the center of the pen pointed. Then you put the pen on the desired spot on the face with a little pressure and turn it slightly around its own axis until a small dot is formed.

The small dots look especially natural, scattered slightly on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, and forehead. Of course, you can also apply the freckles with an eyeliner, kohl, or eyebrow pencil.

How do freckles develop?

Freckles develop when too much melanin produced. Among other things, melanin is responsible for the color of our eyes, hair, and skin. If too much melanin produced, dark spots, the so-called freckles, appear on our skin surface.

Freckles are particularly common in light-colored skin types with blonde or reddish hair. Freckles are already visible in the sun for a few hours. Our body protects us from sunburn by producing more pigments. This makes our skin tone, but also our freckles, darker.

How can you strengthen freckles?

If you look closely you can see very light freckles on your face – but isn’t that enough? If you already have freckles, strengthening them is easy. Namely by going in the sun! Just a few hours in the sun make your freckles more visible. Don’t forget to put a sun protection factor on your face beforehand.

Freckles despite sunscreen?

Freckles are caused by sun exposure and are also created with sun protection. This is very important so that your skin not damaged. If you get freckles, it is all the more important that you use sunscreen! Daycare with a sun protection factor already fulfills its purpose. On particularly sunny days, you should use a sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

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