Hair Coloring – Fall Hairstyles Trend For Fall Winter 2021 2022


The hair coloring time of the season arrives, with the fall hairstyles.


18. Hair coloring ideas for long hair it resumes its coloration in hand.

Blond, brown, red … you still hesitate?

No more vacations long walk on the beach and golden hair in the sun. Old habits are taken and especially.

To help you follow the hair coloring trends fall winter 2021 2022 to the end of the tips.

SheLookBook talks about the hair colorings which will carton near as from September. From ultra-black very blond through the spicy red and pink Stabilo, hair coloring trends are intended colorful this year…

Hairstyle: The Trendiest Colors Fall-Winter 2021 2022

This is so much information to know for all those who are preparing to take a hairdressing course or in full preparation for CAP Coiffure. Each season, as for the fashion or the beauty sector, the colorations have tendencies to adapt to be in the movement. Every year, the color chart is always bigger.

From Pastel Shades To Blond, Red, And Brown

In hairdressing salons, it is always the same thing, the customers wish after the summer to change color or to boost the brightness of their hair. Back to school is always promising new trends. You can choose a temporary or permanent color, a simple tone-on-tone color or a color that will cover your white hair.

Today, social networks play a big role in influencing the choice of women for a particular color.

The colors that will be in the fall-winter trend go from pastel shades, blond, gray, red and brown…

Some Examples Of Hair Coloring For The New Season

The pastel color continues to appeal to many women. You can, of course, choose between complete Hair Coloring and simple reflections.

The Blond Hair Color For Color Hairstyles

It is the return of light hair, whether with “silver hair”, graying hair, and white. These colors are not only reserved for mature women because more and more, but they also seduce the youngest.

Future hairdressers or future hairdressers have in mind that gray hair is not an easy color to adopt since it requires a lot of maintenance both in the living room and at home to obtain a shiny gray and very natural.

The Blond Remains A Safe Bet

Today, we have the choice between a polar blond, silver or solar. The polar blonde charms all women with its naturalness, softness, and simplicity. Although all blondes still appeal to women, warm and sunny blondes and blondes are particularly trendy.

The gray-blond is very modern and very luminous. The sunny blondes with golden highlights bring light and shine to the lengths and highlight the look. You can bring shine to a dark blonde by highlighting the framing locks of the face.

Natural or colorful, gray-white hair is “the stars” of the season. They combine with a modern and chic hairstyle. Whatever gray you choose, avoid long or neglected long-haired cuts that could add an aging look to your look.

The Chestnut For A Good-Looking Effect

The chestnut can be sublimated by hazel or caramel locks. This nuance full of reflections highlights all the lengths of hair. We can also choose the glossy chestnut which is a softer shade, ideal to highlight the face of women after 40 years.

Brown Remains Timeless

The flamboyant red, the Venetian blond, or the Auburn, is the colors of autumn that have been spotted on many parades. The one that stands out more particularly is the coppery red. This flamboyant color requires proper care to be successful without damaging the hair.

Brown has a thousand and one variants. This season, the natural reflections and warm shades will also be in the trend. These are easy colors to adopt. After the “shaded hair and the hair contouring”, the two tendencies to choose are the “root-shadow and the tiger eye”.

The root shadow allows to keep a root effect and to work natural color nuances on the lengths. The tiger-eye is the right alternative for those with dark hair. It is a subtle sweep that gives depth, relief to the hair through color schemes (chocolate, caramel, honey).

Although it is a fashion story, the desire to change her hair color is not new. But, before taking the plunge for this or that color, you have to ask the right questions to know which of them will best match your style.


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