40+ Hair Rings As A Current Hairdressing Trend: How To Wear The Hair Accessory Properly


Hair rings trends for hair accessory come and go, but there are also such accessories that are in vogue over the course of a few years. In recent years, this hairstyle trend has conquered the world of festival hairstyles and seems not to go out of style this year.

A popular trend for the summer as the hair rings. Still known as hair piercing, they add a playful touch to any plug or braid hairstyle.

To Put Accents In Your Hair With Hair Rings

Fauxhawk Hairstyle False Iro Braids Hair Rings

Any style-conscious woman wants to keep up with the latest trends in hairstyles. As for the trends for the past few years, hair ornaments are playing an increasingly important role.

That’s why a few hair accessories are always useful in the jewelry box. Even simple hairstyles can be embellished with that and without much effort. If you often wear your hair braided or stuck, then the trendy hair rings are a great addition to your hairstyle.

Hair Rings Hair Jewelry Trend Braids Spice Up

A few hair rings give braiding a certain something. For a nice look, you combine several rings and create a whole pattern. The small hair ornament is not only suitable for summer festivals, but also fits other occasions.

For a party evening with the girls, for example, the small pieces of jewelry are the particularly good effect. They can be further combined with boho pendants or rivets to put more playful accents in the hair.

How To Wear Hair Rings Properly!

Small Hair Rings Silver Trend Hair Jewelry

Unlike other hair accessories such as hair clips or bands, the hair piercings do not serve a practical purpose. So they only serve to decorate the braids and thus enhance the hairstyle.

The hair rings are usually easy to bend so that they fit different braiding hairstyles. Whether wide or narrow strands of hair – the rings are easy to put in your hair.

Instructions For Braiding Side Braids With Hair Rings

To style the look, you must first style your hair appropriately. With Harrington, you can spice up your hairstyles and braids. Very well suited braids, which are braided close to the head, such as the so-called cornrows. It is completely up to you whether you want to braid all or just a few strands of hair.

Once you’ve styled the hairstyle you want, it’s just to beautify it. Just put as many hair rings as you like in the hairstyle and close well. For best results, pay attention to the correct distances between the rings. It is really that simple!

Side Pigtail Boho Hair Rings Star Pendant

Styling Ideas with Harrington: Collect Inspiration!

Hair Rings Christina Aguilera Pastelila Hair Mini Braid

Although this is not a new trend, hair rings are still very popular. Famous ladies like actresses, singers and models just do not get enough of it and show us how to wear the cool accessories properly.

Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Rita Ora, Katy Perry, and many others have already tried the styling. You can see some of her best hairstyles in the pictures.

Hair Rings Shay Mitchell Dutt Hairstyle Braided Neckline

When styling with hair rings the creativity knows no bounds. To create your individual look, you can combine different colors, shapes and sizes.

Be inspired by the ideas in our picture gallery and find the look that suits you perfectly!

Boho Hairstyle Long Hair Hair Rings Jewelry
Boho Hairstyles Ladies Trend Hair Rings Braid Hairstyle
Boho Hairstyles Summer Braid Hair Rings
Braided Hair Neck Spice Up Hair Rings
Braids Hair Rings Faux Hawk Festival Hairstyle
Festival Hairstyle Summer Setlicher Braid Hair Rings Pendant
Dutt Hairstyle Spice Up French Pigtail Hair Ring
Dutch Braids Spice Up Hair Rings Gold
Dutch Braid Pastel Hair Blue Hair Rings
Braids Trend Braids Enhance Hair Rings
Festival Hairstyles Women Decorate Braids With Hair Rings
Hair Accessories Trend Rings Braided Hairstyles
Hair Braid Hair Rings Beautify
Hair Ring For Braid Messy Braid Sideways
Hair Rings Braid Curly Hair Hairstyle
Hair Rings Sizes Combine Mini Setlicher Pigtail
Hair Rings Short Hair Bob Hairstyle Braided Side
Hair Rings Rita Ora Faux Hawk Hairstyle Hair Jewelry
Hair Rings Medium Hair Style Trend
Hair Rings Kim Kardashian Mini Cornrows Hair Jewelry
Hair Rings Spice Up Ariana Grande Pony Hairstyle
Hair Rings Stars French Braid Sideways
Hair Rings Trendy Hair Accessory Pendant Boho
Hair Rings With Pendants Moon Stars Side Braid
Hairpins Ponytail Hairstyle Smooth Hair
Properly Wear Hair Rings Idea Styling Elegant
Plaited Deckhair French Braids Hair Rings
Mini Dutch Braids Hair Rings Hair Accessories
Half-Open Braid With Hair Rings Feather Boho Flair
Hairstyle Trends Women Braided Dutt Hair Rings
Semi-Open Braid Ladies Girl Braids Hair Rings
Styling Ideas Hair Rings Half-Open Hair
Styling Variations Hair Rings Mini Dutts Ponytail Braided Side
Summer Festival Hairstyles Ladies Hair Rings Silver
Updo Dutt With Hair Jewelry Hair Rings

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