Hairstyles For Long Hair, Medium or Short Haircuts, Coming Autumn And Winter


The most beautiful hairstyles for long hair in autumn/winter 2018 2019

In view of the autumn hairstyles for long hair trends in 2019, invite women to focus on haircuts of different medium or short lengths are characterized by a soft design taking inspiration to the past more or less close.

Hairstyles For Long Hair, Medium or Short Haircuts, All Trends For The Coming Autumn And Winter

Short cut-inspired 90s with fringe

The most popular cuts are confirmed the pixie cut in combination with fringes and tufts side very fluent and paraded.

Bob with side parting autumn winter 2019

Wavy Bob With Side Bangs Autumn Winter Hairstyles

Wavy bob with bangs or with…

Also cuts hair average continue to be very appreciated by women, who can show off long or short bob animated by waves plastics;

Cutting long hair fashion 2019 autumn winter

Feminine styling for long hair

As regards, however, the most fashionable colors provide mainly of net colors like black and blond, space also reflected radiant as the coppery red and brown warm fuzzy.

For next winter autumn winter, 2019 fashion proposals hair will not suffer the great revolution. Soft and natural, both in cut and in color, are still the main features to be trendy.

look at the pictures.

Combing Hair Medium Curly Hairstyle Vintage Fall Winter Cutting Hairstyles Trend Autumn Winter Wet Look High Bun Fall Winter Hairstyles Dutt mal anders Long Hair With Frizee Fall Winter For Curly Hairstyles Side Chignon Combing Long Hairstyles Fall Winter Blonde Hair Color For Medium Cutting Hairstyles Fall Winter Short Wavy Bob Haircuts With Sunglasses Hairstyles For Fall Winter Riga Central Long Hairstyles For Fall Winter Hairstyles Medium Hairstyles for thick hair With Bangs Fashion Fall Winter Mossi Medium Blonde Hair Combing With Riga Central Fall Winter Wet Hairstyles With Hat Effect Fall Winter

Hah yes, long hair is great. You can do all sorts of things with them and do almost any hairstyle with them.

But what are the hairstyle trends for autumn/winter 2018 2019?

So much we can ever betray: Who is not well versed with curling iron, braces & Co., this season has good cards. Because the hairstyles that are hip now, are really easy to imitate.

What are the hairstyles for long hair now announced – here we go:

Long Hair: The Hairstyle Trends for Fall/Winter 2018 2019

Long Hair Hairstyle: Sleek Hair

Sleek Hairstyles for Long Hair
Entrepreneur and influencer Negin Mirsalehi wears her long hair very smoothly.

If you still saw beach waves everywhere in the summer, you are now wearing the opposite trend: Sleek Hair is totally hip in autumn/winter 2018 2019. How does the look: dry hair dry over the head, which provides volume at the neck. Divide hair into individual parts and pull it straight on a piece by piece with a coated straightened. Then part in the middle.

Tip: Shine spray creates a silky finish.

Long Hair Hairstyle: Top Knot

Gorgeous, our favorite hairstyle still trends in autumn/winter 2018 2019: The Top Knot, better known as dumplings on the back of the head, not only looks chic but is also ultra practical. Strike the long hair to the back and tie it into a high ponytail. Now screw in the lengths, wind it around the hair elastic and fix it with another hair tie (preferably a transparent one).

Top Knot Hairstyles for Long Hair
Top Knot and Baby-Hair: Model Gigi Hadid shows one of the great hairstyle trends for fall/winter 2018 2019.

Trend Update: The so-called baby hair, so the short renewable hair on the forehead and temples, may or may even look out of the bun. Makes them look so cute girlish.

Long Hair Hairstyle: Undone Hair

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Yes, this hairstyle is the quickest: wash your hair and then let it dry in the air. Easy! The trick: combing hair only once after showering and then let it dry in peace, so you get the casual look quite simple.

Incidentally, the hairstyle looks very cool the next day, if you have slept on it one night. Then just give some baby powder to freshen up in your hair and ruffle with your fingers. Finished!

Long Hair Hairstyle: Long-Tail-Braid

The ideal hairstyle for a wild party evening: The Long-Tail-Braid. The advantage: For this, the hair does not have to be washed extra fresh. And this is how it works: For the wet look, comb the hair with gel or wax tightly backward and tie it into a high ponytail. Then braid the long mane as usual up to the tips and fix with a transparent hair elastic. Party-ready in just 5 minutes. Brilliant!

Long Tail Braid Hairstyles for Long Hair

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