How To Get Long Hair Fast Tips To Make Your Hair Grow Step By Step

How to get long hair fast you want to have a beautiful long hair that everyone admires Pai. Many people have dreamed of long hair, smoothly silky, healthy shine but do not know how to achieve it. Most of us do not realize that, the daily food taken into the body can affect the growth of hair. Use a hair care regimen can often prevent your hair broken before it grows more. Refer to our article, to have how to get long hair fast, stronger and thicker as you always wanted.

4 Step How To Get Long Hair Fast

I. Take Care Good Of Your Hair

How to get long hair fast

1. Changing the way you shampoo. Factors such as how often you wash your hair and you use water temperature affects the length of the hair. Because if you wash your hair too often (once a day) and use the hot water wash will make hair more dry and brittle. That leads to broken hair, prevent how to get long hair fast grow longer and thicker. Solution what is it? Be sure to wash no more than 3 times in a week and use the coldest water you can use it.
If you hate bathing in cold water, try to wash it off with cold water first, then took a shower cap on her head, then you can take a warm bath as you like without affecting hair you.

2. How to get long hair fast wipe dry hair gently. Do not use a hair dryer to dry shampoo when you’ve finished. Because doing so is self-damage you are doing your hair, the hair will be longer and be healthier. After washing your hair done, gently towel dry hair and let it air dry completely.

Do not brush hair when wet. When hair is wet it tends to prolong and more brittle when dry hair. If you really want to remove tangled hair, use your fingers gently inserted into the hair to make the hair tangle more support.

3. Should not use harsh chemicals on your hair. Shampoo you use could be affecting the health how to get long hair fast, the usual commercial oils usually contain sulfates are not good for the development of natural hair. Meanwhile, specialized shampoos often contain an amount of silicon that would otherwise be washed after shampooing your hair long wills the weak and vulnerable. Some of the suggestions below to help you avoid this.

Once washed thoroughly after using specialized shampoos contain harsh chemicals to clean definitely on the amount of silicon remaining hair.
Give your hair a break for a few days in a given cycle. No shampoo, hair dryer, hair brush gently and do not use any chemicals on the hair.
Use the shampoo as natural origin or locust tree leaves will be used to condition hair, sometimes you can also consider shampooing with regular water.
Using apple cider vinegar to diluted shampoo, it will not leave a vinegar smell after you wash. If you want more in-depth treatment, you can use coconut oil, it really works, but you will be surprised and do not want to use chemicals chemistry before.

4. Styling with natural products. By restricting the use of hair dryers, curling or heat styling instead of using styling gels have natural ingredients will give your hair a healthy environment to develop long.

5. Use moisturizing hair mask twice a week. The human body needs more water and hair are needed to ensure moisture. Use hair mask will help keep the hair moist, even after use moisturizing hair mask you will see your hair softer, smoother and healthier naturally would.

Try using heating oils containing coconut and almond essence. Coconut oil can penetrate deep into the hair cells and the hair stronger while almond shine made especially for dry and weak hair. How to get long hair fast, Massage the oil on your hair then put a mask on hair moisturizer, use dryer heat capacity and small blowing at a distance of about 10 minutes into the mask and then remove the mask and washed hair. You can also try using warm olive oil, cinnamon and honey.

6. Protects hair to avoid harmful environmental pollution around. In Vietnam, especially in big cities, air pollution is very high and is great cause makes hair dry and weak. Besides, hair exposed to environmental pollution contains special detergents are chlorine or long exposure in the sun will become weak and very easily hurt cause hair loss. So using a towel wrapped hair, a hair hat will help avoid unnecessary damage. Remember to wash your head after exposure to environmental pollution to be sure to clean the toxins out of your hair and scalp.

II. Care And Strengthening Replenishes

How to get long hair fast

1 . Eat more protein. Protein is the foundation for a healthy hair, saying so does not mean you have to eat a lot of meat if you want to have a healthy hair, you simply supplement a complete protein in every meal you.

Protein is available in meats like chicken, pork, fish, beef… Besides, it is also available in the egg and cheese. Beans and vegetables are also high in protein, especially spinach.

2. Eating foods containing omega-3 fatty acids. The quality is very good for the hair shiny and healthy looking skin. It is found in some foods such as avocados, nuts, salmon. You also can add a large amount of omega-3 fish oil using.

3. Drink plenty of water. Water is very important for hair, dehydrated your hair will become dry and tangled. Drinking sufficient amount of water needed will give you the big hair change over time.

You can bring a water bottle with you and make sure to use 2 to 3 liters of water per day / if the water you normally find it difficult to drink, can be replaced with fruit juice or herbal tea. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, and not drinking too much soda or soft drinks synthesis.

4. Additional compounds for hair growth. This is an effective fix in a few weeks if you are going to lose more hair. Here are some suggestions:

Biotin is a hair growth supplement popular. It is often used for pregnant women to ensure the growing fetus nutrients, but there is no reason that you can not use it if you are not pregnant.

III. Impact Of Other Necessary

How to get long hair fast

1. Haircut every three months. This is the best way to compensate for the damaged hair cells; you do not have to cut more hair because the damaged cells are usually located in the tail hair. So if you do not want to have long hair and it looks like straw.

2. How to get long hair fast with Massaging your scalp with your fingers. This makes the blood circulation on the scalp better and is the foundation for a healthy hair. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes each day and if possible should be used together with lavender oil.

3. Reducing stress. The tension slows down hair restoration and has a large effect to the increase in the number of hair loss. If you suffer from stress, try yoga or other exercise to help yourself to de-stress.

4. Enough sleep. Sleep is the time for hair and other body parts recovered. If you do not get enough sleep, then your body will not have enough time to focus on hair growth.

IV. Some Tips For Hair Care

How to get long hair fast

How to get long hair fast

  1. Do not brush hair when the hair is wet. It can break the hair cells and create split ends.
  2. If you see combing wet hair when necessary, should consider to use a wide toothed comb through a few turns.
  3. Not too tight styling. This means that you should not style that makes the hairs pent with strong friction and no “air” to breathe.
  4. Average growth rate of hair is 15 cm in 12 months so do not cut more than 15 cm per year if you want your hair longer.
  5. Avoid using hair dyes and chemicals, if not really necessary.
  6. Use a silk pillow while sleeping can prevent hair damage.
  7. Use hat or scarf to cover hair when going outside or working in polluted environments.

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