Fragile Nails Homemade Recipes For Beautiful Nails Strong And Healthy


Fragile nails what woman does not wish to display pretty hands with beautiful nails strong and healthy? But our lifestyle and our sensitivities can make our fragile nails. They break, are duplicated, and nail clippers become our only companion. Have long and strong nails? It is possible, in just weeks!

Fragile Nails

Fragile Nails, Brittle Nails, Split, Soft…

SOS, my nails suffer

Have you brittle nails? Yes but how?

Depending on our frailties, nails do not “suffer” not in the same way. Most frequently, your nails are brittle if you lack zinc, vitamins A or B … ridged nails often arrive at the same time that skin aging but also in some cases of anemia. Soft nails them, testify to a sulfur deficiency. You can also see small white spots on your nails.

The conventional wisdom is that they reflect a calcium deficiency, but it is simply a nail wear mark. These are too traumatized by violent uses such as opening cans carelessly. Finally, if you wash your hands very often, there is a good chance that your nails are more brittle.

At the Rescue of Brittle Nails

Once the observation made, let’s solutions. Within days or weeks, your nails can regain their strength and their health but not without applying certain rules of conduct.

To overcome fragile nails, you will need:

  • – Take care of your nails protecting gloves when gardening or you dip your hands in the water;
  • – Eat balanced by including a maximum of fruit, whole grains, meat and fish (sources of protein); you can also request food supplements pharmacist to solve your deficiencies;
  • – Moisturize your hands regularly with emphasis on the nails;
  • – Manicure your nails once a week, taking care to file them. This will avoid they break too quickly.

Top? Apply a hardener after your manicure.

Homemade recipes to Repair Brittle Nails

Add to these rules of life the following natural remedies, and you will see that your fragile nails will not be a bad memory. Before asking your nail polish, apply a protective base.

One week a month let your nails free. No polish, no hardener, no solvent…
Once a week, moisturize your hands and nails with sweet almond oil.
Three times a week, soak your nails in lemon juice. They emerge stronger and cleaner.

Finally, salt water does wonders for brittle nails. A bath every evening finger in a mixture of warm water decorated with a tablespoon of coarse salt for two weeks, and nails will be visibly stronger.

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