How to Remove Your Hair According to the Lunar Calendar


Do you believe in the influence of the moon on our lives? We show you when you should remove hair after the lunar calendar and which phases of the moon are particularly suitable for removing annoying hair.

How to Remove Your Hair

The influence of the moon

Some people plan their tasks and activities after the moon. This applies to simple things like cutting hair as well as to more complex projects like surgery.

The path of the moon strongly affects skin and hair. For this reason, there are many people who only go to the hairdresser in very specific phases of the moon. But what about hair removal from the lunar calendar?

Remove hair according to the lunar calendar

If you choose the right moon phase for depilation, the disturbed troublemakers will not grow back as quickly. The waning moon is ideal for this.

A perfect time to depilate according to the lunar calendar is when the moon is also in the ibex. The positive effect is particularly evident in hair growth: during the waning moon, the hair on the whole body can grow more slowly and much finer than at other times.

By the way, when you remove the hair, it doesn’t matter how you treat it. You can shave it, treat it with warm wax or cold wax, have it sugar-coated or use an epilator yourself – the main thing is that the moon phase is right.

The different phases of the moon

Waning Moon

Different lunar calendars have become established over the years. While many aspects overlap, there are also some contradictions.

The fact is: Almost all calendars assume that when the moon is waning, things work well where something is also taken away. This includes, for example, cleaning up the apartment or cutting the hair.

Increasing Moon

In contrast, the waxing moon phase is perfect for growing things and gathering strength. The best example of this is probably the sowing of plants. But this time is also good for the body. Strengthening rituals are particularly fruitful during this time. Since the body is more receptive than usual, pounds on the hips also come faster at this time.

New Moon

The new moon, on the other hand, represents a new beginning. Regardless of whether you are planning smaller or larger things, want to strip away problems or reinvent yourself: new moon is the right time for it. It is also the time of regeneration and detoxification. So if you want to start a diet all over again, it is best to wait for the new moon in the sky.

Full Moon

Many people are particularly sensitive to a full moon. Some even report visions and hunches that they achieve. While the moon is gloriously visible in the sky, some people also sleep very poorly. This time often referred to as the saturation phase.

Powers can now be gathered, but caution is required: according to some lunar calendars, wounds heal much more difficult during the full moon. Therefore, operations during this time are not recommended in the moon cult.

Influence of the zodiac signs

Waning moon in the sign of Capricorn or Taurus

  • Removing hair / waxing / shaving is optimal
  • Hair grows finer and slower

Full moon

  • Removing hair / waxing / shaving is fine

Rising moon in the sign Cancer, Virgo, Leo

  • Remove hair / avoid waxing/shaving
  • Hair grows back faster and thicker

Why does the moon affect us?

The moon has a great fascination for many people. It even goes so far that some live a kind of lunar cult and align their entire lives according to the lunar calendar.

This humility before the moon and its powers determines the life of the believers in many ways. The position of the moon on earth can also have a positive impact on other aspects of life. There are certain phases in which plants should be sown and a diet started.

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