11 Drinks Help You Both Health and Beauty


Drinks Help YouDrinks help you is flavone in soy milk can prevent the loss of collagen, and firm skin, fewer wrinkles. Following 11 drinks if used regularly will give you radiant appearance and strengthen your health.

Drinks Help You in Different Method

Grapefruit Juice Peach skin Beauty

Grapefruit peach red color due to the compound lycopene – a carotenoid that helps your skin smooth. The study in the Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics of France said the high concentration of lycopene in the body will be more smooth and radiant skin.

Wine Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

One drink for women and two drinks for men per day can help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. At the beginning of the aging process, brain cells die leading to nerve transmission in the brain with the parts of the body becomes sluggish.

Of course, do not abuse alcohol. Drink a scientifically reasonable diet to help prevent this phenomenon.

Cocoa Good For The Cardiovascular System

Cocoa rich in flavanols, this component can help the blood vessels in the body to work efficiently, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and dementia.

Beet Juice To Improve Brain

Cabbage and turnips contain natural nitrates that nitric oxide nitrate is a compound boost blood circulation and increase blood flow to the brain. In the study in 2011 of the journal Nitric Oxide, the older application of nitrate-rich diet will increase the blood flow circulation in the frontal lobe of the brain – areas directly related to dementia & Low blood flow in the department of cognitive decline and memory.

Green Tea Solve the Problem Of Infection

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants full help resolve inflammation the cause of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, cancer or stroke. Science Center Texas Tech University in Lubbock, said green tea can inhibit oxidative stress and inflammation as a result of it. “After 24 weeks, those who drank 4 to 6 cups of tea per day equivalent to 500 mg of polyphenols to halve the level of oxidative stress induced.”

Soy Milk Skin Firming And Wrinkle Limited

Is flavones in soy milk can prevent the loss of collagen, and firm skin, fewer wrinkles.

Milk Building Muscle and Helps The Body to Become Stronger

The amino acids in protein, amino acid, leucine is the main material to build muscle. Milk contains whey protein – a great source of leucine. Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese … or lean meat, fish, soy, peas or tofu are rich in amino acids that you can add in your daily diet. Each lost between 0.5 – 1% of muscle mass every year, especially starting from the age of 30. That is why you should not miss this food.

Better Memory Thanks to Carrot Juice

Carrots contain lute Olin, a flavonoid that helps reduce inflammation in the body can lead to cognitive impairment. Lute Olin also found in bell peppers, celery, rosemary and thyme.

Coffee Against Skin Cancer

In the study conducted on 93,000 women in the journal Europa (USA) on cancer prevention said, drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee a day reduces the risk of basal cell carcinoma – the tomb of skin cancer the most popular. But if you drink too much, this protection will no longer work.


Improved Water Breathing

Water helps your throat and lips enough moisture to your mouth feels dry. Dry mouth causes bad breath or unpleasant odor, can promote tooth decay.

Orange Juice is Good For The Eyes

Low levels of antioxidants in the body are more likely to lead to age-related macular degeneration (macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness of people over age 60). The antioxidants include vitamin E, lute in and zeaxanthin, vitamin C has a lot of orange juice.

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