“I Loved Her Very Much” – Dmitry Dikusar About Alena Shoptenko


The famous Ukrainian choreographer Dmitry Dikusar is an interesting, mysterious, but very private person. Bright choreographer novels have always been a topic of discussion in the media. But no one talked about the long depression that he faced after breaking up with one of his lovers, which he could not forget for a long time.

I Loved Her Very Much - Dmitry Dikusar About Alena Shoptenko

Only in the program “Zirkoviy Shlyah” under the heading “Cava with Pepper” Dmitry himself decided to share this story with the audience.

We are talking about Alena Shoptenko, with whom Dmitry Dikusar had an affair in Georgia, during a joint production of a dance show. And very soon the whole country spoke about their wedding, and even later – about the separation.

For eight years of traveling around the world, the choreographer was in search of himself. During this time in his life, there were many events: both victorious and sad.

However, he considers the severance of relations with Alena Shoptenko to be his worst loss.

The marriage with Alena lasted 3 years, but I did not marry her on the first day of the meeting. We have been together for 4 years and more.

– said Dmitry Dikusar.

Shoptenko and Dikusar, according to them, were not rivals in the dance and had no relations on the side.

Something still happened if we had been together for so long. I understand that Alena found that man with whom she is happy. And I’m glad about that. It’s not very important for me now to delve into why we could not be together.

Probably, there were a lot of small internal solutions, most likely not easy, perhaps very complex. We are different. I guess I didn’t fit Alenka as I probably should have. Maybe the picture in her head did not match what she saw. I do not know. It is necessary to ask Alyonka. I loved her terribly much.

After this separation, Dmitry Dikusar began to be accompanied by long-suffering and unquenchable pain; he felt that he had lost half of himself.

This relationship, like a match, burned, burned and burned out. At that moment, when we broke up, for me it was like losing a hand, the floor of me. I experienced this period very emotionally, through pain, suffering. After that, I did not want anything in terms of relations, probably for a whole year.

– Dmitry Dikusar admits.

After such painful experiences, someone goes into himself or spends all the time in companies, someone starts drinking alcohol or leaves everyone and everything. Dmitry Dikusar helped time.

I believe that one of the best skills worth developing within yourself is patience. The wound does not heal quickly, no matter how you conjure. You can speed up some process, but you still need to be patient, wait. And it’s best to understand why this wound does not heal. So that this experience is still useful, and not just.

– says Dmitry.

“I loved her very much” – Dmitry Dikusar about Alena Shoptenko – photo # 2

At the moment, Dmitry Dikusar is a bachelor who almost all of his time dives headlong into work. Although his heart is now free, a place for love and a new relationship, he said, is sure to be there.

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