How Do You Keep Your Feet In New Shoes? New Pair of Shoes


Every time you buy a pair of new shoes, it’s the same. You are divided between the desire to wear them and the fear of having feet hurt. To solve this problem, we give you all our tricks to avoid suffering in new shoes.

Buy shoes, we love it. And once the little news is finally up to us, we would like to be able to wear them right away and every day.

The problem is that new shoes have the reputation of causing blisters from the first hour worn. Even more in heeled shoes!

New Pair Of Shoes
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New shoes have the reputation of causing blisters

And there, our brain divides: on the one hand, we dying to display our last pair of sneakers trend the world and on the other, our little feet beg them to leave them alone.

Do not panic, to avoid pain and big blisters, we give you all our tricks fashion to not have more trouble in her new shoes!

Tips for relaxing new shoes

The problem with new shoes is that they are often too stiff. For this, you can start by wearing them a few hours at home before you take them out for a whole day.

Obviously, it will be necessary to be patient so that your shoes are made to the shape of your feet. The trick is to wear them with big socks so that the leather widens faster.

You have to wear them with big socks so that the leather widens quickly.

To go faster, there are other very simple techniques: you can use a softening care. If, however, you feel that your trendy shoes are always too narrow, do not hesitate to bring them to a shoemaker who will be able to enlarge them a little.

Last technique, the freezer. Yes, you have understood, you will have to make room for your dishes Picard® and your ice cubes. Fill two packets of water and slip them into your shoes. Let it freeze for a few hours and you’re done! The water, while freezing, will slightly relax the leather.

You are ready to wear your new shoes!

New Shoes: Tips to Avoid Blisters

The bulbs form under the friction of leather or canvas on your skin. To avoid suffering atrocious pains, it is better to arrange bandages or small pads to place under your arch.

You can opt for dressings specially designed to cure blisters, which allow you to continue wearing your shoes without worrying!

And to cure the problem at the source, you can apply an anti-friction cream on your feet before you shop. If not, use a neutral, alcohol-free deodorant. You can put it as much on your skin as inside your shoe, the effect will be the same.

Now that you know how to avoid getting foot pain, spin you offer a pair of new shoes! Is she not beautiful life?

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