Summer Sneakers Trends 2014 Sporty Chic Style

summer sneakers Trends Summer sneakers trends what are the models that we can wear the trendiest sneakers in the summer of 2014? Know that the style and sporty chic style casual chic mood will be two of the greatest tendency for the hot season, should not be underestimated.

Fashion Summer Sneakers Trends 2014 To Wear in Our Casual Chic Look

How will fashion summer sneakers Trends? What are the models that we are going to wear in our casual chic look? Know that the sporty style combined with a mood more feminine and sophisticated go for the biggest concerns for what this model of shoes of summer 2014 to take into consideration for a lot of look.

summer sneakers Trends

The sneakers are one of the cult models of shoe for every season for summer 2014 we can match them with a pair of jeans, but also a mini dress from sporty and frivolous, to give a touch of freshness and comfort! More to our outfits. What are the models of sneakers for summer 2014 coolest? Not that we are spoiled for choice!

summer sneakers Trends

Discover The First Special with the Trends of Summer 2014

If one color is still a trend to keep in mind, of course, following the guidelines of the most glamorous shades of summer 2014 will know that summer prints, not only in t-shirt and clothing, but also in our shoes. In particular, the floral prints, polka dots and stripes but also will be reasons not to be underestimated.

summer sneakers Trends

High ankle or low does not matter, the important thing is that they are imaginative and you do notice, perhaps using metallic colors like gold and silver embellished with glitter. And for those who like a more rock visible, the sneakers with studs, and real cult of summer 2014.

summer sneakers Trends

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