How to choose a leather jacket depending on the shape of the body

In the infinite fashion universe, there is a perfect jacket for every woman. You just need to know the shape of your body to find the right model.

Rectangle silhouette

If your body is rather rectangular, which is known as “rectangle silhouette“, the idea is to add shapes to your clothes. So the jackets that fit best are those that extend to the upper part of the body and narrow down to the end zone before the hips start.

These are ideal leather jackets with ornaments on the shoulders (also fashionable with ornaments such as stiffeners on them) and the simpler lower portion. If you add XL flaps, multiply the effect!

Silhouette triangle

For silhouettes called “triangles”, which have more hips than shoulders, it is also necessary to opt for leather jackets with oversized shoulders.

Ideally, it seems that the shoulders have the same width as the lower part of the body, so the shoulders are the best allies to bring more balance for your silhouette. It is also a good idea to choose for the leather jackets for women with some details on the sleeves.

Reverse triangle silhouette

If your silhouette is “inverse triangle”, the silhouette is characterized by wide shoulders and marked hips. You should avoid oversized shoulders.

The best thing to do is to choose straight jackets that easily mark the waist. If they also have a Mao collar, much better!

Silhouette of the hourglass

Finally, if you’re lucky with a silhouette of “clepsydra”, that is, the shoulders and hips have the same simplicity and the width is quite pronounced, virtually any model will fit.

You can choose a leather jacket with a belt at the waist to highlight the shapes (for example, those with a belt). If you are very weak and want to gain weight in sight, you can afford these oversized women’s leather jackets.

Oversized Women's Leather Jackets

Different styles to wear a leather jacket

The leather jacket is, as has been shown, one of the most eclectic clothing items. It can be perfect with a casual style to go for a city walk, as well as a more arranged layout, to get out at night. Regardless of your style and occasion, you can choose a leather jacket if you know how to combine it.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Look rocker: combine the leather jacket with black ladies pants, a message shirt, and heels. The final touch: red lips and a pinch clutch to give you even more sophisticated touch. It’s a perfect idea for a Saturday night.
  2. Look hippie chic: If you are one of those who love this bohemian style, you can choose to wear a maxi dress with floral prints and blend with a brown leather jacket, for example. The boots and an ornament on the head will complete the outfit.
  3. Look “afterword”: change the jacket that you brought to the office with a leather jacket to continue the day, taking dinner with your colleagues. It will bring a more youthful air to your skirt and blouse.
  4. Festive appearance: The leather jacket is a necessity regardless of the season because the night cools and you have to fight the cold in the most trendy way possible. You can choose one with fringes and combine it with jeans shorts, boots or boots, sneakers, options are endless.
Leather Jackets With Fringes, Jeans Shorts, Boots Or Sneakers

Style tricks to wear a leather jacket

Every year they were reinvented. Some years ago they had a specific pattern, today they have a thousand and one versions, making them more informal, more classic or urbaner, without neglecting the colors. More and more, leather jackets are seen in vibrant colors, is the most innovative pieces of clothing of the whole look.

Wearing a women’s leather jacket can be elegant if you know how. The first fundamental idea is to choose more feminine models if you go to work (for example, those who have a Mao collar or a romantic color), and book the rock or punk ones, more daring, for the weekend or an informal dinner with friends.

Women’s leather jackets with evening dresses

Another basic tip is to get rid of the fear of wearing evening gowns. It’s one of the trends many celebrities have followed. In this case, we recommend a pattern in a black shade to suit all types of tones.

A good trick to wear it in winter is carried under a fur vest. If you choose a model with sheep lining inside, you will be protected twice by the cold!

Women's leather jackets with evening dresses

If you choose a leather jacket with ornaments – pockets, zippers, sifters, staples – your look will be more rockish because this model remembers the classic rock artists of our souls with t-shirts with messages, bandanas and ruffled jeans. It is clear that it is not necessary to follow this style alone, can be perfectly combined with a sweater and boots, or with a dress.

These types of women’s leather jackets are also good allies for a night out because they offer a very cool look if you dare to combine them with pencil skirts, different prints with tulle articles or a total skin look. Here you can risk with leather jackets with pins, embroidery or chain shoulder pads.

On the other hand, the Mao collar offers a more elegant look, ideal for more dresses, shirts and office days. High neck sweaters are ideal for this type of jacket because basic clothing will not steal the jacket and it can also be combined with any piece from a trouser suit to trousers.

Leather jacket with trousers and jeans

It’s the usual choice, but it does not have to be a dull possibility. Of course, black or brown leather jackets look great with jeans. You can wear them with a model T-shirt and high heels.

Jean’s boyfriend, a long sleeve shirt, a large necklace to decorate and heels in a contrasting color – your jacket will look great. Try black pants, white shirt and a green or blue leather jacket to suit your shoes.

You can really wear your leather jacket with any type of jeans, but its effect is different depending on the patterns. If the combination of the boyfriend style results in a more relaxed and urban style with skinny jeans, you can get a more stylish look.

Instead of betting on casual clothing to which you add a blazer or more sophisticated clothing to create this balance, with the leather jacket you can do the opposite. Wear more sophisticated and stylish clothes that highlight your body and fill with your leather jacket to offer a casual-chic look.

Leather jackets with colored pants

Another option to use the leather jacket, especially if it is black, is to use pants in bright colors: red or yellow. In this case, you can choose the color block option or a simple white shirt.

If you have to wear very conservative clothes in the office, like a pair of pants and shirts, the possibility of wearing a classic American style jacket or a collarless jacket is perfect without losing earnestness. The leather trousers are another suitable piece of clothing to create a very modern outfit.

Leather jackets with dresses

With long and flaky dresses, the leather jacket looks fantastic. Whether it’s a long dress to go to a beach wedding or a striped one. In both cases, the summer dress is only suitable for the fall with the use of a black jacket. Do not forget to wear heels.

With a cocktail dress, be it the typical black, gray or other colors, the leather jacket is completely rejuvenated. The combination of classic to knee dress, high heel shoes, and the leather jacket is great.

With mini dresses, the leather jackets look very elegant. You can wear high-heeled shoes, boots, ballerinas and even sneakers. The leather jacket makes everything more elegant and if it’s a party or a gathering of friends, please choose more vibrant colors.

A yellow dress with a purple jacket or maybe an orange dress a green leather jacket. Play with shades to create a fun, cool and stylish look. The same thing happens if the dress has a floral print, the leather jacket looks very good.

Mini Dresses With Leather Jackets And Wear High-Heeled Shoes, Boots

Skirts with skirts

Leather jackets can be worn with long, short or medium skirts. With a long ankle skirt, a low-heeled shoe / high heeled shoes and a leather jacket, you look great.

With a black pencil skirt, a black jacket and high heels, you can look very stylish. If combined with a cream or beige blouse, wearing a contrasting color bag, such as the color of the coffee for a more special effect, will create an ideal setting for a date or dinner.

If, on the contrary, you wear a short skirt, you will look great with your leather jacket. With this look, you can wear high heels or boots as well as ballet dancers. In any case, you can use opaque or transparent socks.

Short Or Medium Skirts With Leather Jackets

Leather jackets with tops and shirts

This is one of the best performing autumn outfits. The plaid shirt can be worn closed or open and should ideally be a warmer fabric to withstand the cold.

The coats can be in the same colors as the leather jacket or simply combined with the look. If the bottles are not your kind or the weather is warmer, you can also opt for the sneakers.

You can also add a scarf to this outfit or hat and you are ready to face the mid-season temperatures and the autumn winds.

Normal, adjustable shirts are also very well combined with the leather jacket, regardless of color, because they are very feminine. If the shirt is very simple, a stylish necklace will change the effect.

How do we care for a leather jacket

Otherwise, it will give a too negligent picture.

Remove dust once a week with a dry cloth and do not store it in plastic bags but in a cool place. If it’s dirty, we recommend trusting professionals to clean them, as it can be risky to do it at home.

How to buy a leather jacket according to your budget

If we should make a list of the most essential items that should be in any closet, the leather jacket would occupy the first places. Neither Elvis or Jeames Dean would have been the same without her. Neither Madonna or Kate Moss.

Far from being a trendy coat, the leather jacket is an essential piece in the contemporary closet. There is no doubt that it is worth having (at least) one. We are looking for the best options to buy a leather jacket, regardless of your budget:

If you want to be synthetic…

Synthetic leather is an exciting option for those who do not want to buy an authentic leather jacket for ideological or monetary reasons.

Brands are improving these models more and more, making it sometimes difficult to differentiate between a “synthetic” jacket and a leather jacket.

Although large firms, like Stella McCartney, are making real-life gloves, we’ll focus on the cheapest options. The low-cost universe offers a wide range, the trick is to look for the models that are most affordable.

Among the low-cost brands that make affordable women’s leather jackets are Zara, Asos, H & M, Mango, Pull & Bear, Uniqlo or Sphere.

If you want leather, but you have a small budget…

Again, low-cost businesses come with elaborate leather options (generally, sheep, goats or pigs, for deer) at affordable prices. Mango has a good quality-price ratio and usually offers a wide repertoire of patterns and colors. Other brands where you can buy leather jackets at affordable prices are H & M or Amichi.

A tip: it’s important to always look at the composition label because many companies offer options in this price range (over 100 euros) that are actually polyurethane.

If you are willing to spend some more …

The quality of the skin increases proportionally, raising the price. Companies such as Massimo Dutti or Uterqüe offer leather jackets of around 200 euros, which will last longer (more seasons).

They are soft to the touch and pleasantly visible to the eyes. Other brands where you can buy quality leather jackets: Topshop and Free People.

If you think about making a whim…

Since this type of jacket is timeless (buying a black base element is synonymous with the fact that you do not have to renew it for several winters) it is worth investing in quality if you can afford a whim.

It is one of those that ages with dignity and even looks better with the passage of time. Buying a perfect leather jacket in this style involves an expense of about 400 euros.

If money is not a problem…

If you are willing to throw money on the window, you will find no problems how to do it. Virtually all luxury firms have high-quality leather jackets. We recommend Acne Studios (those that combine fur with fur on cuffs and collar, are a great success and inspiration for low-cost clones invading us); or Saint Laurent, one of the great brands linked more to black leather clothing.

Other similar brands: Iro (known all over the world for leather jackets), Balenciaga, Loewe, Gucci, The Row or Balmain have interesting options, but the list could be endless.

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