Long Skirt & Short Skirt With High Heels Sandals LookBook

Long Skirt & High Heels Sandals LookBook
Long Skirt & High Heels Sandals LookBook

Remember the old grandma’s cup and saucer with blue pattern? This fine china still remembers with nostalgia. Fashion experts this map the sample are on their creations, so today I chose a long skirt in this print. Then you can be gorgeous but it can also be necessary daily combination. Blue is the color of the season is very modern and regardless of “old-fashioned pattern” will be in the fashion game.

Long Skirt & High Heels Sandals LookBook-

The first is a combination of casual and a little boho the wooden platform that the current season. Otherwise I do not love the long skirt and high heels but in the case of such bulky sandals or wedges shoes are acceptable. T-shirts may be white with no signs or even a light blue but let him keep everything in tone. Discreet jewelry and “invisible” bag will complete the look.

Long Skirt & High Heels Sandals LookBook-0

Surely you’ve noticed that often force the white shirt with blue stripes? Simply this is a piece that combines super with many prints and so is this. May be short-sleeved or long, it is less important. I added black flat sandals and baggy bag so the combination of a very optional. The only glamorous details are sumptuous bracelet and popular Mack glitter glasses Miu Miu without which not any street style.

Long Skirt & High Heels Sandals LookBook-01

Last combination of “sailors” Low white Doc Martens on my feet, white T-shirt with print (discrete) and blue jacket. It could be dark blue in the style of Ralph Lauren. I chose translucent sunglasses everything to be in style and flattened school bag in fuchsia. Just like lipstick. The combination of crazy girls!

Shorts with Prints of Birds

Today polyvore brings three shorts with a print of a bird & white in color and very soft and ideal for hot days. They are not difficult to combine and really, you can enjoy the colors. I agreed quite refined combinations because they are very soft.

Short Skirt With High Heels Sandals LookBook

The first is very simple combination of a white T-shirt and pumps color mint with open fingers. Harmoniously and discreetly Glasses and handbags in black gave this combination a little sharpness. There’s nothing to add except that the shoes could be pale yellow or pink.

Short Skirt With High Heels Sandals LookBook

More daring combination with black and white shoes and leather waistcoat, Just to make kulerice that came out good time. Transparent plastic bags are now very cool and use them as much as possible. This green from Zare’s just interesting.

Short Skirt With High Heels Sandals LookBook

Last combination of seemingly ordinary but is complemented by quirky details such as purses and necklaces. Simple black sandals piece are that we really need in the closet because it could be used at any time. In this combination I wanted to put that Starke would also welcome but this is more subtle. Is not it?


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