Selena Gomez Makeup Looks: Natural Hairstyle on the Red Carpet


The superstar Selena Gomez makeup looks are always a hit. We reveal how you can easily put on that exciting celebrity make-up.

Selena Gomez is considered one of the most influential women in show business. The beautiful American from Texas has blossomed from teen star to femme fatale.

Her fans call her, through the Disney show “The Wizards of Waverly Place”.

Today she is a singer, an Instagram star with 340 million followers, a role model for countless young women, and an encourager who speaks openly about her autoimmune disease lupus. And of course, Selena Gomez is a celebrated beauty and fashion icon.

While she likes to be hip and natural in her private life, the Selena Gomez make-up on the red carpet is anything but good. Above all, her seductive eye make-up with eyeliner and dark eyeshadow are eye-catchers.

Selena Gomez Makeup Looks:

Selena’s perfect complexion is always a highlight. Always tanned and with an irresistible glow, Selena Gomez exudes pure joie de vivre and vitality.

We’ll tell you how to recreate the Selena Gomez makeup look. Here are our make-up tips with an extra dose of glamor – for “ my most beautiful self ”!

Selena Gomez has the perfect complexion

The basis of the star look is a flawless complexion. Selena Gomez uses gentle contouring for photoshoots and appearances.

After applying a balancing foundation (for example the new “Flawless Satin Foundation SPF 20” make-up from Sensai ), the facial contour is modeled with a darker make-up stick or bronzer (“Terracotta Sun Tonic Bronzing Powder” from Guerlain ).

With a highlighter, other areas such as the bridge of the nose, the area above the cheekbones, and the heart of the lip are highlighted. Then gently fix the forehead, eyelids, and chin with a powder to make the make-up more durable.

Selena Gomez Dramatic Eye Makeup

As soon as Selena Gomez Makeup Looks: shows herself in the spotlight, she becomes a big cat. Your make-up artists like to use dramatic eye make-up with eyeliner and dark eyeshadow.

The inner edge of the eyelid above and below is first emphasized with kohl. Dark brown or smoky gray is perfect for Selena Gomez’s make-up. These nuances are rich and deep, but a little softer than black.

A dark eyeshadow is then applied to the movable part of the upper eyelid and blended outwards. The lower lid rim is also emphasized with the eyeshadow. Wear inside a lighter tone on – d ABy affects the eyes alert and further apart lying.

If you like, you can also blend the eyeshadow with a little bronzer. The eyelashes are now inked several times (for example with “Diorshow Pump’n’Volume” for XXL eyelashes). Artificial eyelashes can be used for the dazzling party look.

A kissable mouth Selena Gomez

The star’s lip make-up is more subtle than the eye make-up. Selena Gomez likes to emphasize her full lips with fruity peach or pink nuances.

A tinted lip balm such as “Le Rouge Perfecto Lip Balm” from Givenchy or a subtle lip gloss (for example “Lip Maximizer” from Dior in the shade of Coral ) are perfect for rounding off the gorgeous Selena Gomez make-up.

We hope you enjoy applying make-up!

Selena Gomez’s Very Natural Hairstyle on the Red Carpet

Selena Gomez surprisingly shows her natural hair – and proves that the “undone look” has again potential to become a hairstyle trend

After many different hairstyles, from curly lobes with bangs to straight hair, Selena Gomez is now more natural than ever. Her look consists of voluminous curls that make her dark brown hair look particularly fresh and natural with a golden blonde balayage look.

Natural Curls

The selfie series posted on Instagram by Selena Gomez obviously seems to please her fans: After just one day, the post has over 8 million likes.

She did not provide any further information about her hair, she merely referred to her make-up brand Rare Beauty and styles the “undone look” with black cat eyes and shiny, peach-tone lipstick. It looks like Selena Gomez is one of the stars who loves her natural hair and likes to showcase it instead of trying her hand at do-it-yourself haircuts or strictly tied-back hair.

Styled or not?

The curly texture that the actress flaunts in her selfie is perhaps too good to be true (or natural). At first glance, they are either the natural result of air-dried hair after washing or a few curlers have helped. Either way – the singer looks fabulous!

Before: Selena Gomez has a new hairstyle, the “Curly Lob”

The singer and actress like to change her hairstyle most recently trying a 60s hair flip. But this look has special potential and is therefore already on our list of favorites.

“Curly Lob” and bangs

This Selena Gomez hairstyle is a curly variant of the long bob plus bangs (which, by the way, is also curly). A look that is rather atypical for her and which she decided on shortly after the announcement of her own beauty label.

After Rihanna and Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez is also surprised with the launch of her first own make-up line. With “Rare Beauty” the singer wants to make a statement and emphasize the individual beauty of each individual. The post was postponed directly with the new label.

Selena Gomez Makeup Line:

Your fans seem to like the new hairstyle: To date, the post has collected almost seven million likes.

Yesterday, for the premiere of the film “The Gateway”, Selena Gomez chose a pair of hair and make-up full of sobriety. As always the star was a hit!

If Selena Gomez is only 21 years, she has a very mature style. Whether at trendy parties on the red carpet or on stage the young woman dazzles with her looks. And this is also what happened last night in Los Angeles at the premiere of “The Gateway”. For the occasion, the actress and singer have staked everything on a beautiful look full of simplicity.

For the hair, the star has chosen a high ponytail with some flyaways on the sides of her face to give a more natural effect. In this way, Selena Gomez reveals her beautiful earrings in different shades of pink.

Of course, the make-up of the muse of Adidas is in perfect agreement with its look. For her lips, she opts for red and pink lips pretty clear that recall the color of her earrings. To her eyes, the Disney star chose a darker eyeshadow to accentuate her eyes and almond eyes.

A perfect combination of color tones! Again, Selena Gomez proves that controls their glamor as a person. The detail that kills these shades of pink was also present on the sides and the bottom of her dress.

Image Source Instagram

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