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The long bob is all the rage in 2020 2021 2022. It looks fresh and still doesn’t make the face round – like a short bob.

What exactly is a long bob?

Long Bob (also called LoB ) is the length of hair that ends below the chin and still lies lightly on the shoulders. The long bob is often cut a little shorter at the back and slightly graded and thinned at the ends.

How to wear the LoB

When you wear a long bob, you have many styling options. You can wear the long bob smooth or wavy, style it with bangs, side parting, or middle parting. Whether red, blonde, brown, or very teasing with highlights, or balayage: the long bob can be worn in all colors.

Balayage Technique Lucy Hale Brunette Blonde Long Bob

A step cut also looks great on a long bob, especially if you have plump hair. If you tend to thin hair, you can have it cut as a blunt bob. This means that the edge is cut very straight, blunt, and accurate – completely without steps. This makes the hair look fuller.

Who is a long bob?

The great thing about the hairstyle: it suits everyone, no matter what face shape you have. While the conventional short bob looks rather narrow faces, the cut also fits a round, oval, angular, or heart-shaped face shape. The smooth long bob looks best with a round face, the wavy long bob flatters most with a narrow face.

1 cut – 3 hairstyles!

The smooth long bob can be brought into the hairstyle with a little blow-dry spray and volume foam fixer in the lengths. If you prefer it totally smooth, you can also smooth the long bob with the flat iron.

If you want to wear a wavy long bob, you can easily incorporate curling mousse and screw in a few beach waves with a large curling iron or the flat iron. You can fix this hairstyle with hairspray.

The long bob with natural curls is a little longer because the curls jump straight up and look shorter. You look best if you don’t comb your hair after blow-drying.

You’ve had the latest super- bob Long Bob (LOB) cut, but somehow they look after the blow-dry is totally dubious? This could be due to the wrong style. We asked the pro:

How does a Long Bob look really casual?

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White as it goes: Supermodel Elsa Hosk

What’s the secret?

“The trick behind this is light waves, ” explains professional hairstylist Julia Kratz from the Pony Club in Munich. They give the cut structure and a beautiful movement – without making it look boring.

That’s how it works:

“Throwing wet hair over your head and drying it with the hairdryer,” explains the Hairstylist. “Knead the lengths slightly with the fingers, so the hair is formed during drying.”

When the hair is completely dry, proceed: “Divide about 5 cm wide strands, and form a gentle wave with a curl .”

LOB with light waves: Model Claire Jones