Modern Hairstyles For Women Over 50 – Ideas For Every Hair Length


There is a variety of hairstyles for women over 50 who look very chic and also make young.

Before you spontaneously cut a Pixie Cut, you should analyze which hairstyle best suits your type. The right haircut depends on the hair structure, and the abundance of the hair, but also on the face shape. We have compiled some prominent examples for you to help you with this task.

Hairstyles for women from 50 – Long hair, why not?

Although it is common for women to wear their hair shorter after a certain age, a short haircut is not a must. Women over 50 or older still look fantastic with long hair as long as the hair is healthy and well-groomed. Hair length is a question of type.

Along haircut is perfect for thick hair. Over the years, however, the body’s keratin production decreases and the hair becomes finer and thinner. For this reason, you should strengthen your hair with keratin-containing products.

Brown Long Hairstyles Angular Face For Women Over 50

Ladies over 50 also wear smooth, long hair in the sleek look. In the case of step haircuts, the shorter the hair, the smaller the difference between the steps should be. For long hair, the stage at the height of the clavicle must end.mWith the help of a large round brush, you can conjure loose waves on the tips of your hair.

Star Recommended for Women Over 50

Middle crest first the forehead and directs unwanted attention to the brows. If, on the other hand, around or heart-shaped face, the smooth hairstyle with a middle crest can look particularly noble and classic.

Long Hairstyles Stage Middle Parting For Women Over 50

To spice up a long haircut, you can have a pony cut. It provides a bit of variety and you do not have to cut off the hair radically. In addition, a ponytail will cover your brows and make your eyes look livelier. A softly falling, frilly pony, which reaches up to your eyebrows, is ideal for women from 50.

Hairstyles For Women From 50 – Shoulder Length.

Shoulder-length hair still belongs to the hairstyles trend 2018. An average length is very versatile and allows a variety of different styling possibilities. Whether with or without a pony, the medium-length hairs fit all facial shapes and any hair structure.

Hairstyles-Women-50 Shoulder Length Stepped Fine-Hair

With age, the hair loses its shape and volume. In order to make the hair livelier, a step cut is recommended. The shortest steps end in the area of the cheekbones or approximately to the jawline. Straight women with a heart-shaped face wear the hair best shoulder-length with a slanting pony.

Hairstyles Women 50 Shoulder Length Narrow Face

Bob Hairstyles For Women From 50.

The Bob has been an absolute hairdresser since the 1920s and enjoys great popularity today. The classic bob is straight cut and ends up to the chin. In a longer version, she grabs the shoulders. The asymmetrical Bob, on the other hand, has different lengths at the front and looks particularly good with oval, round and heart-shaped faces.

Hairstyles Women 50 Long Bob Side Parting Long Face

The Long Bob, still called Clavi Cut, is significantly longer than the ear and chin length. She goes to the shoulders and flatters his face. Whether with a deep chest, smoothed or with a lot of volumes at the beginning – the praise always looks great. The more angular the face, the softer the contours of the hairstyle should fail.

Hairstyles Women 50 Bob Medium Lure Long Oblique Pony

While the classic bob looks particularly elegant and elegant with smooth hair, a curly bob looks particularly feminine and girlish. Celebrity ladies like to style their bob with uneven curls and side crests. Curls give the hair new momentum and make the hairstyle look particularly casual. Brush the hair with a large curling iron or a round brush in shape.

Round Faces Bob Haircut.

If you have a round face shape, the shoulder-length Bob haircut with side pony is ideal. The straight pony is an absolute no-go for round faces. Make sure that a short, chin-sized Bob can unfold a round face shape unfavorably. The Long Bob, on the other hand, is perfect because it makes the face look narrower and visually slimmer. Akin in longer Bob flattered above all an angular face.Hairstyles Women 50 Round Face Blond Bob Haircut

The crest also plays an important role in round faces. The more the apex is pulled, the wider the face. A ponytail is particularly advantageous when the pony is worn slightly laterally, for example on the tip of the eyebrow.

Short Hairstyles For Women From 50.

Short haircuts are very popular among women over 50. No wonder, because short hair is a real anti-aging remedy and always ensure a youthful appearance. One of the absolute favorites is the Pixie-Cut. It makes the face appear finer and is also perfect for thin hair, which can be worn only with difficulty.

Hairstyles For Women From Short Hairstyles Pixie Oblong Narrow Face

No other haircut is as versatile as the Pixie Cut. Often she is combined with an oblique cut pony. In terms of hair styling, the Pixie also offers a lot of scopes. It can be trimmed backward, waived or elegantly sideways.

Hairstyles-Women-50 Eyeglasses Shorthair Hairstyle To Back

Hairstyles For Women Over 50 With Glasses.

Most of the hairstyles can usually be wearing glasses. However, there are some details that one could consider. Eyeglasses cannot go wrong with an oblique pony. The facial shape and the eyeglass model are crucial and not the hair length.

Hairstyles Women 50 Eyeglasses Medium-Bob

Hair Color And Skin Tone.

In addition to the right haircut, the right hair color can also highlight your look. It depends on the skin tone. If one has very light skin, a too dark hair color makes a fast optically aging.

Hairstyles-women-50 Eyeglasses Shorthair Hair Graded Pony

Gray Hair

Gray tones in all nuances are the trend! A medium-length haircut also looks good with gray hair. However, hardly a woman is evenly gray. Try the cool trend yourself!

Hairstyles Women 50 Medium Gray Hair

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