Expert hair care Tips: How to manage the spring cleaning for the hair

Spring cleaning can be fun – when it comes to hair! With these care tips from the expert, your mane becomes an eye-catcher

When it comes to spring cleaning, most people think of the household. But the hair also wants to be intensively cared for due to the winter strains (dry heating air, icy wind).

Healthy Hair Care Tips

Before it gets to work, Patrik Leonberger, hair expert at the Swedish hair care brand Leonberger Staffing, recommends dedicating himself to the bathroom shelf. “Take away any products that you no longer use and reboot. Start with a new routine. “

she also has the following care tips for the hair:

Tip 1: Detox

Leonberger recommends making a kind of detox for the hair. For this they should be washed thoroughly with shampoo three times, the shampoo remaining on the hair for the third time for four minutes. Acts as a deep cleanser for the mane and prepares it perfectly for the care.

Detox for the hair

Tip 2: Reviving Hair

In winter, the hair is deprived of moisture by the change of cold outside temperatures and warm room temperatures. Therefore, it is advisable to pamper your hair with a hydrating repair mask. Thus, the hair splendor gets new momentum and shines and looks well looked after.

Reviving Hair

Tip 3: New Hairstyle

New Year, New Style: When the dreary winter months come to an end, this is the perfect time for a new hairstyle. Make an appointment with the hairdresser of your choice. How about a Stage Long Bob? The stands almost every faces shape and gives a youthful appearance.

New Curly Hairstyles 2023

Tip 4: Fresh Color

If you really feel like a change and do not just want a new hairstyle, you can also try a new color. Brown hair gets more dimension with warm caramel highlights, the brave can also try trendy hair colors like strawberry blond or toasted coconut (dark hair with blond and gray strands).


Tip 5: Vitamins

In addition to proper care products, Patrik Leonberger recommends relying on hair vitamins to help hair and scalp “stay in perfect balance.” Hair vitamins are often in capsule form. They contain a mix of vitamins and minerals such as biotin and zinc, which strengthen the hair structure and stimulate growth.

End with cap weather! Just in time for the beginning of spring, we need new glamor on our heads and wear the trend hairstyles & haircuts of the season 2023.

We reveal what’s hot in the spring and what kind of Healthy Hair care tips, it takes for the perfect look.

The New Naturalness Hair Care Tips

The catwalk looks to make it happen – what’s announced is anything that looks unaffected and requires little effort. That means we leave straighteners and curling irons in the closet and put on a natural swing. This not only saves work in the morning but also looks very casual. Light waves, loosely plaited braids and soft bobs – a high on the new naturalness!

Moisturizing Ingredients Into Your Hair Care Routine

The Bob: The last few years he has been omnipresent, and even now she is still one of the favorite hairstyles of stars and models – the Bob! Whether short and sharp-edged, as a long bob, with a pony or side parting, this cut fits any face shape and has more styling ideas than believed. For example, you can style it with light waves, weave the pony sideways or wear it as a half-bun. Because short hair is boring!

Care tip: shine! Bob is an absolute eye-catcher and should, therefore, look healthy and shiny – only then does the cut really stand out. The Repair & Balance Nourishing Face Mask by Guhl instantly ensures strong, well-groomed hair right down to the tips.

French Look: Long hair may now look like we just barely cuddled in bed and then had no brush at hand. Meaning, the hair needs structure and a little grip, instead of boring order.

For this effect, so-called volume powder, which is given for the approach? A “grown out pony” fits in perfectly with this, which underlines the out-of-bed look even more. Perfect was yesterday!

Hair Care Tips: Even though the look looks “undone”, the hair should of course still be cared for. Moisture is the keyword! But not only have the hair lengths needed moisture, but also the hair root.

Sandy blonde, Stunning Hair Root Touch Up and Trim

Thanks to the high-quality Manuka honey, the Repair & Balance Shampoo from Guhl provides the hair fiber with the necessary nutrients from the inside out and regenerates the hair from the roots to the tips.

The new Repair & Balance shampoo supplies the hair fiber from the inside out.

Wetlook: After the outdoor pool had no time to blow-dry the hair? All the better! The wet look is the hair trend 2023. A little gel massaged into the lengths intensifies the effect and ensures “permanently wet” hair.

Important: The hair must be combed straight back from the face; hang down sideways, they just look greasy. The wet look works for any length, whether short hairstyle or long mane.

Care tip: It may smell! In order to avoid confusion with unwashed hair, as already mentioned the “wet” hair may smell very good … for example, honey and milk. The natural ingredients of Guhl do not only care for but smell pleasantly fresh.

Loose braids: It does not work without a braid. Be it in the morning, when it needs to be fast again, for sports or of course just because we love her.

Above all, the all-time favorite and much loved Dutt, but also ponytails and braids, we would like to continue to see and carry.

Important when styling: They should look randomly created. Here and there may like to hang out a strand and everything a bit “undone” effect. Great for the festival season!

Care tip: By tying the hair is strained and can break faster. A strong hair fiber and easy combing in the evening are therefore important. The conditioner from Guhl starts right there and provides more resistance.

The perfect supplement is the Repair & Balance care conditioner, which specifically cares for the scalp and thus also builds up the hair structure from the inside out.

It Depends On The Right Care!

The basis for a well-fitting hairstyle and the perfect look is and remains healthy hair. The most beautiful cut looks only half as good if the lengths look dull and dull. That’s why Guhl has developed a new line of care that gives the damaged hair power and shine.

Unlike conventional products, Guhl focuses on care from the root. This means that the scalp and hair root is moisturized from the beginning so that strong hair can regrow. Because only a healthy and optimally protected scalp produces beautiful and healthy hair growth.

In keeping with the new naturalness of the trend, hairstyles are also the ingredients of the Repair & Balance series by Guhl: Manuka honey from New Zealand and nourishing milk – two additives that provide an optimal balance of scalp and hair and provide them with extra moisture. We look forward to healthy hair to the tips, new spring hairstyles and lots of compliments.

Healthy Hair – we’ll tell you the secret of Jennifer Aniston

The whole world is talking and interested in how Jennifer Aniston got her healthy hair. Well, we believe we have guessed the secret. She told the public herself why it looks so perfect.

She is very well known for various things. One of them is her healthy hair. She is also a good actress, takes great care of her body, and dresses very elegantly.

Let’s admit it – Jennifer has healthy hair that always looks perfect. Not complicated, her hairstyle always looks stunning.

Have Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

Healthy Hair Like Jennifer Aniston

Attention! We perform surgery “scissors”! What we mean by that, as far as we remember, Jennifer had never had a bad haircut before. In the ’90s almost every woman like Jennifer wanted to look like “Friends”.

You’re Secret For Healthy Hair

In an interview, Jennifer shared with us her secret for healthy hair. “Usually I turn my hair over my face and then I brush it. “She very rarely blows her hair and lets it dry naturally.

Yes, it’s just that – without long sitting in the barbershop, without expensive means. You could also have such healthy hair! Only we can not succeed so easily. However, it is not easy to be Jennifer Aniston.

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