Short Hairstyles: The Most Beautiful Haircuts 2021


Short hair is boring and uncool? We prove the opposite. Because the bob haircut is the most popular hairstyle in recent years for a reason. We show you the most beautiful short hairstyles at a glance.

Who says girls have to have long hair?

More and more girls are opting for a short hairstyle – no wonder. The haircut also has some advantages and also looks super trendy. Nevertheless, it of course takes a lot of courage to part with the mane that has been bred for so long. But stop!

You don’t have to switch from super long. How about if you start with a long bob first? In any case, the possibilities are anything but limited.

Does a short hairstyle suit me?

This question is most likely the first to come up when planning a hairstyle change. However, you can quickly find out whether a short hairstyle suits you – namely with the “2.25-inch rule”. The what ?! We’ll explain this briefly to you:

Place a pen horizontally under your chin

Then apply a linneal to the pin at a right angle, starting on your earlobe
If the distance between the earlobe and the pin is less than 5.7 centimeters, you can be sure that a short haircut would suit you

If the distance is greater than 5.7 centimeters, a long hairstyle is recommended

In addition to this little trick, it is always worthwhile to ask the hairdresser. He can advise you more precisely and get the best out of your hair!

Emilia Schule Raspy Short Blonde Haircut
Emilia Schule did what had be done last year: she parted with brunette mane. What was the result? A respy short, blonde haircut that brings out her beautiful, flawless face particularly well.
Lena Meyer-Landrut Long Bob Haircut
Singer Lena Meyer-Landrut has long since opted for the trendy bob haircut.
GNTM winner Toni Dreher also wears her short hair
GNTM winner Toni Dreher also wears her short hair
Miley Cyrus accessorized her outfit with a pastel blue color! Perfect for getting noticed on an evening.
miley cyrus also wore her hair short for a while.

Benefits of short hair

As already discussed at the beginning, short hair has some advantages. So you need a lot less time in the bathroom in the morning, the hair can be blow-dried a lot faster and in summer or during sports you don’t sweat so quickly under your mane. In addition, short hair is not so prone to split ends.

short Haircuts
Short Haircuts Hairstyles To Medium And Long

If you have a short cuts hairstyle, or if you have opted for a mid-cut, or if you prefer to leave your long hair, here are three different hairstyles that may be right for you.

Top Short Haircuts Hairstyles To Medium And Long

Different Short Haircuts

The short haircuts are a must-have missed, to take a look fashionable and feminine, as we teach the many stars who have often opted for a short cut, and sometimes very short.

And yet, what we can copy hairstyles for medium hair cuts or long hairstyles? If we did not want to dare the hairdresser with scissors and decided to leave a little ‘thicker our hair, we know how to style the best.

01. Short Hair Cuts, Hairstyle With Curls

short Haircuts

Here you are a simple and effective hairstyle for short hair, which we propose a twist to frame the head and hold off the curls and ringlets that we can go to create, if you do not already have them in the back of the head.

02. Medium Hair Cuts, Simple Hairstyle

short Haircuts

03. Long Hair Cut, Romantic Hairstyle

short Haircuts

Photos | by Flickr Melibeo

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