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Homemade hand treatments for dry hands active from morning to night continually our hands are often somewhat neglected. However, we must take care to keep it beautiful and functional!

Expert Practical Info! Homemade Hand Treatments for Dry Hands

Everyday our hands are in action. If they dry out quickly and age prematurely it is the cumulative result of several factors. Indeed, our hands with our face and lose one of the parts of the body most exposed to the vagaries of life cold, ultra hot sun, cold wind, water, household products and besides that everything they do on a daily basis.

In addition to being ultra thin skin on the hands has no sebaceous glands like the feet. In fact, its natural protection is not at the top especially as the skin renewal process is slow on the hands. It is, therefore, necessary to activate properly protect and moisturize our hands to keep it beautiful as they remain one of our best assets of seduction and elegance.

Homemade Hand Treatments for Dry Hands
Homemade hand treatments for dry hands By beauty expert

Good Care

Every day washed our hands several times a day, but it does not dry properly and do not hydrate enough. That our hands are well hydrated and not attacked by the products we use we must first focus on products related to hand washing. It is recommended to choose moisturizing soaps (or fat). We sometimes need bactericidal but not for each wash. It is checked whether this soap has moisturizing properties or one of the following lanolin, natural oil or glycerine. Secondly, we should get into the habit of always moisturize after washing our hands. An easy solution? Placing a pump with moisturizer next to our hand soap. Thus, it is more likely to moisturize our hands.

At Any Time

We feel our hands dry? There is a small twinge? We see a rough surface? They do not hesitate a second and our hands are coated moisturizer. We think hanging a tube of cream for hands in our bag and get another at work. Thus, there is no excuse.

Homemade Hand Treatments for Dry Hands
Homemade Hand Treatments for Dry Hands after use soap and facial

Heavy Work?

Household, DIY or gardening you get used to covering our hands. So, contact with harmful products is limited. Intensive cleaning of hands that follow if you do not wear gloves when will not damage your skin. Also in winter it does not come without putting our gloves. Cold, snow, ice, wind attack our hands and spoil our skin.


Tired hands or cracked skin and dry? We perform a careful soaking. Filling a bowl of warm water and soaked our hands to ten minutes. You can add a little almond oil, honey or olive oil in the water to soften the skin.

Homemade hand scrub for dry hands


This is the perfect time to fully hydrate dry our hands because it is one of the only times of the day when they are finally at rest. To bed apply a generous layer of cream. For maximum hydration, we put cotton gloves to enable deep penetration.

Homemade Hand Treatments for Dry Hands Recipes

  •  You can use our coffee to erase our hands and tighten the pores of our skin. It performs a message on our hands while rubbing grain against our skin.
  •  We prepare a house with peeling white sugar (2 parts) and honey (1 part). You can add a drop of essential oil, a little lemon juice or a teaspoon of strong tea.

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