Treatments for Stretch Marks – On The Skin From Pregnancy


Today we discuss the new treatments for stretch marks. Stretch marks also called welts or “stretch marks”, are line-shaped red/purple stripes on the skin.

The longer stretch marks exist, the longer the stretch marks turn from red to white / skin color.

It occurs because the body part in question grows, causing the connective tissue to tear. Stretch marks are common and often very cosmetically disturbing.

Treatments for Stretch Marks

How do stretch marks form?

Stretch marks occur in areas where the skin grows quickly. This causes the subcutaneous connective tissue to tear and disfiguring red welts form in the skin. The welts can vary in length and it can sometimes take years for the redness to subside and the welts to turn white.

Who gets stretch marks?

  • During puberty, stretch marks can develop on the thighs, buttocks, and breasts.
  • In pregnant women, we see this especially on the abdomen, buttocks, and breasts because the skin grows faster. These are often referred to as stretch marks.
  • When you gain weight
  • Bodybuilders can suffer from stretch marks due to too rapid growth of the muscle mass
  • Corticosteroids (hormone ointments) with long-term use, the skin becomes thinner, and stretch marks develop

Treatment of stretch marks

The treatment is based on reducing the stretch marks. Stretch marks will always remain visible to a greater or lesser extent. If it is still red/purple in color, there is most of the profit to be made. The scar tissue is then still “fresh”.

Stretch mark removal laser

The treatment of stretch marks is done with the derma pen. This is a pen with 11 small needles. These needles make tiny holes in the skin, which activate and strengthen the connective tissue. It ensures that the stretch marks become less visible so that a cosmetically acceptable result can be achieved.

What can you do against stretch marks yourself?

  • No cream works against stretch marks! Whatever the packaging may promise.
  • During pregnancy, stretch mark sensitive areas can be massaged. The blood flow is then activated, making the connective tissue stronger.
  • For the best results, start the treatments as soon as possible when stretch marks appear.


During the intake interview, a skin analysis is made and a treatment plan is drawn up depending on the wishes, severity of the stretch marks, and expectations. A treatment plan can consist of a series of treatments in a cure form.

Stretch Marks or Stretch Marks: the best treatment

Stretch marks, or stretch marks: stretch marks… a disfiguring problem that many people are ashamed of. Yet there is really nothing abnormal about stretch marks.

Research shows that 90% of pregnant women, 70% of teenage girls, and 40% of teenage boys suffer from damaged collagen elastin in the skin, which is expressed in stripes and furrows in the skin.

This damage occurs when the skin stretches too quickly (hence the English name ‘stretch marks’), for example during pregnancy on a growth spurt in puberty. The younger you are, the more sensitive your skin is to it.

Is lubrication enough?

Although stretch marks are a very common phenomenon, it is difficult for many to learn to live with them. Especially when the stripes in the skin are prominent or have a different color.

Of course, it makes sense to resort to the range of stretch mark creams and oils that promise to make stretch marks disappear like snow in the sun.

The creams and oils can only slightly ‘soften’ the appearance of stretch marks. Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank explains why: “Stretch marks are just like an acne scar.

The depth of the scar goes further into the skin than to where the cream can penetrate at all. That means you can never completely tackle stretch marks topically. ”

stretch mark removal cream

Professional treatment of stretch marks

Fortunately, the dermatologist has professional treatments for stretch marks, which can minimize the scars and in some cases make them disappear completely.

However, it is important to be there early. Dr. Frank: “For stretch marks, it really applies: the sooner the better. With every year that passes, the results of the treatment will decline. ”

Stretch marks are most treatable when the scars are still red and inflamed; this is called stretch marks Rubra. They are therefore a bit higher on the skin. “At this stage, the chances of getting stretch marks back under control with professional treatment are nearly 90 percent,” said Dr. Frank.

Treatment For these ‘red’ stretch marks, Dr. Frank a vascular laser treatment: “The laser destroys the blood vessel that causes the inflammation and redness.” Apart from a slight sensitivity in the treated area, this treatment has no downtime and, on average, the first results can be seen after 3 to 5 treatments.

Fraxel laser for ‘older’ stretch marks

If your stretch mark scars are older (usually they are white/silver in color instead of red, this is called stretch mark alba ), the Fraxel laser is a better solution. At this stage it makes no sense anymore to tackle the blood vessels; de Fraxel focuses mainly on skin renewal of the area to be treated.

It is well known that laser gives the best results on lighter skin. Hence, micro-needling is a much better option for dark skin types.

“Dark skin is generally less prone to stretch marks because it is naturally more elastic,” explains Dr. Frank explains. “If you do have stretch marks, micro-needling is a good alternative to laser.

Just like with laser, micro-needling stimulates the skin tissue to produce collagen and new tissue. You put the body to work to repair itself. ” And like a laser, this treatment done monthly, with some redness as a side effect.

It stretch mark removal surgery in these area of belly skin.
Treatment for stretch marks! The List Of The Most Effective

Stretch marks are often somewhat sunken in the skin and the welts have a different structure than normal skin.

The appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks, also called stretch marks or welts, are linear stripes created by stretching the subcutaneous connective tissue. You can speak of subcutaneous damage.

It arises as a result of too-rapid growth, which causes the connective tissue to tear. In the beginning, it is purple/red stripes that change into white scars after a few years. Stretch marks are often somewhat sunken in the skin and the welts have a different structure than normal skin.

Often they are seen on a pregnant woman’s belly, but stretch marks are also seen on breasts or thighs and hips when they are growing faster than the skin can keep up with. Another group where the phenomenon also occurs frequently is bodybuilders; the rapid growth of muscle tissue stretches the skin, causing stretch marks.

Which laser is suitable and safe?

The fractionated Erbium: Glass laser (M22 ResurFX Fractional laser) is the latest and most advanced laser for the treatment of stretch marks with a high energy output per pulse, allowing effective treatment to take place. By offering the pulses infractions (particles), the treatment very controlled and safe for the skin.

Our lasers extensively tested and comply with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) quality mark. This checks the quality of medical equipment in America.

All treatments are performed by experienced and HBO-trained skin therapists. They meet all quality requirements and are registered in the Paramedics Quality Register.

How does this laser work?

For the treatment of stretch marks, we use the fractionated Erbium: Glass laser. This laser creates tiny heat channels in the skin deep into the dermis. The surrounding skin remains intact.

Treatments for Stretch Marks – Strong wound healing created in which connective tissue cells stimulated to produce new collagen in the deep skin layer. Because the surrounding epidermis remains intact, these cells can speed up recovery even more.

The small channels will fill with new healthy skin tissue. During this healing process, new blood vessels created in the welts. This results in an improved blood supply and skin functions reactivated, pigment cells recover and the color gradually returns to normal. The skin becomes smoother in color and the structure improved.

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