What Happens If You Wash Your Hair Everyday – According To Science


Depending on the hair type: So often you have to wash your hair REALLY

So often you have to wash your hair
Who washes her hair too often, stimulates the sebum production of the scalp. This will make the hair even faster. BAR © REFAELI / INSTAGRAM

Fine, thick, dry or oily? There are many different types of hair – and these have to be taken care of and cared for differently.

#1. So here comes the ultimate washing guide:

1. Fine Hair

Greasy faster and loses any volume after a short time: fine, usually straight hair. Therefore, it is almost a must to wash your hair every day.

When choosing a shampoo: pay attention to words like “volume” or “thickening”. Because as the name implies, they give the hair more fullness and volume – without complaining.

2. Thick Hair

The advantage with thick hair: it is more robust and durable, so you only have to wash it every two to three days.

Tip: brush hair often to better distribute the natural oil at the base. While combing curls in the dry state is not an option, washing also means: less is more. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, be sure to use products containing argan oil or shea butter.

Gives the hair enough moisture, care and shine.

3. Oily hair

If hair looks greasy fast, it’s because the scalp is producing too much sebum. Here it is necessary to wash your hair every day. But more importantly, get over the overproduction of natural fats.

Therefore: use gentle shampoos that contain cleansing substances such as peppermint, eucalyptus or chamomile.

Also: Give conditioners and skin care treatments only in the tips.

4. Dyed Hair

So that the color does not wash out quickly, it is important to abstain from sulphate- and paraben-free shampoos and conditioners.

Wash Your Hair

Keratin- and protein-containing shampoos and conditioners, on the other hand, are great, as the bleaching and dyeing of hair results in the loss of natural keratin or protein content in the hair.

#2. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

Again and again one hears: “Do not wash your hair too often.” But how much is “too often”? This is different for everyone. Just as one tends to have too dry skin and the other to oily skin, the same procedure also happens on the scalp. But one thing is certain: washing hair every day is not healthy.

What Happens If You Wash Your Hair Everyday
Every day or only every second or third? shelookbook tells you how often you should actually wash your hair.

Anyone who washes her hair every day is doing more harm than good to them. The dermatologist and director of the Boston Medical Center Hair Clinic, Lynne Goldberg, told Business Insider: “People who wash their hair often to get rid of the oil, dry out the scalp.

The result: it will produce even more oil and fat. “

Three factors that help you determine how often you should wash your hair

1. Skin type

If you have normal to slightly dry skin, you should wash your hair once or twice a week, according to a Columbia University Health Study. Of course, you suffer a bit more from extremely oily skin.

2. Hair Texture

The structure of the hair is responsible for how quickly sebum migrates from the hair root to the lengths. Coarse or curly hair slows the spread of sebum.

So if you have curly hair, it’s enough to wash your hair just once a week, according to Columbia University experts. People with fine, straight hair need to plan about twice a week or more hair washing.

3. Styling

The more often you use your hair through styling , the more damaged the hair structure is.


Some people wash their hair every day, others only use shampoo once a week. But how often is it really enough or too much?

It is important, according to the dermatologist Kurt Stenn for everyone, above all, that one deals with his hair carefully. This means you should use soft shampoos rather than a lot of bells and whistles.

So you can protect your scalp and can also wash more frequently. In contrast, shampoos with a particularly high content of ingredients, such as aggressive fruit acids, can destroy the hair structure.

Even when drying with the towel Stenn recommends to be careful. It’s best to gently push the water out of your hair instead of rubbing it wildly.

When it comes to the question of how often, there is really no answer for the general public. After all, everyone has a different hair structure.

A few rules can still be start…

If you have dry skin , then you do not have to wash your hair too often. For many, one to two times a week is enough . The same is true for curly heads , as the sebum, which provides for greasy hair, spreads more slowly in curls.

People with oily skin or fine and straight hair should resort to shampoo more often. But even here it is usually enough if you wash every other day .


But is it really harmful to wash your hair every day?

There are actually various expert opinions, but most also stress that everyone has to decide that for themselves. It is probably best, you are watching your own hair and you will notice what is good for you.

People with particularly strong sebum production simply get oily hair faster than others. In puberty, this is the case with almost everyone. On the other hand, those who notice that their hair is rather dry should not overdo it with washing.

But there are also people who swear by the so-called “No Poo” method – they do not wash their hair with shampoo and water at all.

Sounds disgusting, but the hair should be especially gentle. But the followers of “No Poo” do not even do without hair washing: they cleanse their hair with water and friction (with a comb), but refrain from washing lotions.

Whatever you do, it is important in the end to really decide for yourself what is good for yourself. After all, you can see for yourself how your own hair reacts to washing – or at the latest when you visit the next hairdresser.

#4. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Not even skin and hair experts agree!

which shampoo should be used.

How often the hair should be washed. It’s best to watch your hair and scalp and decide on your needs.

Without the natural fat of the scalp, the hair dries out and precipitates prematurely. Shampoo, conditioner or artificial moisturizer can damage the natural fats and stress the scalp. But how often should you wash your hair?

The daily shower or shampooing has become a habit, but is that really good for your hair?

How Often The Hair Should Be Washed

Wash Hair With Or Without Shampoo?

The use of shampoo is relatively new. In the fifties, women washed their hair once a week and mostly at the hairdresser’s. In the meantime, most people wash their hair almost every day. But is it good to use shampoo every day?

Homemade Shampoo

Many experts also disagree about that. Most, however, advise against using shampoo daily. This leads to an increased formation of fat, to compensate for the constant removal of fats by the washing.

Others say that daily hair washing is necessary to reduce the fat on the scalp.

In 2007, a test conducted by an Australian radio station found that in 86% of the 500 subjects, hair had no change after 6 weeks of shampooing compared to the control group (normal shampoo use).

Differences Of Opinion

So how often should you wash your hair? The answer is not easy, but it depends on the hair type.

Fine hair may appear slack and feeble one day after shampooing, so you should wash it more often.

If you have curly and dense hair, you can delay shampooing for up to 3 days. For some, hair looks nicer and healthier the day after it’s washed…

Hair Mask

Many experts advise washing the hair twice a week or simply when the need is felt. For long, dense and curly hair, the time required for washing, drying and care is very large, so washing once a week is usually enough.

We advise you to take note of the properties of the hair and to adjust the hair care to it. With greasy hair, a daily wash may be necessary, with a gentle gentle shampoo attached.

With dry hair, the frequency can be reduced, a nutrient- containing conditioner,

#5. Proved: So Many Times Do You Really Have To Wash Your Hair

When washing hair, there are many different opinions on how often you should actually resort to the shampoo.

The fact is: too often washing is harmful to your hair, but even with long breaks between the hairs washing feels not every good. It has long been scientific clarified how often you should really wash your hair to care for them ideally – in the video you can see all the information at a glance!

Expert Opinion: So Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Every day or rather a little longer break? When shampooing, there is no universal answer. If you are unsure about the number of washes, these dermatological tips can help you.

There are many different hair types that all need different care. Accordingly, there is no uniform rule that everyone should wash their hair.

Expert Opinion, So Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Fine, Thin Or Greasy Hair

If you are the same type of hair, you should wash your hair every day or every other day. The scalp produces oils, this sebum is visible more quickly on fine and thin hair and the hair looks greasy.

These shampoos not only help against dandruff, they also reduce the fat on the scalp. This in turn means fewer washes.

Medium Thick Or Dry Hair

With this type of hair, you should use the shampoo every two to three days. More frequent washes could deprive your hair of its natural oils, which are important for shine and health.

“Sebum gives the hair strength and smoothness, making dry hair less prone to breakage,” says Senna. “If you do not want to do without laundry for so long, try a sulfate-free shampoo that’s gentler on the hair.”

For quick care in between, you can also rinse your hair with water and apply some conditioner to the tips.

Thick Or Curly Hair

With thick or curly hair, washing it once or twice a week is enough. The oils from the scalp take longer to penetrate through the thick hair. So it does not get so greasy that fast.

In addition, the oils can help soothe the curls and ripples and make your hair look smoother.

However, you should not too long with the washes. “Excess oil can clog the hair follicles and make the scalp more susceptible to infection,” warns Senna.

Other Factors Crucial

If you work out a lot and sweat, your hair will need more washes, regardless of the structure. The same applies if you use many products such as sprays or gels for daily styling.

Make sure you apply it to the hair roots so it can absorb the oil and not make your tips look too dull.


Everyone knows that washing your hair too often is not good. But what exactly does “too often” really mean? We tell you!

One thing is certain: washing your hair every day is not healthy! If you wash your hair every day to get rid of the oil, the scalp will dry out.

Result: More oil and fat is produced.

So you do the opposite of what you expect with a daily wash.

How often you should actually wash your hair is different for everyone. However, these three factors can help you determine which time interval is best for you:


1. Skin Type: If you have normal to slightly dry skin, you should have your hair once or twice a week to wash. If you have very oily skin, then wash your hair three to four times a week.

2. Hair structure: If you have curls, it is sufficient to wash your hair only once a week. If you have straight hair, you should wash your hair at least twice or more. The structure of the hair is responsible for how quickly the sebum migrates from the scalp to the lengths. With straight hair, that’s pretty fast.

Tip: If you only grease your lobes quickly, then it’s enough to spray some dry shampoo on it. So you do not wear your lengths and your hair on the neck is fresh again!

3. Styling: Do you style your hair almost every day?

Hair spray and Co. are also used extensively? Then you should necessarily reduce your hair wash. Your hair is probably already very dry from styling anyway.

So often you have to wash your hair. How Often Should You Wash Your Hair. “Do not wash your hair too often.” But how much is “too often”? This is different for everyone. Just as one tends to have too dry skin and the other to oily skin

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