Waxing Eyebrows For Your Face Beauty Look


We tend to overlook the eyebrows, yet eyebrows are the key point of our face. They play an important role in facial expression highlighting the eyes and easy eye makeup. The eyebrow waxing expands and enhances the look. Eyebrows plucked very clear and give character to the face.

Always begin the eyebrow by taking some steps to define the line of the eyebrows. Plucked eyebrows too will always give you an air of astonishment.

Waxing Eyebrows Can I Get After Tanning

Waxing Eyebrows

However, eyebrows too thick will make you eye drop.

Use a stick “handle end of a toothbrush or eyebrow brush” to take the right measures. Front of a mirror; put an end to the base of the nostril, Walk along the inner corner of the eye and eyebrow to finish. The meeting point “shaft/eyebrows” determines the starting point of the eyebrow line. Everything that is outside the handle is removed. If the handle and eyebrows do not touch is that the head is too eyebrows waxed.

Then start by placing the pencil always at the base of the nostril but, this time, joining the outer corner of the eye to finish the eyebrow, so you get the right length.

Finally, know the size of the head of the eyebrows. Look straight ahead, take the iris as “limit”, we refine the eyebrow line from the middle to the outer tip of the eyebrow.

Mark these benchmarks with a kohl pencil.

You can now start waxing; you must stretch the skin between your fingers and pull with tweezers hair by a hair in the direction of the shoot does a BDS movement by precise and dry, grabbing the hair closest to the root, to prevent it from breaking. Start with the above reference point of the iris.

The hair between the eyebrows is still out but be careful not to pluck beyond the starting line. Then you have slightly rounded “head” of the eyebrow to give it a slightly rounded shape without too much refinement. You must have a head thick eyebrows is refined gradually to the tip.

The thickness depends on the original size of the eyebrows. Do not hesitate to depilatory eyebrows from above, cleaning this area of the eyebrows; add value to your eyebrows.

Finally, brush your eyebrows to replace.

You can make minor edits: If you have eyebrows too short, extend by touches of eyebrow pencil. If you have too plucked your eyebrows, you can correct them with makeup eyebrow pencil too.

If you have an exit plan to tweeze your eyebrows the day before because after waxing skin tends to blush a little.

You can also pluck your eyebrows with wax. The result is remarkable, also removes the finest duvets. This technique is fast but requires a lot of precision. Use warm wax because the skin is too fragile and too sensitive to apply hot wax besides the risk of spilling hot wax in her eyes. (Recipe for yourself the wax)

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