Pluck Eyebrows Properly and Bring Them Into Perfect Shape


Plucking eyebrows need to be learned! With the right tricks and tricks, you can shape your eyebrows quickly and painlessly. We show you how to do it.

Plucking Cross Eyebrow
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What should you watch out for when plucking your eyebrows?

Expressive and correctly shaped eyebrows give your face that certain something. We experimented, checked out with experts, and here the instructions for perfect eyebrows: Pluck properly and painlessly.

Why pluck eyebrows?

The shape of the eyebrows is super important to emphasize your natural look and give your face the right frame. Since the eyebrow fashion changes frequently, it makes most sense to find a natural and neat shape for yourself.

The color of the brows should match the hair color and skin tone. It is usually more advantageous if the color is a shade too light than too dark. Last but not least, we show you the greatest eyebrow styling and the brow styles of the stars.

The shape of the eyebrows

A natural shape is still the most beautiful, which means: If you have naturally round, rather than square eyebrows, you can keep this basic shape. Otherwise: If you have a square face, you can do this with a round brow shape – and vice versa with a round face with a square brow shape.

How do you find the perfect eyebrow shape?

Draw an imaginary line (you can also hold a pen vertically to help) from the nostril to the inner corner of the eye – this is where the brow should begin. You determine the highest point of the eyebrow when you draw a line over the pupils (with a straight look). The end point can be seen with a line from the nostril over the outer corner of the eye.

Pluck eyebrows: how it works!

Warning: Before you get started and pluck your eyebrows into shape, you should consider whether you still have something important afterward. Because: After plucking your will skin around irritably around the eyebrows and red be. So it’s best to pluck your eyebrow hairs in the evening before going to bed.

If you have never plucked your eyebrows, you should start with tweezers very carefully on the brow arch and slowly work your way to the desired shape. Make sure to stretch the skin a little with two fingers, so the hairs can be plucked better.

Attention: Always only remove the lower hair, only pluck “ricochets” above! The best way to pluck your eyebrows is with a magnifying mirror.

Pluck eyebrows with stencil

If you are not quite sure when plucking your eyebrows, you can also use a stencil to help you. You put this on your eyebrow and fill the form with brow powder in the direction of growth. Then remove the template and use tweezers to pluck away any hair that lies outside the contours.

Bring eyebrows into shape with the threading technique

You don’t have to use tweezers to pluck your eyebrows. Ever heard of thread technology? All you need is a cotton thread – and talent. Because let’s be honest, it’s not that simple.

The thread should be about 50 centimeters long. Knot it at the ends and hold the resulting circle apart with both hands. Then cross the thread in the middle at least five times, so that there is an eight that you can slide back and forth.

Now lay the thread flat on the area to be plucked and pull up the center cross. So one hand stays calm and the other twists the thread with ladies and index finger – yes, quite complicated, but practice makes perfect!

Pluck video instructions for eyebrows

YouTuber Vania from KindofRosy has created a great summary for a perfect eyebrow shape and also shows you how to properly pluck the eyebrows.

Trim eyebrows: the pain-free alternative

For those who pluck their eyebrows too painfully, they can also trim their eyebrows! Either you grab a trimmer specially made for eyebrows, i.e. a small razor, or you use the cosmetic scissors. You only need three utensils to trim with scissors:

  1. Scissors
  2. Eyebrow brush
  3. Mirror with magnification function

And this is how you do it:

  1. Removes all residues from the make-up that may be in the brow from the make-up. Then comb your eyebrows upwards with the brush in the direction of growth.
  2. Cut off the excess hairs along the eyebrow line. Brush your hair up, again and again, to see if you have cut all the hair off the same way.
  3. Always starts at the inner edge of the eyebrows and cuts to the outer direction of the brow. Be sure to cut in smaller increments. So you can not intersect and improve again and again.

Style eyebrows with the trimmer

A trimmer is nothing more than a small razor designed for facial hair. For this you also need a small brush and a mirror. The only difference to the scissors is that after removing the make-up, you draw the desired eyebrow shape using an eyebrow pencil. Then comb your hair back in the direction of growth and carefully walk the trimmer above your eyebrow – et voilà!

Insider trick: trim eyebrows! You can brush very long or bushy eyebrows down with a special eyebrow brush – but an eyelash comb also does. Then shorten the tips of the long hair with a small pair of scissors. It is important to cut only one to a few millimeters so that it does not become too thin. Then comb the hair up again and shorten the hair too long – so the eyebrows “lie” particularly well.

Make up eyebrows: this is how you achieve the perfect brow

To give your face more expressiveness, you can easily apply makeup to your eyebrows.

Make up eyebrows with a pencil

You have probably seen an eyebrow pencil before. It looks like a kohl and is very easy to use. The first thing you should do is comb your eyebrows with a small eyebrow brush. Then you can simply paint the contours from the inside out. Start at the top of the eyebrows and then fill in the rest of the part. But be careful: Make sure that the shade of your pen is one tone lighter than your natural tone.

Make up eyebrows with brow powder

What is also popular besides the eyebrow pencil is the brow powder. Here, however, the rule is the other way around. The powder should be a little darker than your own brow color. Follow the direction of hair growth when applying makeup. In the end, you can blend excess powder with an eyebrow brush.

Make up eyebrows with mascara

You don’t have a pencil or powder on hand? Then you can also apply mascara to your eyebrows . This will shape your eyebrows, firm them and color the individual hairs. Important: wipe the eyelash brush well beforehand – after all, less is more.

to color eyebrows

Don’t feel like putting on your eyebrows all the time? Then the coloring could be interesting for you. You can do this either at the hairdresser , in the cosmetic studio or in the nearest eyebrow bar. A color that is perfectly tailored to you is selected and brushed onto your eyebrows. After a short exposure time, the color is removed again with a damp cloth. Et voilà: For 4 weeks you have some rest.

In theory, you can dye your eyebrows yourself at home in the bathroom, but it does pose a bit of a challenge. When buying the eyebrow color, you have to make sure that it really only corresponds to a few shades darker than your natural hair color.

If you decide to dye your eyebrows yourself, you ‘ll need a color cream and developer to dye your eyebrows . In the meantime, there is also the right colorant for this in drugstores. What we definitely advise against: Do not use a conventional hair dye for eyebrow dyeing!

The dye is far too strong and aggressive for the fine eyebrow hairs. If you have chosen an eyebrow dye, you should do a simple skin test beforehand. This is used to see if your skin can tolerate the colorant at all. If you skip this process, you may experience an allergic reactioncome on your skin. This rarely happens, but caution is better than forgiveness!

We can recommend this eyebrow dye from Syros for around 8 euros – have a look here !

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