Monobrow: The New Eyebrow Trend? 2020 2021


What exactly is a monobrow? Read everything about the eyebrow trend 2020 2021

Thin, thick, bushy, or delicate: eyebrows can have many shapes and at the latest, after Cara Delevinge the natural eyebrow look no longer falls under the category “beauty faux pas”. Nevertheless, a particularly unusual trend is now stirring the minds: the mono-brow.

Models like Scarlett Costello and Taylor Hill are leading the way. But for many this look with the eyebrows fused together in the middle is a little too natural. Suddenly everyone is wondering: is the mono-brow now becoming a trend?

Monobrow, The New Eyebrow Trend? 2020 2021

How can I pluck my mono brow properly?

Eyebrows are called monobrows when both eyebrows have grown together. For some it can be annoying, others see it as the new brow trend. However, if you want to get rid of your monobrow, we will tell you how to properly pluck the monobrow.

  1. Take a washcloth and run some hot water on a corner of the washcloth. Moisten your mono brow a little. Alternatively, you can pluck your eyebrows after showering. The reason behind it is that your pores are opened by warm water and you will have less pain when plucking.
  2. Grab a magnifying mirror to better see each hair, what you want to remove or not.
  3. Start in the middle of your mono brow and work your way outwards. If you feel a little pain when plucking, you can stretch your skin a little with your other hand – this should help you.
  4. Don’t pluck everything at once! Now and then walk away from the mirror to see if you like the shape.
  5. When you are satisfied with your result, you can apply some lotion or aloe vera gel to your skin around your eyebrows. Plucking your eyebrows may irritate your skin and it should calm you down. If you don’t have a lotion or cooling gel on hand, you can use ice cubes or chilled spoons.

Where does the “trend” mono-brown come from?

The brow trend with the bushy monobrow has not only been there since yesterday. We already know the monobrow in the days of Frida Kahlo, the surrealist artist who developed her monobrow into an ideal of beauty. Actress Selma Hayek also wore a mono-brow in the film “Frida”, in which she also played the leading role.

We see a mono-brow every now and then on the street, whether with a man or a woman. What bothers some makes others cool. Do you know the Influence Sophiahadjipanteli?

Every day on Instagram, she shows us how cool they look with a monobrow that can be on the outside. In the meantime, she also works as a successful model. Because their appearance is very special and accordingly very popular with some designers.

Plucked thin in the 90s, then defined and bushy and full with Cara Delevigne at the latest – eyebrow trends change at least as often as other beauty trends.

Model Scarlett Costello is now putting the crown on the natural brows look of the last few years and can confidently grow a mono brow. Other models like Taylor Hill and Sophia Hadjipanteli jump on the mono-brow car.

Pretty brave, because opinions about the eyebrow styling split on the web. Are fused eyebrows becoming a trend now?

Monobrown à la Frida Kahlo

Just like the artist Frida Kahlo, who became famous for her fused eyebrows by portraying herself with a monobrow, Scarlett Costello loves the natural look when it comes to eyebrows. “I’ve had a monobrow all my life and never thought much about it.

Scarlett Costello: mono-brown as a trademark

When Scarlett Costello then started modeling, she quickly realized: the mono-brown gives her face an unmistakable look and at least as high a recognition value as the famous brows by Cara Delevigne.

“For a while I waxed my eyebrows in the middle and removed the hair. But three years ago, my agency ‘Ford Paris’ suggested that I just leave it natural. ” With success – because, at the latest, Scarlett Costello is on everyone’s lips with her extraordinary brow look. “Sometimes the customers even emphasize my brows”, reveals the model.

Scarlett Costello: “Who is natural is beautiful”

The model not deterred by haters who call Scarlett a “monster” or “fake feminist”. The reactions are mostly positive, she says. They do not pull down comments on her Instagram posts such as “But nowadays everything is trendy”. On the contrary: To make her brows bushy and long, the trendsetter applies castor oil to her eyebrows.

In her job the bushy “Unibrows” are finally her trademark, we think it’s pretty cool from Scarlett that she has the courage to wear a mono-brow and thus proves to everyone that fused eyebrows are not a flaw have to be.

Being confident about our natural beauty is what makes us so beautiful. “

Other models, such as Sophia Hadjipanteli, are fans of the monobrow:

Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill loves the monobrow:

Will the mono brow really prevail as a trend?

It will probably be the same as with all the very special trends that we know from Instagram and Co.: Some people will wear the monobrow and look cool for their whole life, others will only let them stand for a short time and then realize: This is absolutely nothing to me! The bushy, continuous eyebrow is unlikely to become really mainstream. It just looks too special for that!

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