What Haircut And Hairstyles Adapted To The Shape Of My Face?

Finally, to find a haircut and hairstyles that highlights you, Which offers you to identify the morphology of your face. Whether your face is square, oval, triangle or round, there are suitable hairstyles.

The Morpho Hairstyle In Details For 2018 2019 hair Styling

Finding the perfect haircut is complicated. Fortunately, there is the Morpho hairstyle. But what exactly is the Morpho hairstyle? It is a technique that allows you to know which haircut is best suited to the shape of your face.

Square, oval or rectangle: Shelookbook tells you which cut fits your face shape!

Used in particular by hair stylists, morpho hairstyle is a technique that helps to choose the haircut depending on the morphology of the face.

Thus, a person with a square face or an oval face will not wear the same haircut.

What haircut for a round face?

When one’s face is round, one tries to cheat with one’s haircut to lengthen the face. If you have fine hair, the must is the short haircut. Be careful not to cut above the jaw. With fine hair, we do not forget to degrade to give volume.

If you have a round face and thick hair, it is better to opt for a taper and a gradient. The goal is to refine the face. The long or mid-long gradient is your friend.

Rita Ora divine displays a pale pink color copying without hesitation!

What haircut for the Square Face?

A square face is characterized by well-defined features, a broad forehead, and a massive jaw. The goal is to erase your marked features with the right haircut.

Avoid the bangs or very short cut and bet on a degraded haircut, fuzzy locks or long, smooth hair.

If you want to switch to the shortcut, do not cut higher than the jaw. The cut that suits you best: the short square dipping.

Happy Square Face Short Hairstyle

What haircut for the oval face?

For those with an oval face, you do not need to display a cut too long and therefore too heavy. The idea is to make a cut squared to make up the volume of the hair.

An asymmetrical wick to sweep the front and hop, voila!

When you have the oval face, you can try many haircuts.

Wavy Bob Hairstyles For Oval Face Around The Ears As Gold Jewelry

Shortcut, asymmetrical fringe, gradient cut, corrugated square … Dare!

What haircut for rectangle face?

If your face is rather rectangular, then the best is to opt for a long square, so as not to accentuate too pronounced jaws, and not cut the hair too straight.

Dare the gradient of long hair or the square blur?

It’s good; you have all the keys on hand to choose the perfect haircut!


Some haircuts are more likely to go with the shape of your face. So what haircut to show when one’s face is round?

Discover all our tips to know which haircut fits the round shape of your face if you look (near or far!) To Ashley BensonEmma Watson or Selena Gomez, who also have a round face?

My Round Face Haircut Look Like To Ashley Benson, Emma Watson Or Selena Gomez
© Abaca

How to recognize a round face?

A round face is a form of the face that has no well-structured angles.

As a result, the whole face is round with generally, marked cheekbones.

The goal when you have a round face?

Cheat with a haircut to lengthen the face.

What cut for a round face and fine hair?

When one has fine hair and a round face, the must is to opt for a short haircut(but not shorter than the level of the jaw) and to have a degraded cut, just to raise the volume of your hair a little raplapla.

What cut for a round face and thick hair?

To refine your face and “break” the roundness, do not hesitate to taper your hair if they are thick, to create a gradient that will lighten your features.

Favor the long or mid-long gradient for a light rendering, especially if your hair is slightly wavy.

What cut for a round face and a big forehead?

If you have short hair or long hair and a round face with a large forehead, you must choose the asymmetrical wick that will “hide” a forehead too imposing and also bring dynamism to your haircut.

What cut for a round face and a small forehead?

If you have a round face and a small forehead, it is advisable to keep long hair and play with the hairstyle.

For example, you can choose a bun that will create the illusion of an elongated and stretched face.

What are the ideal hairstyles to highlight a round face?

Do not hesitate to bet on the fasteners.


Fuzzy bun,

Rockabilly banana: everything will be delightful.


Who has not dreamed of the ideal haircut?

The one that goes with the shape of her face, her style, and her personality? Yes, but now, when we have the square face, we do not necessarily know what cut is made for us. But it was not counting on Shelookbook who plays the hair stylists to tell you what haircut to wear if you have a square face!

What Haircut My Square Face Of Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis Or Cameron Diaz
© Abaca

How to recognize a square face?

If the shape of your face resembles that of Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis or Cameron Diaz, you have a square face.

Still, do not see how to identify a square face?

It’s simple.

If your horizontal line is marked and your features well defined, namely a broad forehead and massive jaws, it is that you are part of girls with square faces.

What haircuts to adopt when you have a square face?

When you have a square face, the goal is to erase the masculine look given by the marked features.

So the haircut will soften and stretch the face to give an illusion of length.

The cuts to favor when you have the square face?

  • – The long and smooth hair to lengthen and stretch the shape of the face,
  • – The degraded cut (or very degraded) to give a “volume” effect from the top of the head,
  • – Fuzzy strands to bring softness to the features of the face and attenuate the prominence of the jaw.

And the good news is that even with a square face, you can opt for a short haircut.

Only condition?

Avoid that it is shorter than the jaw.

The must?

Opt for a short diagonal square, to clear the neck and display a beautiful head, while masking the shock trio of square faces: the chin/jaw/cheekbones.

Are there haircuts to avoid when one has the square face?

2 cups are to be banned if you have the square face.

  • – The cut bangs: Because it will come to tamp a face already relatively short.
  •  The very short cut: Who will not hide or soften features a little too hard and masculine but on the contrary, bring out.

So we forget unless you want to accent an androgynous side.


What haircut for a woman with an oval face?

You ask yourself the question? Shelookbook has the answer. Shortcut, unstructured cut or corrugated square for an oval face: if you have a face shape to the Jessica Alba or Blake Lively, you are told for what haircut crack!

Blake Lively Oval Face Haircut

How to recognize an oval face?

To know if a cut will fit you, it is important to know the shape of your face.
It is according to her that you will find the ideal hairstyle.

This is called morpho hairstyle.

Operation “identification”: if your cheekbones are a little wider than the width of your forehead and your chin is slightly longer: we are there!

You have an oval face.

And good news: what is top with the oval faces is that all the haircuts are going to delight them.

You are lucky!

What haircuts for an oval face?

Want a little preview of what you can afford?

Like Beyoncé, Blake Lively or Jessica Alba: everything – everything – everything – you can wear everything!

The proof with Queen B changing hairstyle as the shirt.

Jessica Alba, Beyonce An Oval Face Haircut
© Abaca

The must in hair for all those who have an oval face?

To have a destructured and voluminous cut.

  • Asymmetrical fringe,
  • Shortcut,
  • Degraded cup,
  • Corrugated square,

Do not hesitate, you can try anything.

Ditto for hairstyles.
Smooth, curly, tied or loose hair, since you have THE “ideal” face, you can dare all the eccentricities.

What haircuts to avoid for an oval face?

Since everything suits you, there’s no need to boycott some haircuts.
So, you have the chance to always stick to hair trends because everything is allowed.

Only advice?

Avoid the straight and thick bangs that will hide some of your faces.
It would be so bad!

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