Gem Jewelry Of A Good Care Tips For Your Gemstone

Who is not attracted by the pretty gem jewelry?

Almost everyone especially want love this beautiful rock. Usually used as decoration gem jewelry like earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, brooch, and so on.

This precious stone has a radiant and beautiful luster; therefore many women are interested in wearing jewelry with this gemstone.

Various types of rock gems we can choose such as are rubies, diamonds, emeralds, diamonds, jade, and many more. Of course each type has a character, color, and appearance is different.

Gem Jewelry

Washing Gem Jewelry

Gem jewelry collecting gemstones is a very common thing done by the women including us. For beauty and beauty maintain our gemstone appropriate care to be one of the important things done.

One way we are treating rock gem by washing properly. Some tips wash gemstones include:

  •  Wash gently and carefully.
  •  We can wash with water and ammonia gems or itch use dish soap.
  • After washing be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Dry the gemstone that has been washed clean with a soft clean cloth.

Sometimes, certain types of rocks gems possess sensitive to hot temperatures. So, it is better to avoid washing the gem with the hot water temperature. We also need to avoid gemstones us from the hot sun and also the car.

Gemstone Treatment

In addition to washing with clean rock gem us it helps if we care too well such as how to properly store them. Make sure we store it in a dry place and make sure before you save it; the rock has been cleaned and is completely dry.

Do not forget to take our gem jewelry at a given time. We can take it off when we want to interact with chemicals or cosmetics. We can also let go when we want to sleep.

Avoid friction on the surface of the gemstones. It can also happen when we store it in a jewelry box.

Make sure any rock or gem jewelry we avoid friction with other gems rocks, eg by wrapping one by one.

In addition to routine maintenance we also regularly take her to the jewelry stores to be washed thoroughly professional and polished so that its beauty is maintained. Do it regularly.

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