How To Do Curly Afro Hair + All About Afro Hair Too Dry And Difficult To Style


Learn to pamper to display curly afro hair healthy. Initially, resistant curly afro hair becomes dry in temperate climates. Certainly, they are fragile and need care, but it is not as much about despair and throws herself on the straightening!

Why are afro hairs they dry?

Best conditioner to maintain your afro hair, adopt a program of specific care.
Best conditioner to maintain your afro hair, adopt a program of specific care.

Originally, African curly afro hair is thick and durable. Their fragility is primarily related to geography. In tropical climates, humidity ensures moisture frizzy hair. But in temperate climates, the air is drier. Therefore, the sebum (the natural moisturizing hair) has the tendency to focus on the scalp to the detriment of the lengths and ends. Dried, these become rough and brittle.

Other charge straightening women who find their afro hair too dry and difficult to style tend to use straightness. However, this smoothing technique began their resistance and makes them fragile.

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The key to breaking this vicious circle hydration;

How to maintain curly afro hair?

To treat your afro hair, adopt soft and nourishing care and good reflexes beauty

  • A shampoo per week is enough. Use a mild shampoo vegetable protein (sweet almond, shea butter and jojoba oil, avocado).
  • A balm or moisturizer daily. Apply to the lengths and ends after your shampoo.
  • If your hair is relaxed Afro, combine a nourishing (mask with shea butter to coconut or lawyer) to your weekly shampoo. And replace the balm or cream for a lighter product as a spray or serum does not weigh your hair smooth and supple.

How hair?

Attention to disentangling, this is the step that is most sensitive. The best is yet to go about it gently with your fingers. Otherwise, use a wide tooth comb and detangle your afro hair from bottom to top. To facilitate the work, you can moisten before starting.

Let it be said, fashion is a return to natural curly afro hair. The number of stars shows their curls and afros. It is avoiding a maximum straightening you keep Afro hair healthy and resilient, then bet on Afro hairstyles trend! And if you still want to swap your curls to smooth afro hair, do not ignore the care.

To go further, follow the advice of a pro and see our feature on the maintenance of frizzy hair.

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