Bun Hairstyles + How To Style This hairstyle In 2020


The Bun Hairstyle – A Pair Of Original Ideas For Beautiful Hair

Slightly Turned Bun Hair Head Pointed

Today, Hair accessories can make every ordinary hairstyle more attractive and complement their vision.

If the bun is your favorite hairstyle you often sculpt, today we have some cool suggestions for you on how to style this hairstyle more interestingly.

The Bun Hairstyles Is Always Trendy

Nice Girl With Bun Hairstyle Knot Brown

You can find them in shoes, bags, t-shirts, and jewelry.

To have some of them in your hair, you need a thin leather bracelet with studs. If you have already made the bun, then place the bracelet with the metal tips in your hair.

A Bun Hairstyle With Decoration Of Metal Tips

Metal Tip Blonde Hair Bun Deco

You can use different ribbons or stripes for this idea. Even after you’ve styled your bun, tie a hair tie and as an accent entwined ribbons and bows. This is how your bun looks much more attractive!

To Weave Flowers Motifs

If you want more color, add fresh or artificial flowers to your hair. The idea presented in the second picture is achieved by a small rubber band, covered with roses.

This can certainly be found in the beauty shops, in the Haarschmuck department. Flowers in your hair are for those of you who are going to the altar soon.

See how, with a little imagination, you can transform the hair of the future bride into something beautiful.

A Hair Towel Or Scarf In Your Hair

Small scarves get new features, except as an accessory around the neck you can use them as a supplement to your hair. There they look great too! Or not?

The hot season is also the time for the ladies to update the new way to cool bun hairstyles or column featured already.

1. Bundle of Tangled Hair

Bundle of Tangled Hair

The first hairstyle is named for the new season is the type of dust was quite familiar. If this style previously only for her to “hide” no time to shampoo hairstyling has become common and quite popular with her favorite seem dusty personality which still Allure.

2. Hair Tufts Boho

Hair Tufts Boho

Improvisation with typically braided curls this style always know how “feminine” for her favorite liberal and style. Not bound in any rule, just the first couple of curls then wrap the remaining bun. Ensure sticky bun on and have a few more hair correct stoma “quality” Boho is great!

3. High Bun

High Bun

The hairstyle of ballet dancers always has charm hard to resist. Neat, ingenious simplicity and showing off her cute little high neck you will always remain quietly behind the charms, haughty.

Just roll the hair and tied neatly atop her head, fixed of spiracles with clips hair or beautiful embellished red tape that you have now a new look for a sunny day.

4. Low Bun

Low Bun

The hairstyle gives a classic and noble for her work mottled appearance. With this hairstyle, whether straight bun or skewed you can have the same fashion office but also easy to pair nicely with the luxury party.

5. Hair pigtails Deviation

Hair pigtails Deviation

Braided hairstyles are reserved for the feminine lady owner long smooth hair. With feminine plaited tail lose gently squeeze the lateral deviation this is a great choice for cool days of the season.

Also, with this hairstyle, you can also variations when her neat ponytail, bun styling differences incredibly graceful feminine dresses.

6. Ponytail Liberal

Ponytail Liberal

Emerged from the end of the season last year the ponytail was never cool down for ladies’ fashion dynamic. The outstanding characteristic of this hairstyle is simple and easy to stand out and can be combined easily with any type of summer outfit.

But this year is different from the type of force old neat ponytail try to make your hair become more liberal or “disorganized” a little with the type of force or liquid to a little tangle in the roots okay. Make sure you will be her stand out but still good looking than ever!

7. Hair Tufts Set

Hair Tufts Set

Hairstyle last but not least attracted to you in the new season which is the bun hairstyles can install pretty small jewelry items such as ice city sandwiched stone or pearl noble.

Fussy but no less to this hairstyle will absolutely help you stand out in a party that weekend!

08. The Bun Hairstyle Synonymous With Femininity And Elegance

The number one female hairstyle this year is the Bun hairstyles. His Majesty “The Bun” has been the most elegant female hairstyle for centuries.

The Bun Hairstyle Is Timeless

It’s not surprising the Dutt hairstyle is still trendy today! Better said, the bun is actually timeless! That is why he is often chosen by many celebrities. It fits just as well on official occasions as in everyday life, so you have always made the right choice!

09. Fashion Trend – Bun Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez and her hair ball
Smokey Eyes Makeup Metal Earrings Light-Somme Outfit

This year, the bun hairstyles are one of the latest and most sought-after women’s hairstyles. Jennifer Lopez is one of the fiercest Bun fans. We can see her pretty often with this hairstyle.

10. Heidi Klum Is Proud Of Her Bun

Heidi Klum slits and cleavage sexy dress, strappy sandals complemented with silver and turquoise jewelry, smokey eyes

Be inspired by the beautiful bun by Heidi Klum, which is as breathtaking as ever!

Styling Possibilities With The Bun

The Bun gives us countless styling possibilities. Her interpretation in the Spanish-speaking countries and South America most often envisages the braiding of hair pots in it, so the Bun is flattened, while in Europe the focus is on the pure form of styling.

11. Bun Hairstyles lovers beware: New Shoots for the Bun

The Bun convinces this year with many new variants and we can not wait to try them out! See our favorites here

The bun is not the same as Bun: in addition to the casual Messy-Bun, who is tied up messily in a hurry, there are many more variants for the simple hairstyle. With a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of the otherwise simple bun. We show you our favorite

Bun Hairstyles lovers beware

The bun gets an upgrade!

12. Braiding Elements

For this hairstyle á la Olivia Palermo, the hair should first be tied to a tight braid in the neck. This braid can now be braided and rolled into a bun.

Who wants it even more refined: individual strands of hair can be braided down from the hairline and then incorporated into the bun. We love this unusual yet simple look!

Olivia Palermo Braided Bun

13. Elegant Bun

An elegant bun is at least as fast as the Messy variant. For this, the hair should be divided into a middle parting. It may like a few face-trimming strands remain free. The remaining hair is tied tightly in the neck.

Elegant Messy Bun

14. Turned

Instead of braiding the hair, individual strands can also be screwed in and then integrated back into the neck-deep bun. In the hairstyle of Lily Collins, the strands cross at the back of the head and give the look an extraordinary touch. We immediately fell in love with this variant.

The Romantic Low Bun Hairstyles On Biagiotti Parade

15. Taut

With this type of bun the face comes into its own: tied tightly behind and fastened at medium height. Add some big earrings and the look is perfect.

Bun Hairstyles

This bun puts the face in the foreground

16. Sideways

Pull one side parting for this rather festive bun and bring your hair to the other side. With the other strands, the bun is now nicely draped on the side (can also be plaited before) and pinned at ear level.

Scarlett Johansson Low Bun Hairstyles With Side-Hair Curl

17. with pony

For this variant, the bun should be nice and fluffy. She is tied up further and the front strands remain free. Make a side parting here too and place the front hair part open to the side and behind the ear.

Jennifer Lopez Lose Bun Hairstyles with Two free strands to frame her face

18. Two Bun

For a spring version, we make a bun out of two! These are loosely tied in the neck next to each other and give the look a feminine touch. You can leave a strand here and wrap it around the bun to cover the hair elastic elegantly (as in the picture).

Two Bun Hairstyles

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