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Eye MakeUp Tips

Choosing the right color eyeshadow depending on the color of your eyes, use good mascara, bring light ... Many good gestures for a successful eye makeup.   Base Color: Choose a base color, that is to say, the clearest, perhaps to illuminate the iridescent look and a color close to the eyes. Apply it generously on the brush and wipe off the excess on the back of the hand. Cover the entire upper eyelid.   Intermediate Color: always in a color similar to that of the eye, apply an intermediate color on the outer half of the upper eyelid.   Third Color: the third color, darker and frank about it applies at the outer corner. Be careful never to go under the eye to cause you to look a falling inelegant. The pencil then applies a pencil eye at the lash, starting with the upper eyelid.   White: you can then make a white shadow on the brow bone to brighten your look.   Mascara: last step to an intense look, mascara. Remember to remove the excess of the brush to avoid stains and lots of lashes. Regarding the application, start with the outer side of eyelashes for gainer. Finally, do not forget the lower lashes to properly balance the eye.